Step By Step Checklist To Guarantee You Look Incredible Every Day At The Office

Looking stylish every day might seem impossible, especially when you’re trying to find time to work out, eat breakfast, shave your legs and guzzle down half a gallon of coffee. But there’s no denying that there’s at least one woman in your offices who manages to look impeccable every day, so why can’t you?

Getting dressed in the mornings shouldn’t be a chore. It should be something that is fun and exciting and helps you to feel sassy and sexy, ready for the day. Feeling right from the outset can help improve your performance at work, make it more likely that you’ll get a promotion and help you to feel confident if you have to appear in front of a room of people.

The following is a sort of checklist, designed to help you make sure that you’re constructing your outfit according to some settled rules of fashion.

First Thing’s First: Does It Fit?

Having clothes that fit should be top of your list of priorities. Just as men who wear tailored suits tend to look great, women who wear clothes that hug all their curves tend to look better too. Unfortunately, the majority of women don’t wear clothes that fit them. Instead, they make do with clothes off the shop floor which are designed to fit generic body types, rather than unique, individual shapes.


It might sound incredibly simple, but if you don’t choose clothes that fit, you risk looking either frumpy or teenage – neither of which you want. Either have your clothes made for you or modify dresses when you get home, like adding a cinch belt to bring in the waist.

Is It Flattering?

If you’ve got a Nordstrom coupon knocking about, you might be tempted to go out and buy a designer dress for work. But even though that dress looks fantastic on a six-foot-tall model, it might not necessarily look great on you. The reason? Different styles of clothes make different figures look good. The women who always look stunning in the office are those who understand which clothes they need to pair with their body shape.

As such, your entire wardrobe should be dedicated to your unique shape, from the lowliest jeans to the most expensive designer dress. If they’re not, you’ll be underselling yourself.

Is Your Outfit Balanced?

Having an outfit that flatters your figure is one thing, but having one that also works as an ensemble is quite another. Though mix-and-match might be in fashion right now, it’s probably best on the catwalk, not the office. When you go to work, focus on making sure that the styles, fabrics, and colors of your outfit are harmonious. Is the outfit you’ve chosen chic? Or is it overpowering? Do you have the right blend of colors and tones? Or are you wearing too many accessories with too many contrasting colors? All these questions are important to ask before you strut out of your front door.

When it comes to looking great at work, first impressions are everything. If you get your attire right, you’ll be giving off the right vibes all day long which could help your prospects enormously.

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