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Fighting Fraud

The nights are now drawing in fast, mince pies have made their way onto the shelves and all the big Christmas ads have started appearing on the television. The festive season is fast approaching and with it comes the annual task of getting all the Christmas shopping done in time.
With big crowds and hoards of shoppers, whether on the high street or online, sadly it’s a time when we could all be at risk of falling victim to fraud, more so than at any other time of year.

Fraudsters continue to think of new ways to get hold of our money but the best way to prevent it from happening is to learn more about what the different types of fraud are and how we can avoid them from happening to us. Bearing that in mind, NatWest have recently launched a tool all about fraud that could be useful.


It takes a look at the top 11 most common types of fraud that cost the UK millions and provides some great tips on how to stay safe from fraudsters.

Some top tips:

• When shopping online, make sure you only ever enter your details onto a secure site. You can identify a secure page when you see the letters ‘https’ at the beginning of the URL as opposed to simply ‘http’.
• Be alert whenever you use an ATM machine. If anything looks suspicious, find somewhere else to get cash and though it sounds obvious, always remember to shield your PIN. If your card is ever swallowed by the machine, let your card issuer know immediately as it may be a fraudster that’s behind this.
• Make sure you check your bank statement regularly. If any suspicious activity is going on, you can ensure that you notice it quickly and put a stop to it immediately.

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