The “Cliché Beach Holiday”: Reclaimed

If you’ve ever looked for holiday ideas and inspiration online, you’ve probably been relentlessly urged to do something different.

Don’t just go for the standard beach holiday! Try something different; break out of your comfort zone; a holiday is about an experience not just lazing on a beach somewhere!

And that’s all well and good. Valid advice. Except… what if you really like lazing on a beach somewhere, cocktail in hand, sun on your SPF-laden face, feeling like your life and its associated troubles are thousands of miles away from you? (It helps that they are, of course.) The reason most of us have a comfort zone is because we find it comforting. We like it. We’ll leave the “pushing yourself to the limit” to the people who want to do that and stick with the sun and fun if it’s all the same to you.

If you’re after a classic beach holiday, then the options are endless. Of course, there’s an edit coming of a few favourites – worth considering, whatever your budget. So stick with comfort and explore these paradises by the sea.

Barbados: The Classic


If you think about the classic beach holiday, it’s inevitable that Barbados is going to be mentioned at some point. The island has got it all, from a climate to envy to beaches you will never want to leave. It’s a great starting point for the inexperienced traveller venturing outside of the usual European haunts for the first time.

Even on the days when you’re not sunning yourself, there’s plenty to see and do here. Caving is a surprisingly popular holiday excursion, with the delights of Harrison’s Cave awaiting you. Want to find out more about the history of the island? Barbados Museum and Historical Society have got you covered.

With cheap flights to Barbados you’ll be spending around nine hours in the air, which is fairly reasonable given the gifts the country has to offer once you arrive.

Mauritius: It Had To Be Included, Didn’t It

Well, look at it. Look at it. It’s irresistible; the jewel of the Indian Ocean, just waiting to be explored.

Mauritius is a former French colony, so your withered high school French might just find another use here. The small country features all the usual delights such as beaches that go on for miles and blissful white sand, but there’s a few other features to tempt you. If you’re a history buff, then the Blue Penny Museum will delight – and you can learn more about the now-extinct dodos that once roamed the Mauritian shores. If that gives you a taste for intriguing flora and fauna, the fun continues at La Vanille Nature Park, which is perfect if you’re a crocodile fan.

While it has a reputation for luxury, Mauritius is surprisingly easy to visit if you’re on a budget. With a 12-hour flight time from London it’s not a quick hop, but once you’re there, every moment you spent stuffed into an aircraft fuselage will feel worth it.

One thought on “The “Cliché Beach Holiday”: Reclaimed

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