8 Things Every Girl Must Do This Summer

Summer is the best time of year! It’s when most people feel their healthiest and happiest. The sun is shining, you get some time off work and you can spend lots of time with your family and friends enjoying the outdoors.

It hasn’t officially started yet, but if you just can’t wait  to start organising your summer fun, here are eight amazing things that you must plan do this year.


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  1. Go to a festival

Summer is THE season of festivals. From food to folk and comedy to carnivals there is so much variety in the UK making it one of the best places to enjoy a festival or two this summer. For the authentic festival experience, pack your camping gear and go rustic for a couple of days.


Image from Flickr.com

  1. Be beside the seaside

You simply can’t go a whole summer without visiting the beach! Whether it’s to sunbathe, build a sand castle or just for a walk, it’s a must! But, the weather is still pretty unpredictable in this country in summer. So, have a little beach bag packed and ready to go by the front door so you don’t waste any time on those precious, sunny days.


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  1.  Get away

Whether it’s a two-week or two-day break, you must get away from your usual digs for some time this summer. Start looking now at your accommodation options, from Housetrip for example, in beautiful locations like Paris, Rome and Barcelona. Or, if you don’t have the budget or time, take a staycation in a smashing city or village close by.

  1. Take up a new hobby

In summer, we tend to feel at our most energetic and positive. So why not put this energy into a hobby you’ve always been interested in exploring? This could be any number of things like running to knitting to gardening to whatever takes your fancy!

  1. Have a girls’ night

Spending some time with your girlfriends is another must for summer. Have a night out on the town or a night in at your house. Have a few cocktails and a good old catch up. Just make sure it’s quality time with the girls; no blokes allowed!


Image from Flickr.com

  1.  Spruce up your style

Summer is also a perfect opportunity to mix up your look. Perhaps there is a new hairstyle you would love to try or a summery outfit you’ve got your eye on. Whatever you do, make sure it is bright and bold as that is what this season is all about.

  1. Take a road trip

There’s nothing quite like driving along the open road in the warmth and sunshine; windows down and music up. Find a scenic route nearby, load up the car with your best friends and a picnic and start driving.

  1. Get up early doors

Okay, you don’t have to do this every morning (especially if you are on holiday) but at least once, attempt to get up early to watch the sunrise. The scene will be well worth it and will invigorate you!


Have a happy summer girls!

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