Happy Mother’s Day

What is the most important woman in everybody’s life? Our mothers, of course, the beings that brought us into this world, care for us, sacrificed for us and gave us the best possible, according to their possibilities. It is wrong to accuse a mother of not giving you something, because if she had the means, most probably you would have had that thing you wished for. So be grateful for anything your mother offered you because it is very likely that she refused her something so you can have what you wished for. Thus, you should make her feel Mother’s Day like a special day for her, and once in a while as well, whenever you get the chance, as a way to say “thank you”.

Everybody knows that you will do anything for your mum, showing her your appreciation each time you have the opportunity, but Mother’s Day should make her feel like a Queen for a day. What better way to start a day of spoil than by bringing your mother her breakfast to bed. You will need to get up faster than her and prepare what you know she considers a delicious breakfast, which will be accompanied with a cup of hot tea or coffee, depending on what she prefers. She will love waking up in this manner. Just don’t forget to deliver the breakfast before she gets out of bed.

Most probably you know what her favourite flowers are, so don’t forget to surprise her with a lovely flower bouquet. It is a traditional gift, but will make every mother smile for sure. Also, during the day, don’t let her move a finger. Do the groceries, wash the dishes, take out the garbage, let her relax and enjoy her favourite book or TV show. For in the afternoon, make her a tasty cup of tea, accompanied by delicious sandwiches, cakes and cookies, which will definitely brighten her day and make her feel special. These may seem like simple gestures, but your mother will appreciate them like they are pure gold. She will not need any expensive gifts, as long as you are there for her and take care of her this way. It will be her biggest reward for bringing you up so nicely. But if you like to get her a present choose something simple, but full of meaning. You mother will love a gift given from the bottom of your heart. Here are a few of my picks from The Works that will make any mom happy on Mothers Day:


Mother’s Day Home Accessories Hamper


Home Photo Frame


Vintage Bouquet Basket Of Treats


Oriental Storage Suitcases


Vintage Bouquet Hand and Foot Heaven


Eden Bath Time Pamper Set

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