Ideas For Weekends In The Sunshine

I’m so happy that the sun is finally showing its head. After all, it feels like we have had months of dull and dark days. And we have had to keep busy at weekends inside our home as we didn’t fancy braving the cold weather. But now we are getting some sunshine, it opens up more things we can do for the weekend! In fact, here are some ideas for weekends in the sun!

Head for a day at the seaside

I don’t know about you, but I’m missing the feeling of sand beneath my feet and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. But with holiday time still a good few months away, you could always spend the weekend at a beach in the UK. And while the beaches might not be as good as the ones abroad, it can still make for a great day out. Therefore, investigate where the local beach is, and then head there with your friends or family. And then you can have a great day tucking into an ice cream or two and walking along the sand on the front with a good pair of sunnies. You can also get a traditional fish and chips which you can enjoy while the sunsets. And don’t forget to spend your spare pennies in the amusements to finish off the perfect day.


Visit one of the cities

The last thing you want to do in the cold months is visit a city. After all, a lot of the main sights are outside. However, now the sunshine is out, it’s a great time to visit one of the many beautiful cities we have in the UK. The obvious choice would be London as there is so much to see and do in the capital. For example, you could go shopping during the weekend at Oxford Street. Or for something a bit different, you could head to one of the many markets including Camden. You could also do the tourist thing and head for a cruise on the Thames. In fact, you can read more on this website about dining while soaking in all the top sights! And the parks are also fantastic at this time of the year. After all, you can take a picnic and enjoy the sun with your girls! And London isn’t the only city to visit; enjoy wonders like Oxford and Cambridge too during the sunny weather.

Go to a theme park

It’s always fun to go to a theme park during the summer months. After all, you are never too old for a thrilling rollercoaster or crazy waterslide. And we are lucky to have a few in the UK which have fans worldwide. Closer to home, Thorpe Park is only about an hour from the centre of London and has a wealth of rides including Stealth and Saw. Or you and your friends could head further afield to Alton Towers. Boasting a wealth of scary rides like Nemesis and Oblivion, the park is also nice to just have a walk around. After all, there is a beautiful castle and plenty of greenery where you can enjoy the sun!

And don’t forget to make the most of the garden at this time of the year. Organize a BBQ to make the most of the lovely weather!

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