What Would You Do With A Massive Lottery Win? Here Are Some Mouthwatering Suggestions

We all dream of the day when our numbers come up in the lottery. It has changed the lives of many people who got lucky and won millions using the birthdays of their family members on their ticket. Imagine that there has been a rollover and the jackpot stands at a mind-blowing sum. If you survive the heart attack that you experience when you discover you are the lucky recipient, you must make plans. You only live once, and now you can experience everything the world has to offer. Here are some mouthwatering suggestions.

Buy a Racehorse

Lots of rich people buy racehorses. I must admit; I see no attraction. There must be something in it; perhaps it is a status symbol. I understand that the best horses command astronomical prices because of the prize money they will win. Even when they stop racing, they earn a healthy income as a stud.

Buy A New Home

Investigate the manor houses for sale in Ravenshead to see if they are suitable for your needs. Now that you are rich, your needs are greater than they once were. You need a home where you can build a helicopter pad and sprawling grounds so that you can take one of your classic cars out for a spin.

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Buy A Boat

Buying a boat is easy, but sailing one on the open sea takes knowledge and experience. Now that you don’t need to spend part of your fifteen-hour day writing blogs and the rest running a retail business, why not study to become a ship’s captain? Anybody can qualify, and it will enable you to travel from country to country with confidence and in safety.

Buy A Dream Holiday

Get away from it all with a dream holiday to the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and astronauts can see it from space. There are an unbelievable amount and variety of life in the ocean that you must see to appreciate. Don’t go putting your hand where you shouldn’t; many of the creatures there can give you a nasty nip.

Buy Some New Cars

You will, of course, have a variety of new cars in your extensive garage. You can now possess the vehicle over which you once drooled in magazines. There could be one for every occasion. A Rolls Royce for family trips and a Lamborghini Diablo for when you feel like letting off steam.

Buy A Motorhome

You can now afford the latest word in luxury; a five-hundred thousand pound motorhome. Because you no longer need to work, you can travel the great continents of the world in style. A few weeks in Yellowstone park or a coast to coast trip of Canada will educate your children about the vastness and wonder of our planet. Don’t forget to take their private tutor along with you.

Buy A Plane

You could join the ranks of the rich and famous by investing in a jet. No longer will you have to sit at airports and wait until your flight is ready. Your chauffeur will drop you off by the plane where you can sit in comfort and await permission to take off.

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I beg to differ. Who could fail to live the rest of their lives with a big smile on their face if they had the means to buy and do anything they desire. I have to fetch my lottery ticket now; good luck!

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