5 Organisational Hacks for Small Bedrooms


Clutter makes us feel more stressed and edgy, and that’s the last thing you need if your small bedroom is your main sleeping space.

 It’s a good thing to ‘tidy your room’ as your parents might have endlessly asked you back in the days of living at home. Here’s how to get the most from your small room…

 1. Make the bed properly

 It sounds a bit too easy, but this has the effect of getting you started on a major tidy up. Once you’ve embarked on a task – even with a small step like this – it can create momentum that leads to the next step, and the next and so on. Procrastination is a constant enemy for so many of us; making an easy start and securing a ‘quick win’ can help defeat it.

 Making the bed properly means just that; don’t just throw the duvet over the sheets. Fluff the pillows up and remove anything that shouldn’t be on the bed such as those few bits and pieces of clothing, your Kindle and the magazine you’ve had kicking around for months.

 2. Mount the television set on a wall

 If you have a television in the bedroom, consider mounting it on the wall to get it up and away from the surfaces. Straight away you’ll have more room and likely be making use of a blank wall space.

 3. Paint it lighter colours

 Lighter colours create an impression of spaciousness. Another great thing about re-painting is it will likely encourage you to have a good clear out while you’re at it.

 Perhaps you’re thinking of changing that old bedstead that you’ve chucked things underneath over the years for a fresh new divan bed base? If so, you’ll need to get rid of the clutter you’ll unearth.

 4. Shut doors and drawers

 If you’ve a tendency to leave wardrobe doors, drawers and cupboards open then try and get into the habit of shutting them. Open drawers and a wide open wardrobe door can make a bedroom look cramped and untidy and draw attention to piles of ‘stuff’.

 If you’re in a position where you struggle to shut doors and drawers properly, investigate potential organisers such as under bed drawers and storage containers.

 5. Store out of season clothing away

 Heavy winter jumpers and clumpy shoes can be stored away during the warmer months. Conversely, lighter summer wear can be removed and stored when the evenings draw in and temperatures fall. If you don’t need it to hand then don’t keep it to hand.

 This might encourage you to dispose of clothes that have seen better days or that you know you simply never wear any more. Make sure you store clothes carefully, though.

 Taking it further

 It may be that no matter how tidy you become, there is simply not enough room and it’s too difficult to keep the room tidy. If so, a major clear out is required. Get rid of furniture that attracts clutter and be prepared to take drastic action. This can be difficult as we’re all a bit loath to throw things away. The draw of a clutter free room should inspire you to finally bite the bullet.


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