Presents for the Stylish Man in your Life


When you’re in a relationship, it can be difficult to think of ways of how to tell someone that you love them, outside of those three little words. There are a number of ways of doing it, but presents are one of the best, especially when they are not prompted by an occasion.

Something They Can Wear

If your man is as stylish as he can be, he probably already has a whole wardrobe of clothes that he looks good in. so, you can either buy him something that you know he looks good in, like something similar to that burgundy shirt that you love, or something that’s one of a kind, like a vintage military shirt from Rokit..

Something They Can Drink

Whatever your boyfriend or husband drinks, there will always be a fancier version. From beautifully bottled whiskey to interesting craft beer, you can spend more than you might on a regular drink, but it will be a delight to them.

Equally, if they’re not into alcohol, you can do something similar with coffee or tea, and give them a premium version of something that they regularly drink.

You shouldn’t forget the receptacles that your boyfriend will drink out of when he gets your gift, so a set of glasses or coffee cups will always go down well.

Something They Can Use in the Kitchen

Every foodie loves a kitchen gadget. Whether it’s a pizza stone, a spiralizer, a recipe book or a new set of knives, there are a number of different things that you can buy for him. Take a look at what he moans about when he cooks (like a worn out chopping board), or note when he says that he wants to try a new kind of cuisine (a perfect opportunity for a new recipe book).

Something They Can Read

Whether they’re big on reading or not, a book is a great way to show that you listen and appreciate their taste and interests. For example, if they love a certain period of history, or a certain film – there’ll be a book on it. If it’s an artist that they are interested in, or they want to learn a new skill – there’ll be a book on it.

Novels may require more finesse, and you could either replace a book that they have that’s falling apart, or look for a story and style that’s the same as what they like.


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