Getting Your Own Dream House in Sydney


Australia could be the next America. Despite it being on the opposite side of the world and having the seasons completely topsy-turvy, Australia is pretty much the same as America. Well, except for the existence of giant spiders everywhere and the fact that their version of Nutella is the infamous Vegemite. Despite these disturbing circumstances, Aussies still are awesome people. With their adorable accent and their delightful array of cuddly animals [wombats, koalas, and kangaroos, I’m looking at you], you wouldn’t be able to resist living there.

Whether it has been your lifelong dream to live there or you just realized it now [remember, koalas], moving there is easier with the wide availability of houses. With several new houses for sale in Sydney, New South Wale’s capital and Australia’s most iconic city, you have plenty of choices in buying your own home. With the iconic Sydney Opera House located there, you would be at the center of the action.

Here are some things about Sydney that will surely entice you further into moving there:

Its people. 20% of the population of Australia live in or around Sydney, which is about 4 million people. Not to mention almost 10 million tourists who visit there every year. It is named among the top ten most livable cities almost yearly. In fact, Sydney is a diverse city as there is a huge number of ethnic and cultural groups currently living there, from the British to Filipinos. Almost 1 out of 3 of its resident is born overseas. No matter where you came from, you would be able to find people like you and fit in.

Its history. Despite Australia being a fairly new country, only officially recognized as a nation in 1901, several Europeans settled in Sydney as early as the 18th century. Going back even further, Australia is believed to be the world’s oldest landmass, inhabited by the oldest indigenous people for at least 30,000 years. You are also surrounded by astonishing views as it also has some of the world’s most beautiful structures, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the largest steel arch bridge opened in 1932, and the Sydney Opera House, one of the most iconic Australian tourist attraction. If you want a great view of the whole city, you could try the 360 view atop the Sydney Tower Eye which stands 250 meters above sea level.

Its food. Sydney has a lot to offer, from its wide assortment of fruits, wide variety of seafood, and their iconic Greek cafes. With a large fruit growing region, you would run out of your healthy share of nature’s dessert ranging from stone fruits such as peach and plums to even tropical fruits grown in the north. You could try some tasty apple pie made from the Granny Smith variety, which originated from this city, or another local variety known as Pink Lady. You could also try some flat white from their iconic Greek-inspired café. So if you are all for the delicious food, don’t let the Vegemite keep you away.

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