Give yourself a break – Don’t Snooker your Inner Athlete

You know how it is, you’ve got a whole night to play with but somehow all the usual options don’t feel that exciting. It’s not that there’s nothing going on, just that you fancy doing something different for once. You need a break from your usual routine, something you’ve not done before. What you need is a plan B. You need an alternative night out.

It can be impossible to think what you might do when that mood settles on you. You don’t feel energetic enough for a swim or a trip to the gym, you’re not in the mood for a party but you’re too twitchy to sit through a film. What’s a girl to do?

Here’s an idea inspired by watching Ronnie O’Sullivan play snooker on TV – he’s the dark haired one who took his shoes off at the World Championship back in April. The big idea was to think like a different sort of an athlete.

There are all sorts of sports that aren’t in the least bit athletic in the normal sense of the word – but they’re still competitive and sporty for all that. Take snooker for example. Ordinarily, snooker is the sort of thing that you might see in passing while your dad watches it on TV with his eyes closed. But there is absolutely no reason at all why rolling coloured balls around on a table top should be any less competitive than running out at Wembley Stadium.

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

by  Identity Photogr@phy 

There are snooker tables in clubs and bars all over the place and they are nothing like as mysterious as you might imagine. And it’s really not at all expensive to play – which is a definite plus! It’s true, it can take a few goes to get the hang of hitting the balls straight, and the scoring system is worth a few minutes swatting up, but once you’ve got those basics sorted it is a really great alternative way to connect with your inner athlete.

There’s something a bit surreal about the way the whole universe shrinks to just the four sides of that big green table, and all there is within that universe are the different brightly coloured balls and six black holes to slot them into. It’s like being hypnotised – only greener!

Once you’ve had a go for yourself, all the excitement about Ronnie O’Sullivan and his rivals starts to make sense. As soon as you’ve seen for yourself just how amazingly skilled they are, you get a whole new appreciation of what’s going on on the TV. This is not to say you’ll become an instant expert and go rushing off to bet on the next big tournament, but it does open up a whole new window on the world.

Of course there are plenty of other ways to get in touch with your inner athlete – it doesn’t have to be snooker. But it is amazing how just stopping to think what someone else might do can help you see just how many options there are.  There’s always an alternative night out there. All you have to do is take a break from the old routine.

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