Getting Knee High Boots Right this Winter


As one of the main trends to have dominated winter 2015/16 knee high boots are a must have. It’s time to say goodbye to chilly ankle boots and invest in a pair of luscious knee highs now before the season is over. But despite being the season’s go-to boot, they can be tricky to wear, so here’s how to get knee highs right this winter before you take the plunge on a pair:

Choose the right style boot for you

Getting the right style of knee high boot for you can be difficult so it’s best to try a few different styles before deciding on a pair. Depending on the shape of your legs where you want them to sit can completely transform your whole look. M and M Direct have a great range of knee high boots to suit all styles from cosy Uggs to quilted leather and heeled varieties. Choose a pair that you’ll be able to get lots of wear out of. A mid-sized heel in black is a good choice as they’re not too dressy for daytime but can still be worn on an evening and always go with a lot of different outfits.

Wear with jeans

Knee highs look best with jeans. It’s a fact, although they can be worn with skirts, boots that sit just over the knee boots tend to suit skirts better. Jeans work for knee highs perfectly and flatter all shapes and sizes so shorter girls can rock them too. For a day time casual look either black or tanned boots look great and go with all different varieties of denim. A quilted pair tends to look more expensive than a plain pair and heeled boots really lengthen legs and work really well if you’re wanting to wear jeans and knee highs for an evening event. Black boots are more appropriate as evening wear than tan as a rule.

Wearing with skirts

You can wear knee highs with skirts, if you get it right. Boots then tend to sit higher up the calf look better with skirts. Wear a seventies style suede skirt, pair of black tights and your knee highs for a look that’s got a 70s boho vibe. Seventies styles tend to suit this trend best so pairing with loose fitting dresses and tights is also a good combination. Knee highs don’t really work with anything too fitted so try and wear floatier styles for a more stylish look.

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