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Learn how to make a knitted doll


Many times, you have some free time to spend and you are confused as what to do then? There are many great ideas to utilize that time efficiently and creatively. One of them is making or designing some craft work. Craft is the art or skill of doing something in an artistic way. There are lots of craft ideas such as candle making, scrap booking, fabric painting, painting projects, knitting etc. Among these, knitting is the most favorite craft work for women and many of them love to knit soft toys such as dolls.

Requirements for making a knitted doll
The knitted doll is very soft and simple to make. You can make it with any soft yarn kept for baby clothing that will really make it a gift for your kid. For making this, you need to have scissors, darning needles, ruler, knitting needles of size 8, cream colored ball of yarn or nay other color of your preference, a piece of 5/16 blue sheer ribbon, 5/16 blue elastic.

Steps to make a knitted doll
1. You need to cast on 34 stitches with the help of soft colored yarn but remember to leave a 5 inch end that you will sew later.

2. You have to knit eight rows so that the bottom of the doll is formed.

3. Then, change the pattern to create the body of the doll and for this you need to knit one row, purl one row till you complete 62 rows.

4. Next, cast off your stitches and cut the knitted piece from the ball of yarn again leaving 5 inch that you will sew later.

5. Now thread your darning needle with any of the 5 inch end and sew the end in the closest side. This will later roll up the sides of the doll such that the stitching is not shown.

6. Again, thread your needle with remaining 5 inch end and sew it to the closest side so that you can roll up the knitted side to form the doll.

7. Once you have the knitted piece complete, you need to roll and shape it up in the form of a doll. You have to lay down the knitted piece front side down on your work surface but keep the backside facing you flat.

8. Next, roll the edges tightly starting from each end so that they meet in the middle but remember to keep each rolled side even in size.

9. Now, turn the knitted piece that you have rolled up over your work surface. This way, the rolled side should be facing your work surface and the other side with eight knitted rows towards you.

10. Then fold the rolled knitted piece almost in half and the edge of the side you have just folded should be touching the top edge of the eight knitted rows.

11. Next hold the folded knitted piece tightly with one hand and wrap elastic twice over the folded area nearly one and half inch down from the top. This will make the head of the doll and also secure the fold you made to form the body of the doll.

12. Now, partially unroll the folded over knitted piece below the elastic but you need to unroll the knitted piece till you get the resemblance of the arms on either side of the body and also knitted areas stretched between them.

13. Now, flip the partial unrolled portion below the elastic over the head. This will make a hood covering the head with rolled up arms near the elastic that divides and creates the neck and hands.

14. You need to cut 15 inch length of sheer blue ribbon and wrap this blue ribbon round the hood from back to front in same position as the elastic. You can tie a bow in the blue ribbon with the bow in front of the doll. You can trim the end of the ribbon at a slant.



3 easy steps for transferring patterns


Many of you might be having an artistic approach towards life and would love to make use of this art during your leisure time. A craft book is a great way to improve your skills with all the innovative ideas and steps at your fingertips. Transferring patterns is also a craft work that requires your time and skills.

Things you require for pattern transfer
You need to have craft supplies, piece of material, transfer paper, craft tools, a transfer pencil, iron and ironing board.

Instructions for pattern transfer
1. While you work on a hard surface, you need to trace the entire design with the help of your transfer pencil. You should try to keep the pressure of your stroke even all the way around the design to ensure a good transfer because if it is too light you won’t be able to see the lines of the design when you begin the project. You are about to transfer a reverse image of the one you have just printed. If the design is reversible then nothing matters but if it is not then you need to trace the image with your transfer pencil onto the other side of paper and remember that the side you trace shall face down on the material to be ironed.

2. Next you have to lift the pattern from the material which is ready for the project and could be used again.

3. Now cut a square around your pattern and for this it is better to work with a small piece of paper when you want to transfer the pattern to material with an iron. You have to position the pattern face down on the piece of material you are using for your project and then hold the pattern in place tightly with one hand and iron firmly and consistently over the pattern with your medium heated iron. Next set the iron aside and hold all but one corner of the pattern in place tightly with one hand and you can lift the free corner to check if the design is showing up dark enough. If it is not still dark, iron consistently in your coverage of the pattern till you get satisfactory results.


Craft your own starters kit


Many of you would be having a passion for making arts and crafts and you might be using certain craft supplies and craft tools again and again. You can easily prepare a starters kit that includes craft supplies such as strong craft glue, podgy glue, wool, Popsicle sticks, various sized paintbrushes, assorted beads, can of liquid varnish, clear lacquer, safety pins, variety of papers, sequins, sparkles, material scraps, cotton batting, glue gun and fun foam.

You can get great fabrics and craft supplies available at various online stores and auction websites. You can find fabrics in dollar stores that tend to be seconds meaning that the pattern is either misshapen or there is a pulled stitch. This might be good enough if you need is remnant material you can consider buying your from any quality store too.

You can get quality wool at some websites and if you don’t have the money to spend on wool then you go for a bargain in any quality store and see what you can round up. You also need to have good paint stuff that you intend to use on a personal project or gift. If you intend to make a decorative craft for your home or as a gift then don’t ruin your project using a cheap paintbrush where you will find that the bristles fall out or they are made up of really bad nylon.

If you want to have lot of beads but you are not sure about the choice to be made then you can visit the catalog to order. Craft tools include scissors, utility knife, self healing mat, needles, stitch ripper, needle nose piler, and Popsicle sticks but never waste your money in buying cheap materials.


Craft a handmade Birthday card


If you have an artistic hand and you like to add a personal touch to gift a birthday card then it is very simple to make on at your home. It will require some materials that are usually found at home and time of minimum 15 minutes. Cards craft book helps you in making cards with minimum efforts.

Many times it also happens that you don’t find the right card of your choice and so it is a great idea to craft one of your own. You should collect materials such as a white blank card, birthday border sticker, happy birthday sticker, birthday cake sticker, red balloon stickers, green gift box stickers, blue birthday candle stickers, green birthday candle stickers, yellow birthday candle stickers, blue double note sticker, red double note sticker, yellow single note sticker, red single note sticker, green single note sticker, red bold tip pen.

Instructions for making a birthday card
1. First cut the border sticker from the sheet of stickers. Then cut the border in half and center one half of the border at the top of the card. Once you are satisfied with the look, peel the sticker from the back and press it to the card in the predetermined spot. Center and attach the other half of the border sticker to the bottom of the card.

2. Then center and attach the Happy Birthday sticker below the top border.

3. Next center and attach the Birthday cake sticker below the happy birthday sticker but remember to leave enough room to write the name of the recipient.

4. Now arrange and attach a red balloon sticker on either side of the happy birthday sticker.

5. Then arrange and attach two blue candle stickers slightly above and to the left of the red balloon sticker on the left hand side. Line up a green candle sticker with the closest candle sticker and press it to the card. Attach another green candle sticker next to it with the same spacing between them as between the two blue ones. Repeat with the remaining set of candle stickers, that is the yellow ones.

6. Arrange and attach the double and single note stickers above, beside and below the red balloon sticker on the right.

7. Arrange and attach a green gift box on either side of the cake and then press into place.

8. Write the name of the recipient when you are ready to give the card to someone.


Clay Pot Crafts


If you have an artistic mind and you love you make something decorative and attractive for your home then clay pots are definitely a great idea to work with. You can make different items or can also so some painting on the clay pot in such a way that it will make the plant look better. It may also happen that you not even notice the plant just because the pot is so attractive.

To make a painted clay pot you need to have 4” clay pot, opaque apple green acrylic paint, opaque blue lagoon acrylic paint, opaque yellow acrylic paint, semi opaque pumpkin acrylic paint, semi opaque white acrylic paint, fine point permanent black marker.

Steps to make a painted clay pot:
1. First using a small ruler and pencil, you should measure the height of the clay pot starting just below the rim. Then mark off the halfway point between the top and the bottom of the clay pot. Altogether you should measure and mark off the halfway point at four opposite places on the pot.

2. Now holding the plastic measuring tape up to the clay pot, connect the halfway points and then draw a light pencil line between all the halfway point marks around the pot.

3. Line up the ruler with each of the halfway points around the pot one at a time and draw a light pencil line from the top of the plant pot just below the rim to the bottom of the pot at this point. You will have 8 squares drawn on the pot.

4. Then you have to decide on the color scheme or arrangement of the colors into squares you have drawn on the pot. In one set of squares you can fill any combination of two colors and in the other one also you can fill other set of colors.

5. Squeeze a small amount of the pumpkin acrylic paint on the paper plate and gather a small amount of paint on the straight edge of the brush and paint along the straight lines of one of the squares with a generous coat paint on the paper plate. Outline and fill in one of the square completely with a generous layer of paint. Now paint the square diagonally across from it pumpkin using the same method as you did for the first one and let the paint dry. Rinse out and shape the brush again.

6. When this paint is drying, you can turn the pot around to other set of 4 squares. Squeeze a small amount of yellow acrylic paint on the paper plate. Outline and fill in one of the squares with a generous coat of the yellow paint. Paint the square diagonally across from it yellow suing the same method as you have did for the first one and then let the paint dry.

7. When the paint on this side is drying, turn the pot around to the first set of 4 squares. Squeeze a small amount of apple green acrylic paint and paint the square diagonally across from it green using the same method as you did earlier. Again let the paint dry and you can rinse out and shape the brush again.

8. Again while this paint is drying turn the pot around to the second set of 4 squares and squeeze a small amount of blue lagoon acrylic paint on the paper plate. Next outline and fill in one of the squares with a generous coat of blue paint. Paint the square diagonally using the same method and let the paint dry.

9. When the paint is drying for the last squares you have painted, it is time to paint the edge of the pot white. Squeeze a small amount of white acrylic paint onto the paper plate and paint the edges.


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