How to Get a Luxurious Bathroom


Chalon Handmade

We often think of bathrooms as purely practical rooms. We need them for washing and performing bodily functions, and it’s difficult to get along without them. However, they don’t need to be ugly and boring. We can enjoy our bathrooms just as much as we do any other room in the house. We should use them at our leisure, instead of rushing in and out in the morning or evening in between getting other stuff done. If you want to make the most out of your bathroom, you can make it a more luxurious place to be. Get some ideas from the suggestions below.

You Don’t Need a Tub

You might think that you need to install a bath to create a luxury bathroom. But if you don’t have space, or you simply don’t take baths, you don’t need one. Baths tend to be an occasional treat, so you might feel that having one would be a waste of space. A lot of people would much rather have a luxurious shower, with a large shower head, great water pressure and plenty of room to move around. You can choose from a selection of shower enclosures to find a design that’s right for you. With an excellent shower, you can enjoy your bathroom every day, instead of only once in a while.

Choose a Roomy Tub

If you do decide to install a bathtub, you need to pick one that you won’t want to get out of. A lot of people already own a bath, but it’s often cramped and they don’t make use of it often. There are so many different designs to choose from, whether you want a free-standing tub or a fitted one. If there’s room in your bathroom, you can have one that has plenty of space for you to stretch out. But don’t forget you’ll need a shower too, either above the bath or separately.

Think About Lighting

The lights you choose to use in your bathroom can have a significant effect on how it feels. Picking the lights you use in your bathroom could create a beautiful atmosphere that you love relaxing in. One of the choices you can make is to install a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the lighting levels to whatever you desire. If you want a long bath or shower, you can lower the lights to create a relaxing atmosphere. You could also add some colourful lights or some beautiful fixtures to make things more interesting.

Use Cool Colors

If you look at a lot of modern and luxurious bathrooms, you’ll find that many of them are done in fresh and contemporary colours. For example, you’ll find black, white, greys and other neutrals. You might not think these shades are very exciting, but they create a clean and often expensive look. You can be more colourful though, perhaps using some pastel shades to go with your period bathroom or tiles in a dark blue or green.

Bathrooms don’t have to be purely functional. If you’re bored with yours, reinvent it so that it’s somewhere you love to be.

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