10 Things Travellers Must do to Stay Safe

Staying safe as a traveller is a must. Although there’s so much fun to be had when travelling, it’s important you stay safe. You do want to be spontaneous and try new things, but you don’t want to be careless. Here are 10 things travellers must do to stay safe:

Stay in Touch With Friends/Family

Make sure you stay in touch with your friends and family if possible. You should call, send texts, or Skype with them so they know that you’re OK. If you plan on doing something particularly adventurous, it might be wise to text them to let them know. This is especially important if you’re doing it alone.

Leave a Note in Hotel Rooms

You’re always going to make friends when travelling, but you can’t always trust people you’ve just met. This is why it’s important you leave a note in your hotel room to let people know where you’ve gone and when you should be expected back. If anything should happen, it’s likely somebody will raise the alarm.

Keep Money and Documents Safe

You’re going to have lots of money and documents on you when travelling, so you need to make sure you keep them safe. Wear a money belt, and make sure you keep money in different places, just incase. Don’t flash your money around wherever you go. Make sure you have copies of your important documents too.

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Write Down Emergency Numbers

Write down emergency numbers in the area, just incase anything should happen to your mobile phone. Keep these numbers safe with your documents. It might even be wise to keep some emergency money with them, in case you need to use a phone box or buy a card. People back home should have emergency numbers too.

Get Insurance

Insurance is essential, especially if you plan on doing adventurous things while you travel. You’ll need to be sure the level of insurance you get suits the things you plan on doing.

Apply for an EHIC

Apply for an EHIC to make sure you get the same treatment as a local in the area you’re travelling. You can see Ukehic to learn more about this card. Bear in mind that it only works in certain countries.

Research Safety Precautions to Take in the Area

There are going to be different safety precautions you should take depending on the area, so make sure you do your research.

Be on Your Guard

Be on your guard for scams and people who might not be genuine. Be open to making friends, but if something feels wrong, it probably is.

Have a Story in Your Head

Sometimes, it can help to have a story in your head for when locals ask questions. This is true especially for lone female travellers. You may be asked where your husband is. It’s always safer to make up a fake husband and somewhere he may be, rather than revealing you are alone.

Don’t Drink too Much

You must keep your wits about you when travelling, so don’t drink too much. Know when enough is enough!

Stay safe and you’ll have the best time.

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