Lightening up the home

downstairs modern house

There’s nothing nicer than brightening up your home to make it feel a little cosier. With so many gorgeous light fittings around it’s easy to lighten up your home in style without making it look like the Blackpool illuminations. With winter on the way out, making your home bright and fresh for spring is essential, so here are some top tips for making your home feel lighter:


One of the cheapest ways to make your home feel brighter is by lighting up a few candles. Candles instantly change the atmosphere in a room and with so many varieties available make it smell delicious too. Candles are perfect for creating a warm cosy feeling on a night and can really help to make a space feel more homely.

Fairy Lights

Another cheap and temporary way to brighten up your home is by hanging up some fairy lights. They look really cute in the bedroom and with many different types and styles around you’ll be able to find some to suit your style. Battery powered ones are really handy and cheap so well worth investing in for creating a warm soft glow.

Spot Lights

A great way to introduce light into rooms that are quite dark is by adding spot lights. LED Hut spot lights tend to work really well in bathrooms where there is much less natural light due to the tendency to have less windows and frosted glass. Spot lights mean that you have even distribute the light across the room and instantly lighten up a room which gets much less natural light than other areas of the home.


One of the best ways to lighten up your home is by getting rid of any dark colours and replacing them with cleaner, fresher colours. Cream or white walls instantly lighten up the home and with the Scandinavian style interiors really on trend at the moment, make for a trendy new look. Paint over any dark bold colours which can make room look quite drab, especially if there’s a lack of natural light.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can really help to brighten up your home and open up the space so that it looks larger. Cleverly place mirrors in smaller rooms which can seem quite cramped to really open up the space. Mirrors work best when they’re used to maximise the blank space, so removing all clutter beforehand is advised.

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