How To Make Money From Crafts

If you’ve ever been good at crafts, you’ve always wondered what it’s like to make money off it. The skills take years to hone but have a relatively little monetary reward, right? That might not be as true as you think.

It used to be that selling crafted wares could be realistically done only at market stalls. Now with the internet you can open up your online storefront. You can reach people globally who are hungry to buy crafted goods.

Here are some of the best things you can craft to make a little money.

crafts-289536_1280Image credit

Decorative Items

We all have little things around the house. Small decorations that we either picked up somewhere or made ourselves. A knitted doll, or a sewn ornament. People like to have these things to add a bit of character to their homes.

If you’re good with the intricacies of crafting, making things like this and selling them could net you a good earning.

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Bespoke clothes are all the rage right now. High street clothes stores still have the advantage, but sometimes people want something a little more unique. It does involve a little extra design work though.

Being good with a sewing machine and being good with a pencil are on in the same here. To get a following making bespoke clothes, you need to know what people want. Serve a niche market.

Be sure to keep account of your costs though. If the cost of fabrics and shipping aren’t reflected in your prices, you won’t make it a profitable venture.

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Patches can brighten up some items of clothing. Especially custom embroidered patches. Again, this requires as much design skill as it does with actually doing the embroidering.

Made to order patches may already come with a design. This still means you need to do a little work to ensure you can fit it onto the patch size requested.

The good news is you may sometimes get bulk orders. If a motorcycle club is looking to give patches to members, they’ll likely be ordering by the boxload. Bulk orders can take a while to get through, but turn a good profit.

Costume_jewelry_MaterialsImage credit

Wood and Metal Working

This is more on the skilled end of crafts. Not everybody will have the tools or training available to them. If you do though, it can be very lucrative.

Custom jewelery and ornaments can be made from both wood and metal. While rings and necklaces are obviously going to be made of metal, ornaments may be wooden for that rustic feel.

You may find yourself getting orders from businesses rather than individuals. This could range from special gifts for retiring employees, to helping design props for a film or television series.

It’s hard to say where the big money is though. Some of it will be very creatively fulfilling though.

You don’t have to languish in poverty if you like to do a craft. Some of this work can be done alongside a steady job. While only supplementary income, it’s the expression of creativity you should be doing it for.

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