Managing Loneliness

I don’t find the act of writing to be a lonely one. But the act of writing is a solitary one, and the writing life forces you to shut off the outside world for long stretches of time. To complete a huge task you have to say no to outings with friends and time spent in the sunshine, and choose instead to chain yourself to your computer or notepad and stare at it for hours on end. And because you have to spend so much time writing, you might not leave enough time for friendships and fun.

Writing might not inspire loneliness, but the writing lifestyle definitely can.It can be difficult to fess up to loneliness, or even to recognize that it’s behind what’s ailing you. Doctors don’t really ask how many meaningful social interactions you’re getting and there is a social stigma for admitting to this kind of a problem. Even if you’re surrounded by people, sometimes there’s a tendency to retreat inward and cut off the outside world.

Don’t let your zeal cut away at the rest of your life. Take your time, find great relationships, get the help you need if you need it. In the meantime you should read this interesting infographic on loneliness made by Stannah Stairlifts:

Combating Loneliness (1)

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