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Review: Dolce Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce-Fragrance Dolce-gabbana-fragrance

Dolce has a very resilient charm, shy to some extent but definitely beautiful. She’s that ultra-feminine friend who favors round skirts and mid-heels with pointy toes, pearls and cashmere cardigans. She’s a classic, sophisticated middle-aged beauty who gets what she wants not by showing a lot of décolletage but by her old world charm. Don’t get me wrong, she can be flirt when she needs to be. Her appeal is subdued.
Seriously there’s nothing not to love about this scent. It is a clean floral that’s doesn’t get heady or too strong. I usually favor the more grown up appeal of Narciso Rodriguez and the lovely french charm of Chloe by Chloe but Dolce could stand on it’s own in my perfume wardrobe. Having to favor scents with roses, the Dolce is a breath of fresh air, yes it’s partly aquatic and I also love aquatic scents but the true beauty of a Dolce is it’s muted charm. The Silllage is quite average, of which I’m fine with . You won’t easily recognize the scent unlike Light Blue, but again I don’t want people to know right away what perfume I’m wearing. As I just past my early 20s, I need something like Dolce in my closet. Just the right amount of sweetness, and I believe subtlety is it’s true essence.

Prada Candy L’eau Eau de Toilette



I met Candy L`eau around a half a year ago, at the airport, coming back from a trip. I sprayed it on me without expecting to like or even love it, as I had tried the original Candy before and it did not attract me really. I found her sister to be quite different.

Caramel, yes, sweet (just as I like my perfumes to be), yes, but there was something more, something light, bubbly and happy, citrusy, something ladylike and pretty. However, I had already bought some other perfumes, so I just considered it being a good investment in the future, and forgot about it.

So I met my Candy L`eau again just recently. And now I truly fell in love. Maybe its the craving for something gourmand and comforting during this cold winter time (even though it is considered as a spring-summer perfume), I do not know, but this time it was contagious.

So now I am sitting here, smelling my coat which still has Candy L`eau on it (so the longevity is not that bad, it also stayed for quite a while on my skin, closer to the skin at the end, but so tempting that I sniffed my wrist every 20 minutes), checking every now and then, whether my package has been dispatched, as I cannot live without it.

I instantly ordered the 80ml bottle with the body lotion as a gift for myself on my birthday. It could easily become my new signature scent.

Review: Skinnyskinny Fragrances For the Home

skinnyskinny-candle-room-spray-1 (1)

Set the mood this season with ever delightful fragrances for the home from skinnyskinny, created by aromatherapist extraordinaire, Clara Williams. With a selection of all-natural clean burning soy candles, and aromatherapeutic room sprays created from pure organic essential oils, skinnyskinny will help keep you calm, cool, and collected at home.

Created from all-natural soy wax and organic essential oils, the skinnyskinny candles burn clean for 45+ plus hours. Cypress is a woodsy scent that is fresh, uplifting and more subtle than say, pine. The Cypress Soy Candle releases a light fragrance that won’t overpower the home. It’s the perfect fall companion. Add in a book, a fleece blanket, a cup of hot tea, and we’ve got bliss!


The Aromatherapeutic Organic Room Spray in 268 is the signature fragrance of the skinnyskinny Brooklyn store front *notes to plan a visit*. It contains the all-natural and organic essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender, geranium and lemongrass. This ingenious combination of oils are said to be calming, grounding and strengthening, while I might add in uplifting as well. I simply adore this room spray and deem it a necessary home companion. It sits beside me as I work and read. I also find it beneficial in aiding in the practice of meditation.

Review Fragrance – To Be Woman Police


You know what? I am going to be completely honest.

I adore this perfume. It is such a safe spring-appropriate scent. On my skin it is a blast of bergamot and candy. The bergamot leaves the scent kind of bitter(kind of like lime peel) to contrast the sweetness of the candy.

There is very little crispness from the apple. Maybe there is a tiny hint of it, but on my skin it is more creamy than anything.

Right off the bat, I confess that I thought only teenage girls as the main target audience of this perfume. But after 1 hour, I could imagine a vastness of women wearing it without problems.

And the bottle is part of the visual identity of the entire line, in which the brand decided to combine their fragrances to the skull, a symbol of rebellion and transgression, which has been reinterpreted by young designers and also gaining space in the fashion world nowadays.

And just between us, who said women’s perfume has to come in a bottle shaped like a flower, heart or something typical of the feminine universe?
Finally, just a simple spray on my skin demonstrated great sillage and lasting.

Review Fragrance: Vince Camuto


When I first tested Vince Camuto and came home, I kept sniffing my wrists. The fragrance was haunting me for hours on end. I couldn’t get enough of it. So much so that I returned the next day to the store to purchase it. That’s how much I adore this perfume.

For me, the top is a boozy pepper, altho pepper is not listed. Somehow, that’s what I detect. Next delight is the leather crackling with the rum swirling in a decanter. Jump right to the base notes and all of them intertwine together delightfully for hours in a creamy, delicate manner. At times, little bursts of florals pique your interest but hide more than show themselves. The patchouli, vanilla, musk and amber all dance languidly in the dark corners of the smoky nightclub of this boozy mix.

What a sophisticated, Great Gatsby type of perfume this reminds me of. I envision a woman with her huge brimmed hat, long slim dress, huge eyes that show restraint but sensual want of her soul. Vince Camuto is not an overpowering perfume, just light enough to attract attention, sensual enough to give allure, the base notes being a surprise mix to mesmerize all. It surprises the wearer and others.

Longevity is wonderful, lasting into the wee hours of the night with one spritz. A beautiful scent that never disappoints. From the initial spray as the notes disperse, I am never let down. I enjoy all the the phases of this perfume.
A fragrance for any mood, for most settings, for all seasons, for self-assured ladies over 30. If you are that woman that exudes elegance no matter what you wear, where you are or what you are doing, this just might be your fragrance.
A very pretty bottle sitting in my boudoir with its pretty gold filigree cap and red ribbon.

Review Fragrance – Orchidee by Yves Rocher


Orchidee of Yves Rocher apart from being vintage fragrance from seemingly simple ingredients is also can effortlessly make himself into same VIP room as Houbigant QF Original and feel as an equal. That’s speaking about quality of old Yves Rocher ones.

I just cannot say what kind of effect this perfume AND bottle have on me!

Just like the vintage Venice, it is just like it is magical. I feel sooo dreamy looking at the golden orange bottle, so shiny, with the glittery cap. And then the perfume itself, sooo comforting, so complete, so delicate and special. Again super dreamy and magical. I could really say it is like my soul perfume. It makes me happy and really cheerful!

I wore this one today again, and I am so in love with it. This perfume makes me feel so happy, I really think it has something in it, a certain note, that can really lift your spirit. Almost like a medicine to me. I am really so much in love with this one..

The staying power on me is enormous! When I put this on, hours and hours later it comes up from my skin, blowing in my face!
But maybe some people are not able to smell it, like I am not able to smell Rive Gauche. But for those who DO smell it, it keeps on smelling all day!

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