Fall In Love With Your Bedroom Again With These Ideas

It’s not easy being a parent at times. Lots of us use our bedrooms as a little sanctuary. Sometimes it’s handy to just close the door and have a quick breather before dealing with the next mess. I would love to find the time and energy to make a few changes in here, though. After all, the bedroom is more than just a room for sleeping in. If you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom, then I’ve got some great ideas to help you.

I’ve been browsing some of the New Year sales. There are a lot of new bed types out there! Gel Foam and Memory Foam that promises to keep you cool and comfortable all night sound very appealing right now. Having children around means lots of early mornings and disturbed nights. I want the little sleep I do have time for to be the best quality it can be!

Of course, you can change other details in the room too.  You can change the decor. I would love to have wooden flooring in my bedroom. It’s so chic and also so much easier to keep dust free. I’ve even been looking at reclaimed wood flooring to get that cute antique look I like. Then I can pop a soft rug down to wiggle my toes through last thing at night. Bliss.

I’ve heard that a darker room promotes better sleep. It’s not often the sun is up before me, but some blackout curtains are always a good idea. They keep the heat of the summer sun out of the room so the temperature in there might be easier to handle. I think I’ve already made up my mind to buy a portable air conditioner for my room! At least, a wooden floor will keep me cool when I’m hot.

The bedspread can feature just the splash of vibrant color your room needs to look really stylish. Pick some wall art that shares some of the same tones. Your curtains can also feature the same palette. It helps to tie everything in together, even if you haven’t bought a matching set. It’s a great way to get the look you want.

You might also think about changing the position of the bed. Changing the bedroom furniture around could free up some extra space for a new dresser. Fitted wardrobes are great until you want the room a different way around. Still, at least I won’t have to worry about the carpet dents left behind if I’m putting down a new floor!

It will be so nice to get some new furniture for the bedroom. I sometimes like to catch up on social media in bed at night. I could do with a good nightstand for the laptop or tablet. If you need a larger surface next to your bed, you could always repurpose a low level chest of drawers. Even a TV cabinet can work for this task. Some fitted units are just too small for anything but a lamp.

Sleep is so important, and I know it’s much harder to cope with the trials of motherhood when you’re sleep deprived. Perhaps I should look at changing the kids’ rooms to see if that gets them to sleep more?

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