Look After Your Eyes – They’re The Only Ones You Get


Our eyes are sensitive, delicate, and incredible pieces of machinery, which means it isn’t surprising that there are so many ways that they can go wrong. While they’re beautiful and communicative, they’re also prone to all sorts of problems, from strain to infection, and everything in between. We are often complacent about the health of our eyes, although we regularly get checkups for the rest of our body. Here are a few ways we can all take better care of our eyes – after all, they’re the only ones we get.

Get regular eye exams

While we might be able to notice a change in the health of our eyes, many changes are minute and gradual, and only detected by a professional. Don’t leave it until you get regular crippling headaches before you see your optometrist. You should have an eye exam every two years, even if you have no history of any problems. Not only do they check your sight, but they’ll also review the overall health of your eye, something which we can’t do ourselves.

Protect them from UV rays

The sun’s radiation can be bad news for our eyes, causing cataracts, blind spots, and even complete blindness. When you’re out in the sunshine, be sure to wear UV protecting sunglasses. If you’re a glasses wearer, find prescription glasses or wear your contact lenses underneath. The risk of sun damage to eyes is just too high not to.

Take a break

Staring at computer screens day in, day out, can spell bad news for our little peepers. Take regular breaks, at least every half an hour, and walk away from your screen for a few moments. Look into the mid and further distance to give your eye muscles a chance to recover. If it’s possible for you to change your duties so you can alternate between screen work and non-screen work, it can really make a difference.

Wear contacts that work for you

Many people who wear glasses and contact lenses are wearing the wrong prescription, or the wrong type of lense. Regular visits to your optometrist should help to ensure this isn’t the case. Choosing lenses such as Acuvue contacts which help to hydrate your eyes and work for your eye type will also help. With so many options on the market, and some really great prices, there’s no excuse for wearing the wrong lenses any more.

Check makeup best before dates

Believe it or not, makeup can go off. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which you’re then putting directly on the skin next to your eye. Be sure to check the dates, but give your makeup a sniff occasionally to ensure it’s not harboring any nasty germs.

Ask about your family history

Your family history can tell you a lot about your future health. Eye problems such as glaucoma tend to run in the family, so if you’re aware of any similar problems within your relatives, be sure to tell your optometrist, who may want you to have more regular eye exams to be on the safe side.

Eye care is as essential as dental care or heart care, but so often overlooked. Give your eyes some love, and they’ll be good to you back.

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