A Guide To Creating The Perfect Guest Room In Your Home

The thought of having loved ones over is a fantastic prospect, but creating the ideal room can be daunting. Here’s how you can battle back against those fears to make a guest room fit for royalty.

Open The Room Up

In almost every case, the guest room is going to be the smallest bedroom in the property. Consequently, making the most of the space is vital.

You can’t physically stretch the dimensions of your guest room. However, there are ways to make the room feel larger than it actually is. Tricking the eyes will improve the overall feeling towards a space, and the guest room is no different.

Your guests won’t feel comfortable if the room feels cramped. So be sure not to clutter the room. Opening the space is the perfect foundation.


Add Comfort

Your guests probably aren’t going to spend much time in the room as they’ve visited to see you. Nonetheless, their limited time in the room should still be made comfortable.

The likelihood is that they won’t want to hassle you during the night. They already appreciate the offer to stay and don’t want to be a burden. With this in mind, you should make it your job to ensure they’ve got everything needed for a comfortable night.

Fresh bedding goes without saying. However, you should ensure that the heating works. Similarly, you might want to leave a desk fan in the room just in case they get too hot. We all know the importance of a great night’s sleep and how it can impact your waking hours. It’s even more significant when not staying in your own bed.

Do everything you can to make their stay is as comfortable as possible.

Add Personal Touches

The people staying in your home aren’t random guests. They are your friends and family. Treat them that way.

You could invest in a digital photo frame to create a personal feeling to the room. The beauty of this option is that you can update the images to suit each guest that stays.

While you aren’t going to invest in bathrobes for each individual guest, you could buy a ‘his and her’ set to add a little luxury to their stay. Top it off by placing a box of chocolates in the room and your loved ones will soon think they’re staying in a top hotel.

Make The Room Function

The truth is that your guest room isn’t going to be used that often. It can be easy to forget about the space, which can lead to it being left to suffer. The best way to combat this threat is to use the room all year round.

Using it as a storage space isn’t advised. However, buying a sofa bed instead of a normal bed will allow you to use it as an extra area for daily recreation. Having somewhere to relax with a good book or magazine will be a welcome addition to any home.

Besides, you’re more likely to clean the room regularly if it’s actually being used.

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