Are you getting enough sleep?

Time to wake up

Time to wake up for a beautiful woman sleeping

As an adult, you should be getting between six and nine hours of sleep each night, and while you may be aware of how much shuteye you’re supposed to have, but you might in fact be getting much less. To determine whether you’re guilty of depriving yourself of your much needed rest, here are three questions you may want to ask yourself.

Do you wake up feeling tired and achy?

Waking up feeling tired, sluggish and achy is a huge giveaway that you’re not getting enough sleep. After a decent sleep, you should rise feeling rejuvenated, fresh and ready to take on the day, so if you’re feeling the opposite, you could benefit from bringing your bedtime forward.

However, aside from your sleeping regime, your bed setup could be to blame for your lethargy. Having an uncomfortable, poor quality bed is bad news for your body, particularly your lower back, neck and shoulders. So if you struggle with aches and pains at night, it could be that you’re due an upgrade. Ideally, your mattress should not be too firm or too soft and it should provide you with support and comfort while you snooze. If you struggle to drift off, you may want to think about swapping your current bed for a more up-to-date model. For example, sleep experts Adjustamatic offer adjustable beds which have been specially designed with an inbuilt massage system to induce slumber. By making some changes to your bedroom arrangement, you should be able to enjoy more sleep and feel better for it.

Is your skin in bad condition?

Skipping on your beauty sleep can wreak havoc on your complexion. Your skin uses your time asleep to repair and recover, so if you’re not allowing yourself enough time to snooze, your complexion is going to suffer. The truth is, a lack of slumber can leave your skin looking lacklustre and dry, and cause dark circles under your eyes, meaning you’ll not only feel exhausted, but it will show on your face too. It can also cause your skin to break out more often and lead to fine lines and wrinkles, making you appear older. To break your bad skin cycle, let your body rest and you should soon see some improvements in your appearance.

Have you gained some weight?

If you’ve noticed that your waistline has expanded recently, it could be a lack of shuteye that’s to blame. In fact, studies have shown that people who get less than six hours of slumber are more likely to be overweight. Not getting enough sleep can cause leptin, the appetite-suppressing hormone, to reduce, while ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger, increases. This means you’re more likely to snack when you’re in a state of tiredness. This feeling can make your body crave unhealthy foods as a way to cope and get you through the day. What’s more, sleep deprivation can also cause your metabolism to slow down. So in order to stay slim, you could try heading to bed earlier instead of making frequent trips to the fridge.

There are many signs that you’re not getting enough rest. Simply allowing yourself more time in bed could make you feel happier and healthier.

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