The Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Watch

A watch is a must have these days, for both men and women. However, women don’t like to stop when it comes to their watch. Most women enjoy styling it up with other trendy pieces of jewelry to create something affectionately called an ‘arm party’. Take a look on Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll see what we mean! This post will help you to style your watch just the way you want it.

The Patterned Watch

To style a patterned watch, you need to add bracelets that tie in with it nicely and add character. The watch will be the foundation of your arm party, but you should add a statement bracelet too for personality. You can then add a more simple bracelet that ties in, and a few others that don’t overwhelm the look. Make sure the colors and styles tie in nicely.

The Expensive Watch

For an expensive watch, such as a Rolex, you can afford to be a bit classier with your bracelet choices. Most Rolexes are very glam, so pile on at least 4 sparkly, glam bracelets to go with it. They can be cheap fashion bracelets, just make sure they don’t look cheap or tacky!


image author

The Leather Strapped Watch

A watch with a leather strap is nice because it can look casual or dressed up depending on how you style it. When you want a watch with something like these watch bands made in the USA, they make a great foundation to this kind of arm party. You can then simply pair it with a few friendship style bracelets. You could even pair it with one glam bracelet to contrast the leather strap.

Here are some tips that should help you to create amazing arm parties each and every time:

  • Keep your arm party simple by choosing one metal or color family and sticking to it.
  • Feel free to wear mismatched bracelets if they are dainty and uncomplicated.
  • Just pile on your favorite jewelry if you dare.
  • Mix metal and a contrasting color such as turquoise to create a striking effect.
  • Use friendship bracelets if you don’t want your arm party to look too ‘fierce’. This can look really cute.
  • Pile on rings along with bracelets to make an eye catching look.
  • Choose a bracelet with a word on it, such as ‘love’, to make a statement.
  • Pair a rock chick arm party with a classy look to contrast nicely. Black bracelets with silver studs and lots of rhinestones can look great! Just skip the heavy eyeliner and choker.
  • Balance out both wrists by creating different arm parties on each one. I’d only wear one watch though (unless you want people to look at you a funny way).

Use this guide to style your watch and create an arm party, and there’s no way you can go wrong. Sure, you could wear your watch on its own, but where’s the fun in that? Pile on bracelets, experiment, and have fun with it. Thanks for reading!


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