5 Tips To Keep Your Joints And Bones Healthy

Your bones and joints are important, so it is crucial that you take good care of them. Regardless of whether you regularly exercise or not, you may be susceptible to joint and bone problems.

Did you know that problems with your bones and joints can be caused by all sorts of things, including a change in the level of activity you do?

If you suffer from pain in your bones or joints, then you will know how irritating and uncomfortable it can be.

To help you deal with bone and joint pain, and to help to prevent damage and improve your quality of life, we have put together a helpful guide below:

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  1. Exercise

Don’t stop exercising. Exercising can help to protect and strengthen your joints, bones and muscles. By strengthening muscles and helping to aid weight loss, exercising can help to reduce the strain on the joints and reduce pain.

While it is important to exercise, running, and other forms of high-intensity exercise can cause more damage to your joints, like knee problems. In severe cases, a knee replacement operation may be necessary to treat a damaged knee joint. That is why if you have knee problems, it is a good idea to avoid high-intensity exercise, in case you cause more damage.

  1. Make sure to stretch and warm up before exercising

To enable our bodies to work properly and avoid any excess sports injuries, they need to be stretched out and properly warmed up.

Stretching and warming up prior to exercise allows tendons to flex and muscles to loosen up and work better. Warming up also gets the blood flowing through our bodies more quickly.

Joint problems like tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendons, can be caused by, not warming up properly. The risk of tendonitis occurring can be reduced by warming up and properly stretching out before exercising.

  1. Mix it up

Instead of sticking to one type of exercise, mix it up and try different workouts. Did you know that different types of exercise have different effects on the body? For instance, high-intensity sports, like running and step aerobics, cause more wear and tear of the joints that other types of exercise do.

Some forms of exercise, like kickboxing and running, are harder on the joints than others and can cause more damage. So, it is important to change up your workout routine every now and then and incorporate exercise that does not cause joint damage, such as swimming and yoga.


  1. Lose weight

Did you know that excess body weight can put extra strain on your joints? Especially the knee joints, I should add.

By simply losing as little as ten pounds of weight, can help to reduce pain and strain of the joints. This can make it easier for joint pain sufferers to walk and get around.

  1. Stop smoking

You may not realise it, but people who smoke have a higher risk of bone and joint problems. This is due to the effects of smoking, including the fact that smokers cannot absorb calcium as well as non smokers can, which over time, will weaken bones and joints.


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