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Review: Skinnyskinny Fragrances For the Home

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Set the mood this season with ever delightful fragrances for the home from skinnyskinny, created by aromatherapist extraordinaire, Clara Williams. With a selection of all-natural clean burning soy candles, and aromatherapeutic room sprays created from pure organic essential oils, skinnyskinny will help keep you calm, cool, and collected at home.

Created from all-natural soy wax and organic essential oils, the skinnyskinny candles burn clean for 45+ plus hours. Cypress is a woodsy scent that is fresh, uplifting and more subtle than say, pine. The Cypress Soy Candle releases a light fragrance that won’t overpower the home. It’s the perfect fall companion. Add in a book, a fleece blanket, a cup of hot tea, and we’ve got bliss!


The Aromatherapeutic Organic Room Spray in 268 is the signature fragrance of the skinnyskinny Brooklyn store front *notes to plan a visit*. It contains the all-natural and organic essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender, geranium and lemongrass. This ingenious combination of oils are said to be calming, grounding and strengthening, while I might add in uplifting as well. I simply adore this room spray and deem it a necessary home companion. It sits beside me as I work and read. I also find it beneficial in aiding in the practice of meditation.

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