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How to Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out


So, you have decided to give online dating a go? Online dating can be a lot of fun. You are bound to have a few howlers along the way, but hopefully, it will result in you finding the man of your dreams. However, for this to happen, you are going to need an online dating profile that stands out for all of the right reasons. Here are some tips to help you out…

Choose a summery photograph Research by magazine Marie Claire has shown that people in summery photos are viewed as more attractive than those in wintery pictures. So, go through your photographs on Instagram or Facebook, and choose a recent summertime snap.

Have fun – Stop worrying about what people think about you. If they don’t like what you have to offer, they are not the right person for you anyway. It’s not about getting as many responses as possible; it is about getting the right response. Have fun with your profile and show off your sense of humour.

Be aware of the turn-offs – Is there another male in your profile picture? It doesn’t matter if it is your brother, you need change it! Is vaping or smoking more attractive on Tinder? Well, you probably don’t want this to be the first thing people know about you, so leave it off your profile altogether. Is your profile short and boring? Well, who wants to date a boring person in any case?

Choose recent photographs – It is better to look better in the flesh than to look better in your photographs. Never choose photos that are over one years old.

Check your grammar – So, your online profile is not an English exam, but bad grammar and spelling can be very off putting for a lot of people. Once you have typed up your profile, simply paste it into word and used the computer spell check to make sure you don’t have any rookie errors.

Be specific – A generic profile often attracts attention, and if it does, it can be the wrong type of attention. By being specific, you give a full flavour of the person you are. So, you like to travel? Well, this doesn’t really say much does it. Where have you been? What are your favourite places and why?

Stay positive – There are so many profiles that start with phrases like “tired of boys, I want a real man” or “sick of cheaters.” Negative tones are never a good idea for an online dating profile. Keep everything positive. Writing the phrase “sick of cheaters” is not going to reduce your chances of ever meeting one again, so there’s no need to include it on your profile. Instead, discuss it once you feel ready.

So there you have it: some of the best ways to get your online dating profile to stand out for all of the right reasons. Implement the changes that have been mentioned above, and sit back and relax as more and more men start to inbox you.

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Give Your Body A Detox

Do you ever feel so sluggish and full of rubbish sometimes, that you just really crave some health. The majority of us don’t follow a clean eating diet, we don’t care about what we’re eating, and we definitely don’t bother with exercise. The result of which is this bogged down feeling we carry around with us. Do you ever walk around with such little energy you feel like you never want to get out of bed again? Do you ever feel grumpy for absolutely no reason? Or do you ever just feel like your body is craving a break from life? Well, this is your body literally crying out for a bit of health, which can easily be achieved with a nice body detox. We’re here to show you how to cleanse your body of absolutely everything that might have been plaguing it. Let’s explore a few of our best tips.

Diet Detox

Your diet is one of the main reasons why you’re feeling how you are. What you put into your body, your body will give you back. If you know you’re partial to a Chinese at the end of every week, you’ll soon start noticing the repercussions. It isn’t just the weekly treats that have an undesired effect on our bodies, it is our daily eating habits that affect us the most. A westernised diet is one that is full of sugars, fats, and salt. Unfortunately, this is a diet that most of us follow. This might be due to the premonition that eating healthy is harder. It costs more, it is more effort to make, and it doesn’t taste as nice. Well, all three of those statements are wrong. Healthy food does sometimes cost more, depending on what ingredients you’re buying.

But if you shop at the right stores, and look for some own brand things, you’ll end up spending less than you would on a normal weekly shop. A lot of the meals are actually quicker and easier to make than normal meals, it is just finding the inspiration to actually make them. There are plenty of tasty recipe ideas out there, such as those found here. A lot are less effort to make than the junk food we’re filling our diets with as well! Drinks also play a big part in a healthy diet. A lot of people tend to reach for a tasty fizzy drink, rather than a refreshing glass of water. We understand water is a bit plain, and can see why you might not be a fan of it, but the benefits of it are just amazing. The fizzy drinks that a lot of us tend to fill our diets with are rotting our teeth for one. The older we get, the more noticeable this will become. They’re also spiking our sugar levels to the point of being at risk of diabetes. Water hydrates us internally, as well as keeps our skin in perfect condition. If you can switch to a pure clean eating diet for four days of the week, we guarantee you’ll feel upbeat and amazing for it.


Relaxation Detox

Sometimes this is all our bodies need to be refreshed and revived. Usually, there are a million and one things happening around is that prevent us from being in a relaxed state. Work being one, then coming home to a family to feed, then getting a little bit of sleep before you do it all again. After months of this cycle, our bodies just start giving up. Take a day, once a month, to just have a bit of you time. One perfect idea we know you’ll love is a day at the spa with your friends. It gives you that time away from reality, and allows you to forget any troubles you might be facing. Even if it is just going for a walk round the park on a nice hot day, and having a bit of food and a read of a book to yourself. Your mind can run free, and the stresses of everyday life are soon forgotten. The longer you put off some real relaxation time, the more stress is going to build up. Too much stress actually brings on health conditions such as panic attacks, anxiety, and weight loss.

Bad Habit Detox

This is probably one of the things you should be trying first. Your bad habits affect your health and overall well being more than you might first realise. The only time you’ll truly start to understand how much they’ve been holding you back is when you kick them to the curb. The first we’re going to talk about is smoking. There are so many reasons people get into smoking. Some might be stress, social pressure, or even boredom. But once you’re hooked, it is hard to see a way out. For some people smoking does become a way of life. The first step you can take is cutting down by using E-cigs that you can purchase through websites such as It cuts out all the chemicals that are clogging your lungs, and just gives you the nicotine boost you’re badly craving. With the pens, it is easy to drop down through the different milligram levels until you’re at 0. A lot of people prefer this method as it does still stimulate smoking, but it just comes with far less issues than an actual cigarette would.

Your Future Health

Hopefully this article will have taught you how you need to detox to prevent your future health from being bad. That feeling of sluggishness that we described in the beginning of the article isn’t normal. But with just a few lifestyle changes that we’ve listed above, you could change all of that. If you know your body is craving a health boost, don’t be afraid to go on a health detox for a few weeks. Cleanse your mind and your body completely until you feel revived once more. It is important to make sure you’re treating your body like a temple at all times if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Keep Your Joints Well Oiled With These Remarkable Tips

You may not realize it, but the joints are some of the most important parts of the human body. After all, if we didn’t have them, there’d be no way we could move as agile as we currently can! However, if your joints’ health ever declines, you will find that the movement in your bones can quickly become sore and painful. You might even start to suffer from mobility issues.

Poor joint health isn’t just something that the elderly need to worry about. In fact, it can affect us at any age. So, to ensure you can help your body maintain its joint health, here are some remarkable tips!

Eat Well

Diet is one of the main factors affecting our joints. If you regularly eat lots of rich and sugary food, you might find that you quickly develop gout. Lots of medical-related sites, like, have lots of information about the causes and treatments for this illness. But, basically put, eating well should ensure that you never suffer with it. So, you might want to think about swapping your chocolate bar for a piece of fruit!

Take Vitamin Supplements

Getting plenty of the right vitamins and minerals will help the body take good care of all its joints. Some health experts believe a daily dose of Omega 3 fatty acids will make a big difference, as will taking a daily supplement of glucosamine sulfate. You can usually find these types of supplements at online health food shops like It often works out cheaper if you buy them in bulk.

Keep On Exercising

Your joints were made for moving and regular movement will keep them happy. Not only that, though, but exercise can help you stay a healthy weight. Excess weight is often one of the causes of issues with the joints. So, if your joints have been giving you some grief lately, it could just be because you aren’t using them as much as you should. Get out there for a run or  a bike ride and that will, hopefully, improve things for you!

Watch Your Posture

Some people have issues with their joints because they don’t adopt a good posture throughout the day. This is often the case with office workers who have to sit at a desk and slouch in front of a computer for eight hours a day. Next time you are sitting down, you should review your posture. Are you slouching? If so, you need to straighten up! This should also strengthen your core muscles slightly, which will help to support your joints and prevent any aches and pains from developing. If you have a particularly weak core, you might want to start going to a Pilates class or just planking at home. After a while, your core will strengthen and help to eliminate any joint problems.

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you overcome any joint aches and pains. But if symptoms persist, it’s worth getting in touch with your doctor for a consultation.

First-Time Home Buyer? These Are The Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

Buying a home can be complicated, and this is especially true for first-time buyers. After renting a home for years (or living with mum and dad), making that first step on the property ladder is a daunting prospect. The path to finding the perfect home is long and hard, and the pitfalls along the way are many. But hey, that is where we come in. By giving you a few pointers to help you avoid said pitfalls, the home-buying process may be easier for you, if and when you decide to take the plunge into the housing market.

The following are the pitfalls you need to avoid.

Buying on a whim

So you’ve decided buy your first house. Exciting isn’t it! But reign yourself in and curb the temptation to buy the first property you think you can reasonably afford. This is the first pitfall a first-time buyer will make, but it’s one that can cause further trouble down the line. You could buy a potential money pit for starters – the price was probably low for a good reason – and there are a lot of other things to take into account before signing on any dotted line. This includes researching the neighbourhood – making sure it has all the amenities your family needs – and checking for better properties (with better value) that may be welcoming home buyers in just a few blocks away.

Waiting too long to buy

After buying on a whim, the opposite is also common. It’s understandable to be a little cautious, but if you dither for too long on a particular property, or are unduly worried about the rise and fall of the housing market, you will still be stuck in your rented flat for years to come. Yes, the estate agent will tell you the right time to buy, and yes, you don’t want to throw away your money on something unsuitable, but after spending time doing some research, take an educated risk and buy something. Oh, and don’t wait for a dream house either. Every property will have its imperfections, but it’s what you do with it after the purchase that makes it a home ideal for you.

Not shopping around for a mortgage

Before you even go house hunting, it’s worth getting a loan pre-approved. After all, it would be terrible to find a house and get turned down by every bank on your high street when you go and ask for a mortgage. If you’re unsure you will qualify for a mortgage, use a mortgage calculator to help you work out the deposit and repayments you will be expected to make. When your finances are in order, it’s still worth shopping around. Interest rates fluctuate, and you may be able to get a better deal than the first offer a bank gives you. It’s a good idea to speak to an independent finance broker who will have knowledge of the best deals, or you could also use an online comparison service to cut out the middleman.

Forgetting extra expenses

So you have the money to pay back the mortgage. Great! However, there is a lot more you need to budget for. When looking for a home in your ‘price range,’ this has to include solicitor fees, taxes, surveyor costs, and more. Then there are the hidden costs, which include maintenance issues at the property you are buying. Therefore, don’t spend more than you can afford on a property until you have added up all the extra costs that go alongside it. You will feel the pinch if you end up over budget and you will have difficulty with the mortgage payments.

Trusting the wrong people

There are people you can trust in the process, and people you can’t. So who can you trust? Well, your solicitor should give you unbiased advice for starters, and you may have friends and family who can recommend other trusted companies, such as building surveyors and removal services. Who can’t you trust? The seller’s agent for one, as they are working for the sellers best interest and they will try and get every last bit of loose change you have in your pocket. Don’t trust the seller’s word on the property either. They may tell you there’s nothing wrong with the house, but without a proper inspection, you may discover flaws and damages that you weren’t originally made aware of. So, our advice is this. When looking at a potential home, take somebody with you, especially someone who knows how to ask the right questions. If you are in any way unsure, walk away, as you don’t want to waste your money (or spend too much money) on something that isn’t worth it.

Going for the asking price

Linked to the above. The seller will put up an asking price, but there is always wriggle room to consider. Compare similar properties to see how much other sellers are asking for, and haggle with the seller or agent to get to a price you are happy to pay. The house may be perfectly priced for its quality and location, but it is still worth going lower if you can. The seller will expect this, as quite often, agents overprice the property to begin with, as this gives the impression they are being generous when the costs are lowered after a bit of bartering.

Signing documents before reading the small print

Do not sign anything before you are entirely sure you are doing the right thing. From the loan agreement to the sales and purchase agreement, make sure you read the contracts in full. This includes the small print, as despite your certainty in buying, there may still be hidden clauses that are not in your best interest. When the contract is signed, you are not necessarily too late to back down, but it will be much harder for you if the seller isn’t compliant. You can negotiate a new contract, but it’s sensible to get your solicitor to read through the paperwork with you before you make a potentially costly mistake.

Foregoing a building inspection

As mentioned, another pair of eyes is always useful when looking around a property. A building inspector knows what to look out for, as your untrained eyes may not see every fault inherent in a property. So, even if your best mate’s dad has experience in buying houses, still seek the help of a professional, despite the expense. Some faults are repairable, and it may not cost you much in maintenance costs, while others could seriously cost you financially (and personally) down the line. Cracks in walls, odd smells, cold drafts… if anything concerns you, get it checked out. Even if the home you are buying is a fixer-upper, you don’t want the walls falling down around you on the day you move in!

Going it alone

Finally, don’t go through the process alone. We have already told you the benefits of having people on your side when buying a house, and they will add to your peace of mind. Most importantly, you should hire a buyer’s agent to be on your side. The seller has one, so why shouldn’t you. They will offer you expert and impartial advice that will make house hunting a whole lot simpler for you. Buying a house is stressful, but with the right people, a lot of the pitfalls mentioned above can be overcome. Hopefully, you will find a wonderful place to live and have many happy years ahead of you. Of course, one day you may think about selling up, but that’s a tale for another day.

Skipping Oceans

There are a lot of big decisions in life, and one of them is moving away from the place that you grew up and discovering somewhere entirely new. The first time you get away from where you grow up is when you head off to university. You get a chance to see a different part of the country – if you’re brave enough to go far from home!


Taking a leap of faith and moving away from home is hard. It’s not an easy decision to pack everything you own, grab a quote from Shiply and get things moving. The idea of moving to a new house is one thing, but moving abroad to an entirely new country and culture? That’s just terrifying for most people. We’re brought up with the idea that we should be adventurous, spread our wings and see the world in a way our parents may not have. We talk about holidays and we go online and price up the impossible – but we never do it. Taking that leap and heading to another part of the world to put down roots is scary, but life is so short. Life runs by so quickly, that one moment you’re wishing for secondary school to end and the next? The next, you’re approaching 40 and you’re still waiting for that moment to just do something with your life.

You’ll know when it’s time to bite the bullet and leave the country when you are no longer fulfilled by your life. You don’t want to feel empty on the inside, but you do, and you crave something more than the commute you’ve become accustomed to. You crave a different view of the ocean, a different taste of food. Moving overseas can help you to satisfy that craving. Life is about enjoying the here and now, right? Grabbing onto the chance to take yourself out of your life and head overseas is one that you should never miss.

It can sound like the ultimate cliché, but there’s a lot to be said for ‘finding yourself’. Getting away from the place that you have grown up can give you a shot of finding out how independent you can be without your family, friends and people you grew up with judging your choices. You get the chance to step away from everything and everyone that is familiar to you and find out just how capable you are. When you spend a lot of time daydreaming about what it would be like to live in another part of the world, you soon realise that it’s not just about the money. An international move is a pricey venture, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay the earth. You could find a company who could sponsor you and pay for a big portion of your move.

If the move you make abroad is a permanent one, you get a chance to see the world from an entirely different perspective – no regrets. It is all about the adventure, and now’s your chance to take it.

Small Structures That Come In Handy For Small Homes

When you know your living area is small, you have to innovate and make sure you’re not taking up more room than you need to. It’s vital also to take the time to look around and see what needs priority. Some things just need to be larger than other in order for them to function properly. For example, you can buy a smaller microwave, but chances are, you can’t get a small washing machine because no such design would be able to cope with the spinning pressures. So, when you live in a cramped space, you should avoid feeling claustrophobic by limiting the amount of space, each item gets. It’s much better to bunch up certain things not only because they’re easier to access, but it will save space.1444778865831Spice and herb rack shelves

Spices and herbs are essential to cooking, but there are so many different types and variations. These little tubes can accumulate over time, and suddenly, they’re taking up space in the cabinet, on the table and in the pantry. However, with a great space rack, you can shelve all your herbs and spices in one location. They’re easy to assemble and reasonably cheap, and all different sizes of bottles can fit in them. They also have multiple shelves, and some clever designs have mechanisms that swap and rotate them. You can assign the different layers to the countries of origin that your spices and herbs come from, giving you a clearer picture for the types of recipes you’re aiming for.

Shoe cabinet

If you love your shoes, this item of your wardrobe is going to be plentiful and scattered all over the place at home. Living in a small space requires you to be thoughtful and now allow your shoes to be randomly spread out in your home. When you can’t go horizontal, go vertical with a  shoe cabinet for small places. This item allows you to stack your shoes on the different shelves and can go as high as you want. The cabinet is thin so it can easily fit in your bedroom and placed up against a wall. The height clearance for each shelf is great, so if you have heels or taller boots, they won’t need to be laid on their side or mushed into a small crevice to make them fit neatly.


Despite the name, a bookshelf doesn’t just have to be for books you like. Feel free to store photo albums, pictures of your friends and family, as well as any artistic decor pieces for the home. Bookshelves don’t look out of place in virtually any room either, because they’re a long-standing furnishing in homes and become a part of the background. The designs you can get in the contemporary and modern styles are works of art in themselves. You can also get them in all kinds of sizes, colors, materials, and weights.

Small little structures for the home are great if you live in a small space. It’s wise not to take up any more room than you need to. Any kinds of items in the home that are plentiful and varied like spices, shoes and books, can and should be stored together.

Make Sure Your Makeup Pics Are Poppin’

Whether you solely use Instagram or you write a blog, doing exciting makeup looks is a really popular post idea. People love to see different products used in different ways, but to really illustrate what you’ve done, the best thing you can do is take an amazing picture. The wrong sort of lighting won’t show off your makeup properly, and taking the picture in the wrong place could even change the colors slightly. Here’s how you can make sure your makeup pics are poppin’!

Natural Lighting
Natural lighting is pretty important for a makeup picture, or at the very least, a light source that mimics natural lighting. You could take your pictures outside or by a window. One thing many online beauty gurus do is invest in a special light that really shows off everything on their face. You can get one that clips to your phone or a larger more expensive one if you’re serious about taking the best pictures. With one of these lights on hand, your following will be able to see the finish off your foundation, powder, and highlight effortlessly.

A Great Camera
Some newer smartphone cameras are pretty good and can be used, but nothing quite beats what a professional camera can do for your makeup look!

Remember, all of the usual selfie rules apply when taking a makeup pic too, although you make need to try different angles depending on what you want to show off about the look. Many makeup gurus show off their makeup with their faces more side on rather than head on. Take a look at some and see which style you like. The infographic below can help you too!

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Surprisingly Effective Workouts You Need To Try

If you are looking to get fit, you are not alone. Many people the world over are on something of a constant mission to improve their overall health, and this can often see them taking up all manner of sports and activities in the name of becoming physically improved. However, knowing what kind of activities to go for can always be strangely difficult to do, so it might be worth looking through some of the more effective ones if you want to reach your fitness goals in good time. In this post, we re going to give you a helping hand on that front by looking at some of the surprisingly most effective types of workout that you probably want to try.



This is an incredibly popular pastime, and while there is no surprise that it’s good for you, not many people appreciate fully just how good it is. If you are happy jogging four to five times a week for around forty minutes each, you will soon notice a huge difference to how you feel and how you look. Many people turn to jogging briefly, only to be put off by an apparent lack of change to their physique. However, such people are usually suffering from improper technique – either that or they have not had the patience to give it a proper chance. If it is the technique which is at fault, it will help to learn what proper jogging is meant to look like.

For a start, always endeavour to keep your head straight, as this helps the blood flow throughout the body. Your hands should be held in loose fists, kept at around chest height and a comfortable distance apart. You should try to land on the balls of your feet, and push off from the same area; try to avoid slapping your heel down on the ground. If that is happening, you are probably moving too slowly. Another important aspect of jogging technique is the control of the breath. You want to make sure that you are breathing through your mouth, and in rhythm with your running. That way, you are actually giving your cardio system another mini workout, but you are also helping to keep pace and stop yourself from fainting.

If you jog with the right technique, and you keep at it, you will quickly notice a profound difference to your overall fitness levels. But that’s not the only type of workout that you might want to consider.


You probably see cyclists everywhere, and usually you will notice that they do tend to be pretty fit. If nothing else, they are usually pretty skinny, perhaps with some meaty calf muscles too. If that is the kind of physique you are going for, then you should seriously consider getting into cycling. This is a powerful workout type, and it is easy to get into, as most people are already adept at riding a bike. However, you do need to try and ensure that you are doing everything you can to make the most of it, and to get as much of a decent workout from it as you can. To make sure of this, you will first need to get set up. Consider the many choices you have to make – you need to shop around for the ideal bike, compare bicycle insurance, think of where you would like to ride, and try to find some proper clothing. Once you’ve done that, however, you’re all set.

Proper cycling technique is all about breathing. Use the breath as a means of remaining mindful and in focus, in control of the bike. You should also try to angle your body so that you are as streamlined as possible. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of it, and that you are not exerting yourself more than necessary. You might also feel it is more effective if you gently sway from side to side, as this encourages more of a cardiovascular exercise internally. Make sure you cycle in short bursts, perhaps around forty minutes, to really maximise what you are getting out of it.

Body Combat

An increasingly popular type of workout is body combat. If you have never tried this before, it is actually extremely efficient and powerful, and it can also be a lot of fun. Body combat is a type of fitness which combines aerobics with martial arts moves. Through a combination of classic fitness poses and punches and kicks, you pretty much have the opportunity to work out every muscle group in your body. After these sessions, you are bound to feel truly drained – but that is a good sign that you are carrying out some effective exercise.

What To Do To Create A Healthier “You”


We all want to be healthy, but most of us don’t want to do the work that a healthy lifestyle demands. We’re all busy people, and in between work, looking after the kids, and finding a quiet moment here and there to enjoy “me time”, there’s never any room for all the time-consuming effort which goes into healthy living – right? Well, a good start is to think of healthy living less as a chore and more as another part of your daily routine. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym if you don’t want to. There are other ways to get healthy without changing your daily routine too drastically. Here are some tips.

Look after your body.

When it comes to a healthier body, your diet should be the first thing you improve. Cutting out empty carbohydrates and replacing them with nutritious ones such as fruit and vegetables is a good start. You’ll knock off a lot of weight just by doing that. An active lifestyle is the second ingredient to a healthier body, of course. Still, exercise is often something that’s very hard to stick to if you’ve not done it for a while. If you need a little motivation then you could even consider family fitness evenings or afternoons at the weekend; getting the whole family involved will mean that you’re not tackling this hurdle alone and it’ll mean you can’t avoid your regular dose of exercise because everybody else will expect you to get involved.

It’s always good to have a buddy who can work out with you, at the very least. The important thing is that you find your motivation to create a routine; whether you choose to knock out hour after hour at the gym or go for a leisurely jog every day, you just need to find some way of keeping your body active consistently. You don’t want to try an exercise routine that you’ll give up after a week. Find a way to get moving, and stick with it.

Look after your skin.

Looking after your skin is essential not only to your appearance but to your health. If you’re exposed to the sun often then you need to not only wear sunscreen but remember to drink water frequently to avoid dry skin and dehydration. You could look into skincare products containing glyconutrients, as these are known to help keep the cells in your skin communicating well with one another; it’s all about keeping those bonds tight and your skin healthy.

Look after your mind.

One of the most important elements of healthy living is looking after your mind. You need to learn how to deal with stress, most of all, because the psychological state of your brain has a huge effect on the health of your body too. The importance of looking after your skin was mentioned before, and acne or other blemishes can pop up as the result of a stressed mind. Find some time everyday to close your eyes, center yourself, and reflect only on your physical presence at this present moment in time. Focus on the feeling of your body, and shut out the worrisome thoughts in your head. Find time to let your mind rest now and then.

Five Ways to Feel More Independent


Other people are great, right? (Well, they can be!) But we don’t necessarily want to be in a position where we really need other people in order to live our lives or feel good about ourselves. This is why you should work on improving your feelings of independence. We’ve got five tips for you if you feel you want to improve in this area.

Accept and believe in yourself

If you want to feel more independent, then you have to be better able to rely on yourself. And if you’re riddled with self-doubts, then that’s going to be difficult to achieve. This is precisely what leads a lot of people to being codependent. While you should work to change things about yourself if you really feel you need to (and if it’s possible), you shouldn’t beat yourself up about what you perceive to be your flaws. The less acceptance you have of yourself, and the less belief you have in yourself, the more you’re going to second-guess every decision you make.

Find motivation

So why exactly do you want to be more independent? For a lot of people, it’s simply about self-esteem. But being more independent makes it much easier to achieve your own goals. After all, everyone around you might care about your success, but they also have their own goals to worry about. So have a think about your goals; think about where you want to be a few years from now and get yourself motivated.

Get out there

A big problem among those who don’t feel that independent is that venturing to pastures new seems like an impossible ask unless they’re with friends or family. Of course, one of the best ways of tackling this is to simply get out there and go on a solo adventure. Businesses like Just You offer travel packages designed for people who are travelling alone. Doing this is nowhere near as daunting as you might think, and you’ll walk away from the experience feeling much more independent.

Challenge your assumptions

A lot of people who don’t feel independent tend to get their information from their friends. They get themselves into a social bubble that works almost like an echo chamber; everyone’s views seems to reinforce everyone else’s. If you want to feel more confident about your ability to grasp the world on your own, then get studying. Read up on the world – read different news sources, check out some books on politics, that sort of thing. Make sure you’re looking at material that might challenge what you already think – having your views challenged is actually a great way to boost your confidence and your ability to hold your own in conversation.

Save money

Perhaps the biggest thing that prevents feelings of independence, particularly among many young people, is a lack of money. Being financially independent is possibly the most important goal on this list; when you have your own resources on which to rely, then you’re much less likely to need other people to prop you up. It will also boost your self-confidence, as well as help you build a more secure future. So get to it!

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