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Add An Element Of Class To Your Boring Bathroom

Have you had the same bathroom suite for more than five years? Do you feel bored every time you hop into the bath and spend half an hour in the space? Then you’ll probably want to perform some renovations and add an element of class to the design. The suggestions and advice below should come in handy, and you can also check out the infographic at the bottom of this article.

Invest in some gold-plated taps

Lots of companies sell upmarket bathroom accessories these days, and so you won’t have to look far to find a reputable supplier of gold or silver-plated taps. Those products can improve any bathroom design and ensure the room looks as classy as possible.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space

If you only have a small bathroom, you might want to use mirrors to create the illusion of space. Just place two of them on opposite walls for the best results. The items will also reflect light, and so the room should appear more spacious than it did before.

Opt for large, luxurious tiles

There are lots of different types of bathroom tiles available on the market today. However, people who want to create a luxurious aesthetic should always choose large designs. Firstly, you will manage to fit them much faster than the alternatives. Secondly, they tend to look much better than smaller tiles.

You should now have enough ideas to start making your plans. With a bit of luck, you could renovate the bathroom and improve its appearance within only a couple of weeks if you focus on the job. Good luck!

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Aluminium Roof Lanterns


Would you like to enjoy more natural light in your home? Then why don’t you take advantage of aluminium roof lanterns? They will make you look at the sky night and day, regardless of the weather outside, helping the existent windows with supplementary natural light. It is known that artificial light is bothering for our eyes and mood, most people having a tendency to feel gloomier on a clouded day, when natural light is scarce. But now, we can make our homes more welcoming, enjoying natural light as much as possible, with the help of these innovative roof lanterns.

But, what are these aluminium roof lanterns? Well, they have nothing to do with electricity, being elegant aluminium profiles, covered in sturdy glass, which replace your traditional roof. Thus, you will enjoy the daylight until darkness falls, not needing to use artificial light sources, not even on a rainy day. Are you ready to look at stars on the sky from the comfort of your home? Would you like to enjoy the rain while sitting comfortable under a cozy blanket and enjoy a hot tea? These roof lanterns can offer you exactly such type of experiences, without appearing like a bulky construction in your beautiful home. Due to the extra sleek frames, which measure just 40mm, this particular type of roof lanterns are 70% thinner than the regular roof lanterns you may find on the market. They are stylish but at the same time very resistant, providing all the protection you need on any weather.

If you want to have a breathtaking home, making you wish to go back at soon as possible, this is the addition you need to make to its design. This investment will not just help you save on electricity, since you won’t need artificial light too early in the day, but will also help you love your living space more. Not to mention that the design of your house will respect the latest tendencies, making everybody awe in amazement at the sight of your new roof. In case you were looking to do some major changes to the old appearance of your home, now you know what your options are. It is enough to install aluminium roof lanterns and your entire house will look brand new. Also, you will be amazed to see that it takes longer to take off your former roof than you install these amazing roof lanterns. It doesn’t matter where you will choose to enjoy such lanterns, because any room will look stunning with this elegant structure.

Aluminium Bifold Doors


Do you love broad spaces, full of natural light? Well, how about if you could not just enjoy glass walls, but also a wall that can turn into an open space in just a few seconds. Yes, it is possible to turn a wall into a terrace with the help of Aluminium Bifold doors. But this is not the only practical application these amazing doors have. You can turn any wall you like into a glass wall, which can be opened completely whenever you desire, creating wide open spaces. It is exactly what you need if you want to make your living space seem without limit, enjoying natural light as much as possible, without the feeling that you are trapped inside. But, do talk with an architect first, because you need to know what walls can be folded and what walls are part of the resistance structure of your home.

These Aluminium Bifold doors are both a practical and elegant solution to creating a visual illusion of an open space. They act like windows when the weather outside is cold, but they can be completed removed, with the help of a revolutionary system, whenever you want to feel the need to be in the outdoors. They can make the connection between your house and the backyard, between your house and the patio, or between two rooms inside the house. You can make them as long as possible, because they extra slim profiles will not make the structure stand out or look bulky. These walls will look like regular doors and windows when they are not used, transforming into perfectly functional units when you need to create a wider space. As the name suggests, the segments of these glass doors will elegantly fold one onto another, allowing you to open entire walls with minimum space requirements.

The doors are fully customizable and will be made according to the specifications of your available space. Also, you can choose from a wide range of colors, so you can be sure that they will match the rest of your home. Even if having such walls and doors may look unsecure, you should know that the system used for locking the doors is extremely secure. The panels do not have exterior handles, the entire operation of the doors being made only from the inside. And you may also want to know that these doors are energy efficient, meaning that they won’t allow any heat to get out, also having a system that will keep them cool, to avoid the creation of a greenhouse effect, especially for windows that are oriented towards the east or south.

4 inspiring garden lighting ideas



With the summer months just around the corner, it won’t be long before we can start to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend more time in our gardens. Whether you’re entertaining guests or having a candlelit dinner for two on the terrace, garden lighting can help you make the most of being outside when the sun goes down. Here are four inspiring lighting ideas to help you give a new lease of life to your outdoor space.

  1. Emphasise garden features with spot lights

Spot lights are the ideal outdoor lighting choice if you want to draw attention to certain garden features after dark. With adjustable heads, you can control the direction in which the light falls to create a dramatic display in your favourite areas. Perhaps you’re keen to show off an exotic plant, a water feature or an impressive piece of architecture on your home. Depending where you want to focus the light, you can choose between wall mounted versions or spike spotlights that can simply be pushed into the soil.

  1. Create a cosy dining area with lanterns

No outdoor seating area is complete without some ambient lighting. Casting a warm glow similar to a candle, lanterns can be used to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere on patios and decking areas – perfect for warm summer evenings spent entertaining guests outdoors. To create an elegant display of light, lanterns can either be hung up on the wall or placed on a table to brighten up your alfresco dinner parties. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference they can make when it comes to setting the right mood.

  1. Adorn your greenery with fairy lights

Not just for indoors, fairy lights can be used outside all year round to illuminate your flora. Why not give your greenery a magical glow by coiling them around tree branches and entwining them in trellises and shrubbery? These twinkling lights are ideal for outdoor parties and romantic seating areas and will give your garden a charming look and feel.

  1. Save energy with solar powered fixtures

Worried about using too much energy to illuminate your garden at night? That’s where solar lights come in. Offering a more cost effective way to brighten your outdoor space, these energy saving fixtures eliminate the need for complex wiring and are powered by the sun’s rays. As well as being an economical option, solar lamps come in a wide range of interesting designs and can make attractive garden features.

Of course, these are just a few examples of simple but effective lighting ideas for your garden, but they should inspire you to think of ways in which you can enjoy some extra time outdoors during the summer months.

How to take your kitchen design to the next level



Your kitchen might be the hub of your home. From rustling up a family meal to entertaining guests, you may use this room for a whole host of different activities. If your current setup is leaving you feeling uninspired, keep reading. Here are three ways you can take your kitchen design to the next level.

  1. Install stylish worktops

Installing stylish worktops is an effective way to elevate your kitchen design. As one of the most important features of any cooking space, it’s vital that choose your surfaces carefully. While you’ll no doubt want worktops that are aesthetically pleasing, it’s also important to make sure the material you go for is high-quality and hard-wearing. For example, you could go for solid timber wood worktops. Strong and sturdy, this material is perfect if you’re looking to enhance your kitchen style while keeping the space practical at the same time. From rich oak, to light beech, to caramel bamboo, you won’t be stuck for inspiration when you’re searching for suitable surfaces. To ensure you’re purchasing high-quality materials, make sure you do your research beforehand. You should be able to find what you’re looking for at your local kitchen showroom or online from specialists like

  1. Fit fabulous light fixtures

Upgrading your lighting situation is a guaranteed way to heighten your kitchen style. Having a well-lit cooking space is not only practical, but it will enable you to create the perfect ambience for when you’re preparing meals, eating and entertaining guests. From under-cabinet spotlights, to overhanging pendant lamps, to inbuilt ceiling lights, there is a whole array of stunning designs for you to choose from. When you’re looking for illuminations, make sure you pick a style that will perfectly complement your cooking space.

  1. Refurbish with flattering flooring

To ensure your kitchen design is spot on from top to bottom, it’s important to give some thought to your flooring. Refurbishing this part of your cooking space is a great way to improve the look and feel of the room, and you should find that you don’t need to compromise looks for practicality either. Ideally, you should go for a flooring material that is durable and capable of withstanding spills and splashes. With so many different flooring options on offer, you shouldn’t struggle to find a material that is functional and suits your kitchen decor. For example, you could go for a wood-effect laminate flooring. This type of material can be cleaned easily and it is guaranteed to take your kitchen design to the next level.

By making these changes, you’ll be able to transform your kitchen into a beautiful and stylish room.

The Top Five Reasons People Move House


Did you know that the average person in the UK will move house eight times during their lives? Research by a major appliance manufacturer has shown that on average, the distance between each move is 32 miles. Maybe somewhat surprisingly, when it comes to finally settling down, only one in five live more than 200 miles away from where they started. On average, it’ll be around 63 miles away. Moving house is rated as one of the most stressful things you can do in life, so what are the main reasons people choose to up sticks?

  1. Relationships

Moving in with your other half or tying the knot? One of you, at least, is going to have to move. It might involve one of you having to put your house on the market, especially if it’s the case, thou both owned a home before you decided to cohabitate. On the flipside of the coin, couples splitting up may mean seeing your home. This usually happens because the home may hold bad memories, and both of you want a fresh start. The property often costs too much for one person to run on just one salary. See also when there’s the opportunity for one partner to buy the other out, but there’s no cash available.

       2.Employment opportunities

If you’re being relocated, then it could be the case that you have to pack up, sell up and move. Technology has made the world a smaller place, and home working has made all sorts of things possible, but it’s not the solution to everything. Do you live more than an hour or so away from your new place of work? You might want to consider situating yourself closer to avoid spending half your life on the road.

  1. Not Enough Room.

Lots of folks outgrow what they call their starter homes. Once you start having children or increase the size of your family unit, space is at a premium. If you can’t or don’t want to extend, you’ll have to size up. This is one of the most common reasons people look to move to a different place. New homes need to have more room for your growing brood.

     4 To Spend More Time With Family.

Lots of people move away from where they grew up, but often they find themselves gravitating back. Why? To devote more time to their family, of course! This is particularly common once people have kids – after all grandparents can come in handy for childcare! Having a family is tough when you don’t have much support, so many people relocate to make sure they’ve got extra hands on board!

  1. To Spend Less Time With The Family.

On the other side, many people choose to move away from their families quite deliberately. It’s not unknown for broken or dysfunctional families to flourish and get on a whole load better, once they live farther apart. Sometimes, distance makes the heart grow fonder! When you’re not in each other’s pockets all the time, you may find it easier to be amicable with your folks.

Lightening up the home

downstairs modern house

There’s nothing nicer than brightening up your home to make it feel a little cosier. With so many gorgeous light fittings around it’s easy to lighten up your home in style without making it look like the Blackpool illuminations. With winter on the way out, making your home bright and fresh for spring is essential, so here are some top tips for making your home feel lighter:


One of the cheapest ways to make your home feel brighter is by lighting up a few candles. Candles instantly change the atmosphere in a room and with so many varieties available make it smell delicious too. Candles are perfect for creating a warm cosy feeling on a night and can really help to make a space feel more homely.

Fairy Lights

Another cheap and temporary way to brighten up your home is by hanging up some fairy lights. They look really cute in the bedroom and with many different types and styles around you’ll be able to find some to suit your style. Battery powered ones are really handy and cheap so well worth investing in for creating a warm soft glow.

Spot Lights

A great way to introduce light into rooms that are quite dark is by adding spot lights. LED Hut spot lights tend to work really well in bathrooms where there is much less natural light due to the tendency to have less windows and frosted glass. Spot lights mean that you have even distribute the light across the room and instantly lighten up a room which gets much less natural light than other areas of the home.


One of the best ways to lighten up your home is by getting rid of any dark colours and replacing them with cleaner, fresher colours. Cream or white walls instantly lighten up the home and with the Scandinavian style interiors really on trend at the moment, make for a trendy new look. Paint over any dark bold colours which can make room look quite drab, especially if there’s a lack of natural light.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can really help to brighten up your home and open up the space so that it looks larger. Cleverly place mirrors in smaller rooms which can seem quite cramped to really open up the space. Mirrors work best when they’re used to maximise the blank space, so removing all clutter beforehand is advised.

Decorating a loft bedroom


In most houses, the loft is an area that is unused or used as a depositing space. Still, if you are in a shortage of rooms, you can transform the loft into a beautiful bedroom. Besides the construction details, which will make the loft a cozy and comfortable bedroom, there are also the decorative aspects, making the room look warm and welcoming. Of course, when it comes to decorating your bedroom, it should reflect your style and personality. But, you can still use some ideas from where you can start.

Instead of making a significant financial effort and move into a bigger house, you can quickly make the space of the loft come to your benefit, with a significantly small budget. Not to mention that the architecture of a loft is always unique, so it can be easily transformed into a gorgeous bedroom for you to enjoy. You will love how it will look in the end after everything has been set.

The irregular space of the loft may seem tricky to organize at the beginning, but it is not quite like that. For instance, use the edges of the loft for positioning the furniture or creating depositing spaces. If you have a nook that appears to be useless, make some shelves for it and add some doors in front of it, and you will have a great depositing area. Cupboards can be placed in narrow areas, so every space in the loft can be transformed into a zone where you can store your belongings.


Another advantage of a loft is that it can have a lot of natural light throughout the day. You can easily install windows in the ceiling, or roof of the house, and whether it is sunny or rainy, the light will floor in. Still, you may want to have some thick curtains or blinds as well, because the light can become rather powerful, especially during summer.

Installing these will protect your privacy as well, in case the next house is rather close to yours, as the neighbours can peek into your bedroom. Also, if you want to take advantage of the natural light available in this area, and make the room appear bigger, use light colours for the walls and furniture.

When you decide upon a loft conversion, you have to consider that the existent flooring is rather thin for this purpose. So to avoid bothering noises for the ones that live in the room under the loft, it is advisable to install a thick flooring in the loft. Also, when picking your rugs and carpets, thick ones will add to that, increasing the protection against sounds.

6 accessories you need in your bedroom



What makes a truly awesome bedroom? Of course, it all starts with an amazingly comfortable bed, one that you can’t wait to jump into at the end of the day. Many bedrooms, however, can end up over-cluttered with cumbersome storage solutions. This can drag their style credentials down and make them look smaller.

To avoid problems like this, take a look below at the essential accessories you need to keep your bedroom looking and feeling its best.

  1. The right window dressings. So many people think just of aesthetics when choosing bedroom curtains and blinds, but you also need to consider light-blocking too. Luckily, blackout curtains such as those from Julian Charles and other luxury retailers look amazing as well as helping you get a great night’s sleep.
  1. Great quality, stunning looking sheets. A new bedding set can be a wonderful thing, transforming the look of your room and making your bed much more comfortable. Invest in some seriously stylish sheets and enjoy that first night’s sleep once you’ve got them home.
  1. Angled bedside lamps. These crucial accessories help to manage light levels in the room, so you can turn the main light off and lower light levels ready for sleep. Angled lamps also help late night readers to carry on without disturbing their bed-mate.
  1. A comfortable rug. There’s nothing worse than hopping out of bed on a chilly winter’s morning only to freeze your toes off on an ice cold floor. Soften the blow with a luxury, thick pile rug, which can help to create a glamorous boudoir feel as well as having very practical benefits.
  1. A seat. This is an often overlooked accessory in modern bedrooms, but it’s just so useful to have an elegant chair, padded ottoman, small sofa or even a glamorous chaise longue to perch on. Whether for having a conversation with your partner while getting ready for a night out, or slinging clothes over after said night, a seat of some kind is a very useful addition to a bedroom.
  1. Clever storage. The biggest of your bedroom accessories, storage space needs to be chosen very carefully, especially if you’ve got a lot of stuff. You want to be able to access it easily, but without the storage solution taking up too much bedroom space. Sliding door wardrobes and bespoke units are both great options, so put the time in to find the right one for you.

Of course, your bedroom would be nothing without a fantastic bed, so put this right at the top of your list when shopping for accessories.


Fall In Love With Your Bedroom Again With These Ideas

It’s not easy being a parent at times. Lots of us use our bedrooms as a little sanctuary. Sometimes it’s handy to just close the door and have a quick breather before dealing with the next mess. I would love to find the time and energy to make a few changes in here, though. After all, the bedroom is more than just a room for sleeping in. If you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom, then I’ve got some great ideas to help you.

I’ve been browsing some of the New Year sales. There are a lot of new bed types out there! Gel Foam and Memory Foam that promises to keep you cool and comfortable all night sound very appealing right now. Having children around means lots of early mornings and disturbed nights. I want the little sleep I do have time for to be the best quality it can be!

Of course, you can change other details in the room too.  You can change the decor. I would love to have wooden flooring in my bedroom. It’s so chic and also so much easier to keep dust free. I’ve even been looking at reclaimed wood flooring to get that cute antique look I like. Then I can pop a soft rug down to wiggle my toes through last thing at night. Bliss.

I’ve heard that a darker room promotes better sleep. It’s not often the sun is up before me, but some blackout curtains are always a good idea. They keep the heat of the summer sun out of the room so the temperature in there might be easier to handle. I think I’ve already made up my mind to buy a portable air conditioner for my room! At least, a wooden floor will keep me cool when I’m hot.

The bedspread can feature just the splash of vibrant color your room needs to look really stylish. Pick some wall art that shares some of the same tones. Your curtains can also feature the same palette. It helps to tie everything in together, even if you haven’t bought a matching set. It’s a great way to get the look you want.

You might also think about changing the position of the bed. Changing the bedroom furniture around could free up some extra space for a new dresser. Fitted wardrobes are great until you want the room a different way around. Still, at least I won’t have to worry about the carpet dents left behind if I’m putting down a new floor!

It will be so nice to get some new furniture for the bedroom. I sometimes like to catch up on social media in bed at night. I could do with a good nightstand for the laptop or tablet. If you need a larger surface next to your bed, you could always repurpose a low level chest of drawers. Even a TV cabinet can work for this task. Some fitted units are just too small for anything but a lamp.

Sleep is so important, and I know it’s much harder to cope with the trials of motherhood when you’re sleep deprived. Perhaps I should look at changing the kids’ rooms to see if that gets them to sleep more?

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