The “Cliché Beach Holiday”: Reclaimed

If you’ve ever looked for holiday ideas and inspiration online, you’ve probably been relentlessly urged to do something different.

Don’t just go for the standard beach holiday! Try something different; break out of your comfort zone; a holiday is about an experience not just lazing on a beach somewhere!

And that’s all well and good. Valid advice. Except… what if you really like lazing on a beach somewhere, cocktail in hand, sun on your SPF-laden face, feeling like your life and its associated troubles are thousands of miles away from you? (It helps that they are, of course.) The reason most of us have a comfort zone is because we find it comforting. We like it. We’ll leave the “pushing yourself to the limit” to the people who want to do that and stick with the sun and fun if it’s all the same to you.

If you’re after a classic beach holiday, then the options are endless. Of course, there’s an edit coming of a few favourites – worth considering, whatever your budget. So stick with comfort and explore these paradises by the sea.

Barbados: The Classic


If you think about the classic beach holiday, it’s inevitable that Barbados is going to be mentioned at some point. The island has got it all, from a climate to envy to beaches you will never want to leave. It’s a great starting point for the inexperienced traveller venturing outside of the usual European haunts for the first time.

Even on the days when you’re not sunning yourself, there’s plenty to see and do here. Caving is a surprisingly popular holiday excursion, with the delights of Harrison’s Cave awaiting you. Want to find out more about the history of the island? Barbados Museum and Historical Society have got you covered.

With cheap flights to Barbados you’ll be spending around nine hours in the air, which is fairly reasonable given the gifts the country has to offer once you arrive.

Mauritius: It Had To Be Included, Didn’t It

Well, look at it. Look at it. It’s irresistible; the jewel of the Indian Ocean, just waiting to be explored.

Mauritius is a former French colony, so your withered high school French might just find another use here. The small country features all the usual delights such as beaches that go on for miles and blissful white sand, but there’s a few other features to tempt you. If you’re a history buff, then the Blue Penny Museum will delight – and you can learn more about the now-extinct dodos that once roamed the Mauritian shores. If that gives you a taste for intriguing flora and fauna, the fun continues at La Vanille Nature Park, which is perfect if you’re a crocodile fan.

While it has a reputation for luxury, Mauritius is surprisingly easy to visit if you’re on a budget. With a 12-hour flight time from London it’s not a quick hop, but once you’re there, every moment you spent stuffed into an aircraft fuselage will feel worth it.

Give Your Home A Spring Makeover


Time flies, or if you want to sound clever, you can even say it in Latin as the Romans used to, Tempus fugit. Whichever language you use, it doesn’t change the feeling. It seems that it was only yesterday when you started to put your Christmas decorations in the house – by the way, if you haven’t taken them off already, these really need to go back into the attic for now. And now, it’s already spring and the season of renewal is blowing flower kisses into every garden. You’ve certainly heard about the great spring cleaning – if you haven’t: Where have you been during the last years? – and now is the time to start yours. But instead of just swapping your winter for your summer wardrobe, you can go the extra mile this year, and give your house a complete spring makeover.

The Essential Cleaning

First of all, it’s not called spring cleaning for nothing. Your first action, before starting the makeover, is to go through the house and the garden and check how everything has survived the winter. Make a note of anything that needs fixing, and get in touch with professional engineers if you can’t fix it yourself. There are certain things that you shouldn’t play with, for instance cutting overgrown branches of your tallest trees is something that you can entrust to a professional gardener. Similarly, anything that relates to plumbing or electricity should be referred to your local plumber or electrician. But you can attend to the rest without worry. Start the big cleaning operation, so that the house is ready for the next step of the makeover.

DIY Home Improvements For The Crafter

Don’t they say that spring is the season of renewal? Let it inspire you to start a DIY home improvement project. Before you start, do make sure that you have all the tools you need – you can find deals on for most online shops, including DIY retailers if you need to upgrade your DIY gear. The first step in all home improvement projects is to measure the room and draw a plan. Don’t work without a plan as this will make it easier to project the new décor. Then, all you need is to get going with painting, sawing, building. If you are repainting a room, remember to take into consideration the amount of natural sunlight. If the room doesn’t receive much sunlight now, it will be worse in winter, so avoid any dark color.

Don’t Forget Your Garden

The spring renewal can also come into your garden. After the necessary maintenance work, which consists in mowing the lawn and remove all the weeds and overgrown plants, it’s time to consider dynamic landscaping ideas for your garden. If you are looking for inspiration, is a useful source of advice and décors for amateur and experienced gardeners. You can add colorful accents with flower containers for a small garden, or you can choose to playful patterns with your paths and plantings to create a dramatic atmosphere in long gardens.


Revamping Your Home: Things To Consider

After living in your property for a little while, it’s easy to get itchy feet. In fact, you might start thinking about changes you would like to do to the home. After all, it’s good to make the property feel brand-new again without having to sell up. But when it comes to giving your home a revamp, it can be a lot more complicated than you think. Therefore, here are some things to consider when you decide to revamp your home.

Are you going to do the work yourself?

As much as you are brimming with ideas of what changes you would like to make to the home, you need to think realistically about whether they are something you can do yourself. After all, if you are not a whiz at DIY, it might mean that the home renovations end up looking terrible in your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look for someone who can help you with the house renovations. For example, you might want to hire a decorator who can come and do painting and wallpapering for you. After all, it will look so much better if you get a professional to do it. And if you look around for local contractors, it hopefully won’t cost you a fortune!

Worker Professional Builder Building Employee

What’s happening with all your old belongings?

When it comes to renovating your home, it’s likely that you will buy a wealth of new items for your humble abode. After all, you want to make it look fantastic. However, when you do get new items for your house, you need to consider what to do with the old items. After all, you need to move them before they get in the way when the new items arrive. It’s worth asking friends and family if they would like the items. If they don’t, it might be a good idea to sell them. After all, if it’s large furniture like a sofa, you might get a significant amount to put towards renovating your house. Of course, you will have to look at ways to deliver them to the buyer. You can look online to find best man with a van quotes 2017 – Shiply which won’t break the bank while ensuring the item is moved safely to the new destination. And if the item has had its day, you could always get a skip which you can use to fill with the items before taking it to the dump!

What’s your budget and how will you fund the revamp?

Before you do anything, you need to work out how much it’s going to cost you to do a revamp. After all, you don’t want to get started and then figure out you are going to run out of money. Therefore, work out the costs at the beginning and then figure out your budget. That way, you know how much you can spend before you go bust. And it’s important to work out how you are going to fund the revamp. You might want to take money out of your savings to pay for it. Or you could even look into homeowner loans which can fund the project. Working this out now will save stress at the end!

And remember to get inspiration from online and magazines on how to renovate your home.

Surprising Ways Your House Can Give You Funds

We don’t think of our house of a way to make money. In fact, it’s probably one of the most significant things we spend our money on month after month! After all, mortgage bills and bills can add up every month. But if you could do with some extra money, your home is a great place to start. In fact, here are some surprising ways your house can give you funds.


You could rent out one of your rooms

If you currently live in a home which offers more bedrooms than you need, it’s a very good idea to consider renting out the spare room. After all, it could make you some extra cash without you having to do anything! And over time, the money could soon add up to a tidy amount. Of course, you need to be careful about who you rent the room out to. After all, you don’t want someone who is going to take advantage to live under your roof. To ensure you do it safely, you ought to rent it out through an estate agent. They will do many checks on the person before they can come through the door. And make sure the contract is only for a couple of months. That way, if it doesn’t work out, you can say cheerio without it causing a huge issue.

You could potentially remortgage  

With house prices constantly rising, your property is probably worth more than when you originally bought it. And as you have been paying off the mortgage every month, your equity on the home is likely to be growing. Therefore, if you require some money for home improvements or to buy a new car, you should consider remortgaging your property. It means money will be released which will go into your pocket. And the repayments on your new mortgage might not be much higher than you are currently paying. Just make sure you consider the additional costs including remortgage conveyancing fees if you are going down this road. After all, you don’t want to leave yourself short when you are remortgaging your home. And make sure you are happy to stay at the house for a while yet. After all, you don’t want to get a new mortgage then decide to move house in a year!

You could rent out your garage or drive

If you live in a prime location, you might want to consider renting out your drive. After all, people will be willing to pay money to rent your driveway. After all, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than having to park in car parks which can be a small fortune! And it will give them close access to their work. And it’s not just your drive you can rent out; your garage could be a gold mine too. After all, people might rent it to use to store additional cars. Or even to use as a workshop. Therefore, put your drive and garage on legitimate sites like JustPark to start making some money!

And remember you could use your home for your business. For example, you could turn the living room into a salon where you can work on clients. Or you could even turn the house into a bed and breakfast which could make you a ton of money!

How To Make Your Look By Adding The Perfect Accessories

The designer Marc Jacobs once said ‘Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it’. Accessories are an easy way of making yourself look and feel beautiful, of adding a little extra sparkle to an outfit that you’ve had for a long time. Here are a few ways to add accessories to your look


As pretty much all women know, shoes can make or break an outfit. A lot of us have known instinctively that a date just isn’t going to go anywhere when we look down and see his shoes, so we know that shoes can say a lot about the person who’s wearing them. If you’re in stiletto heels, you’re more focused on looking great and having fun than being able to move around in comfort; likewise, if you’re wearing boots with stacked heels, you probably want to be able to dance the night away. If you’re shorter, remember that nude shoes with nude tights and black shoes with black tights will make your legs look longer – but why not have a little more fun than that and go for brightly coloured heels in jewel tones? Just make sure you put pads in the balls of the shoes so you don’t get too uncomfortable.



If you love wearing colours like black and navy blue, you probably already know that the best way to catch a little attention and make them look gorgeous is by adding some extra brilliance with your jewellery. If you’re not sure where to begin with jewellery, check out this website for a few ideas. Hoop earrings can draw attention to your face if you have a plain outfit – pull back your hair for an elegant silhouette. A statement necklace can also completely change an outfit – go for a chunky crystal pendant to add some style or maybe even some kind of pocketwatch for some added quirkiness. Bangles in different colours can also add a lot to your look, and chokers are also extremely in at the moment – pair them with lower necklines to add different dimensions to your outfits.


With bags, the main dilemma is usually about style versus practicality. A lot of us either go for glamorous clutch bags with jewels and sequins on them for a night out, but on the other hand some of us are big fans of carting our usual enormous satchels everywhere with us. One of the best tips for a good bag is to pay a little extra and get one that’s great quality – unless you’re vegan, it’s a good idea to buy leather and suede instead of plastic alternatives. They age better and crack less, so you can keep, use and enjoy your bag for longer. You should also make sure that you empty out your bag every two weeks so that you can trash any used tissues and receipts and return all your favourite lipsticks to your makeup drawer. Remember that a bag that’s too heavy can give you a very sore back.

Don’t Just Shape up for Summer, Shape up for the Whole Year!

Getting in shape for the summer months is like a ritual; it’s a sign that the winter months are finally over and that there is finally something bright to look forward to and work towards. But why just shape up for one part of the year, why not shape up for the whole of it? Most people find that the hot weather months are the only time of the year when they can keep their beach bodies looking up to scratch, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the truth. Below you can find a few ways to keep fit ALL year round.


However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use the summer as your focal point for your current training regime, because you most definitely should considering how close on the horizon it is; you should seek to set a series of short-term goals throughout the changing seasons, and your first should be for the summer. You should seek to use your summer holiday as your first bit of inspiration in your goal of optimising your physical potential for this year and you can start by buying yourself a nice new bathing suit that is a few sizes smaller than you currently are.

Buying it and hanging it in a place where you are most likely to work out in your home is a great source of inspiration to get yourself down to a size where you can fit in it. Using a guide such as Kayla Itsines BBG, you can find all the workout and nutritional guides that are needed in order to achieve the ultimate beach body and to be able to fit into that beautiful new bathing suit. And once your holiday and the summer is over, you should seek to find yourself a new short-term goal to work towards; whether that means cutting more weight or maintaining the one you have gotten yourself down to. For instance, you could again buy yourself a piece of clothing, like a little black dress, that would like nice at any New Year’s Eve parties you’ve been invited to.

And when the winter does in fact roll around again, you shouldn’t let the weather stop you from getting out and getting active. Yes, this may sound easier said than done, so why not go to a place where it’ll be easiest for you to find the inspiration needed to remain active? A change in scenery at this time of the year is never a bad idea, so a good idea is to book a warm weather winter retreat. Here, you could run outside to your heart’s content without having to worry about your fingers dropping off because of frostbite.

And once back home (if you do decide to come home) you can carry on the avoidance of the weather by taking to taking your fitness regime inside. You could utilise a local running track, sign up to a local spin class or even seek a gym membership. The bad weather is never an excuse for letting your summer beach body disappear, don’t let it be one!

As well as the weather, the fact that a fitness regime can quickly become boring is also a reason why people tend to forgo consistent workout regimes. It is easy to give up on a workout cycle if it gets boring, at which point you should aim to spice up your workout regime. This could be achieved by mixing cardio with strength training. Doing so not only means you are tweeting your regime, but it also means that you are getting the very most out of every session you do. You could even attempt a whole new style of workout, such as yoga, kickboxing or Pilates, Zumba or any other kind of dancing. It’s important to constantly find a workout that is not only stimulating your health, but stimulating your attention also.

Simply put: if you’re not enjoying a workout anymore you will sooner than later begin to become lackadaisical when attempting it, which, if left unprevented, will mean that your beach body shape will become lost.

What can also be detrimental to the maintaining of the perfect shape all year round is injury. You may think that these can’t be prevented, but they can, if you take the correct precautions before and after each workout. It is easy to allow for injury to cause a prolonged absence when it comes to even the strictest of workout regimes, and it is even easier for them to destroy your enthusiasm to pick up where you left before the injury, which is why you should be trying to avoid injuries at all times. Ways to do so include: warming up and cooling down for up to 10 minutes before and after each workout, never train to a point where you are overusing certain areas and aspects of your body and listening to your body at all times.

Of course, injuries do sometimes happen regardless of how many precautions you take — if you ever do suffer an injury-based lay-off from your regime, then it may be a good idea to hire a personal trainer when you are first able to train again just to make sure that you are going to hit the ground running again straight away.

In order to retain a certain shape the whole year round, you really need to make the maintaining of it a lifestyle choice, and there is no better way to do so than by jumping into a career that will keep you in the best health. By choosing going down a career path that induces a lot of activity, sometimes without you even realising it, is a great way to not only shape up but to stay shaped up. For more advice on how you can have a beach ready body the whole year round, make sure to click here. For now, make sure to buy a nice little bathing suit and do your utmost in order to be able to wear it with pride on whatever beach you are heading to this summer!


Careers Which Will Keep You In The Best Health!

A lot of us wouldn’t bring our thoughts to health when thinking of a new career path. After all, we are hunting down a role which will give us the best opportunities over the years. And something that pays out well, so we can lead a fulfilling lifestyle. But, in fact, health should be on your mind when choosing a role. After all, our job can have a significant impact on our health. For example, if you go for a position which means hours of desk work, you are more likely to end up putting on weight. After all, you are not moving around much during the day, and are more likely to snack on your computer. Also, a job which involves a lot of stress might put you at higher risk of conditions like depression. Therefore, your health is something you need to consider when choosing a new career. In fact, here are some careers you might consider doing which will keep you in the best health!

Personal trainer

You might have worked with a personal trainer before when you have been at the gym. After all, you can hire them for a session, and they will ensure you have the best workout possible. They can also help you to make a plan to ensure you get in the best shape. And some personal trainers even make their own companies which enable them to work with clients at their home. But you might not have considered becoming a personal trainer before. However, there are a lot of benefits for your health! After all, you have to often work out alongside clients meaning you are getting a good amount of exercise every day. And you have to be in the best shape possible if you are going to be a personal trainer. After all, no one will want to hire someone who isn’t in a healthy shape! Therefore, you need to be a good healthy weight to ensure you inspire them to workout. So it means you will exercise and eat healthy which will ultimately help you to stay healthy for longer!


Ski instructor

A lot of people go for a great ski holiday and then decide that they want to pursue it as a career. After all, there’s something so amazing about heading down the slopes at a fast speed. And it can be rewarding when you get to teach others about how to ski too. And see them finally managing to whiz down the slopes on their own. But as well as the buzz, being a ski instructor can also be highly beneficial to your health. For one thing, you are outside in the fresh air which can be fantastic for your lungs. And it’s a happy career so you won’t have to worry about your mental health being put in jeopardy. After all, with brilliant views and people willing to learn, it can be a great job. Also, doing a sport like skiing every day also means you are getting plenty of exercise. Therefore, you are likely to find that you get in the best health you have been if you become a ski instructor. And as you will have to do the sport every day, it can boost your eating habits. After all, you know you have to eat a proper diet if you are going to have the energy to hit the slopes!

A teacher

You might not think being a teacher which would boost your health.  After all, it can be stressful trying to teach a class of unruly children who don’t want to listen. But there are actually a lot of benefits to your health by becoming a teacher. For one thing, it keeps your brain ticking away as you teach children about different things. Therefore, your brain health is bound to be in good shape when you have to teach every single day. In fact, using your brain every day is bound to keep diseases like dementia away. And when you are a teacher, you often have to move around the classroom as part of your day. Therefore, it’s ensuring you are getting plenty of exercise in your day. And it beats just sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. If you want to boost your health, even more, you should consider going down the physical education path. After all, it means you will have to get out with the kids playing sports on the field. Therefore, you will get plenty of exercise running around after the kids. And are bound to keep in good health for longer if you head down this career path!


I have a lot of respect for nurses. After all, they have to deal with a range of different issues and have to work long hours. But while there are some negatives to being part of the NHS, being a nurse can actually be one of the most rewarding careers you can go for. And a lot of people in nurse jobs do love their job and the people they meet. But as well as being highly rewarding, being a nurse can do great things for your health. After all, while you are at the hospital or surgery, you are learning all about different illnesses. Therefore, if something happens to you, you might be able to diagnose it quickly. And you might notice signs that could mean you spot something early before it becomes dangerous to your health. Also, working in the healthcare career can often give you a boost to look after you own health. After all, you see the dangers every day when treating patients of what bad health can do to you. So it can often give you the boost you need to eat a healthy diet and exercise more regularly in your life.


Being a nutritionist is often a highly rewarding job. After all, you are helping people turn their food habits around to enable them to be in good health. And when you see people making a change, it can help you to feel like you are doing a good job. But also being a nutritionist can do wonders for your health. After all, you can’t ignore what you have to tell others. Therefore, you are more likely to get your own eating habits in good shape to ensure you stay healthy for longer. And if you are in the best health possible, your clients might be spurred on to try their best to get their eating habits in tip-top shape too! Therefore, make sure you are eating a healthy diet which will boost your health.

Animal care

A lot of people love to work alongside animals. After all, it’s such a caring and rewarding job when you are taking care of animals on a daily basis. And whether you are nursing them back to health or looking after them on their way to being rehomed, it can be a lovely job. And it’s also excellent for your health. After all, working alongside animals has been said to give your mental health a boost. In fact, petting and playing them can definitely lift your spirits. And being in an animal care profession also does wonders for your physical health. After all, you have to run after these animals, and it will ensure you are on your feet all day. That way, you get to ensure you stay in the best health possible while you are active with these animals!

And going down the hospitality route by becoming a waitress can also be great for your health. After all, rushing around taking people’s orders and delivering their food will ensure you get plenty of exercise during the day!

Improve Your Fitness Levels Fast

Something we can all agree on is that fitness is important, and staying fit is a lifelong challenge which it is worth getting used to. No matter what kind of experience you have had in the past with training and fitness, there is always the opportunity to carry on and do even better than ever before. If you are currently in the position of wanting to improve your fitness levels, but you don’t know how, then hopefully this article will help you. In it, we will be discussing some of the simplest ways to dramatically improve your fitness in a very short space of time.


Exercise In Short Bursts

When you want to make your workout more effective, it is often helpful to learn some of the science behind exercise. One thing worth noting in particular is that exercising in short bursts is very often the most effective method for improving your fitness. This is particularly true for cardiovascular exercise, where the aim is essentially to let your heart practice what it does best – pumping the blood – by stopping and starting with your workout at regular intervals. If you are looking for one way to improve your workout without changing what you’re actually doing, then this is a great way to do just that, so bear this in mind.

Get A Personal Trainer

If you have never had a personal trainer, you might be pleasantly surprised at just what it can do for you. With a professional personal trainer on your side, you can be sure that your workout efforts will be greatly maximised. This is because trainers know all of the little tricks and tips about how to make workouts more effective, and they are also usually adept at spurring you on and motivating you to achieve more and more with your exercise regime. A personal trainer can take you through a series of fitness courses, each designed for different purposes, and at the end of it you will probably feel like a completely new person. This is well worth considering if you want to dramatically change things around in your life.


Part of the problem for many of us is that work gets in the way of when we should really be exercising. If you have an office job, there is a way of ensuring that you get your exercise in while still doing your way. There are plenty of ‘deskercise’ routines that you can carry out as you work which are designed to keep you in shape. If you often feel like you are too inactive during the weekdays, then this might be a good idea to take on board.

Remember Your Diet

Above all, you need to remember that the exercise is just part of a larger whole, and you need to take care of the whole for everything to be as effective as possible. That’s why you need to remember your diet at the same time – eating right is one of the most important elements of improving your overall fitness.


5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Friday Night At Home



If you’d ask me, I’d say that Friday is the best day of the week. That, of course, if you don’t have a job to go to in the weekend or you don’t have kids to take care of. After a busy week at work, Friday night should only be about relaxing and getting ready for the weekend. In case you don’t have any plans on going out, I’d thought to put together a few tips on how to make the most out of your Friday night at home. Enjoy!

  1. Pyjama party – There’s nothing better than calling your best friends and spend the night together with them. You can catch up with everything that’s been going on, listen to music, watch a good movie, the possibilities are infinite and the fun is guaranteed.
  2. Quiet night – If you had a really hard week at work, the last thing that you want is a busy night. So try to relax. Close your phone, take a long bath while listening to some relaxing music, try to get to bed early. That way you will re charge your batteries and get ready for two full days of adventures, you never know what the weekend can bring, right?
  3. Movie marathon – I don’t know about you, but when I love a series or a movie, I have to see more and more. Since the weekend is coming, you can stay up a little late and catch up with all your favourite movies without any problem. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  4. Romantic night – We should not forget about love, right? A nice and romantic dinner with your partner, followed by a lovely movie is the perfect way to end the week
  5. Catch up with some work – If you are behind with some projects and you still have energy left after a week of work, now it the perfect time to catch up with some work and get things done. Since you have two free days ahead, you have no rush to do the job and that way you can concentrate better.

What are your plans for this Friday?

Awesome Trips For Solo Female Travellers

Whether you are in a group or alone, travelling can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But it is not without its hassles or even dangerous. That is why it is best to be clued up before you go, and have a plan for any sticky situations that you might get in. Read on to find out more.

Pre-Holiday Prep


Sometimes it hard to be women. At least, there always seems more to do before a trip away than if you are a man. First of all, you need to get prepped with a tan. Use the fake stuff it’s much safer. Also if you are travelling for a long time consider getting your legs and underarms waxed. Then you won’t have the hassle of trying to shave them while you are away.

It can also be a not often an inconvenience if ‘Aunt Flow’ comes to visit while you are on your trip. If you don’t fancy having to deal with this in an unfamiliar place, then you will need to take some medication to prevent this from happening. Medicines like utovlan can be used to delay your period for up to 17 days so you can have a hassle-free holiday. You don’t even need a prescription to get some.

Travelling alone

It is very common for female travellers to go solo these days, but safety can still be a concern. But you shouldn’t let this stop you from fulfilling your dreams or seeing the places on your bucket list. If you are concerned about your safety, there are a few tips and tricks that you can do.

Firstly if you are worried about being hassled by strange men, wear a fake wedding ring. You can even have a fake picture of your husband in your wallet to get rid of unwanted admirers. If they persist, despite showing them this, then make your way to the nearest hotel desk and make the receptionist aware that they are hassling you. You can either wait there until they give up, get the concierge to call the police or to order a cab so you can use go straight to your accommodation.


Another great tip is to try not to look too much like a tourist. This may be hard if you are in small rural place. But can be a lot easier if you are in a big city, which a wide range of people.

Instead of carrying your trusty guide book with you everywhere, use apps on your phone like Google maps. Remember you can plug in your earphones, and your directions will interrupt any music that you are playing as and when you need them. To others is just looks like you are listening to your tunes, and you know where you’re going!

Making Friends

Who doesn’t love to come back from a trip without making a friend or two on holiday? It is always nice to meet someone new? But there are a few things you need to consider as a solo female traveler when making new friends.

The first is that once you join a group, it’s really easy to just go along with what they group wants. That is fine as long as they are seeing the sights that you want to and doing the stuff that is on your list. But if not you might want to think twice about being a member of the group.

Remember it would be a real shame to have come all that way to see certain things to end up looking around places that you are not that bothered about. Just to keep the group happy. Of course, sometimes it can work in your favour. As they know about a hidden treasure, you would have never of thought to look at yourself, which can turn out to be the highlight of your trip!


You also need to be aware of the safety factor of meeting random people abroad or even using travelling meet up sites. There is no need to be paranoid, and most people are who they say they are and have honourable intentions. But there is that small percentage that aren’t, and you need to put a system in place to ensure that you are safe.

If you are meeting up with someone, you don’t know well, let someone at home know where you are going and who with. Send a picture of them if possible, so make sure you have data roaming. Also, let them know what time you will be home and that you will contact them when you get in. Then they will know to raise the alarm if they have not heard from you at the specific time.

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