Five spectacular ways to make your party memorable


No matter whether it’s a wedding, engagement, birthday or anniversary party – every host wants to create something really special, and really memorable. From ice luges, to singing waiters, we’ve picked our top five favourite ideas to make your party one-of-a-kind!

1. Giant ice sculptures

If you’re looking for a spectacular centrepiece, what could be more captivating than an intricately carved ice sculpture? Pieces can be commissioned to match the theme of your party, and most have a ‘show life’ of 6-8 hours; the perfect timescale for a reception or all-evening party. You’ll need to liaise with your venue to check the best position for your sculpture, and pick somewhere where it won’t need to be moved throughout the night.

If you plan to serve alcohol at your party, a number of companies can supply amazing ice luges with delicately carved tunnels through which you can serve a spirit such as vodka. You can also find many personalised ice buckets carved for a classy dinner reception, to serve white wine or champagne in whilst keeping it beautifully chilled!

2. Personalise, personalise, personalise

Whether you want wedding favours to give your guests to take away, or you want to serve snacks and drinks throughout your party, there are quite literally thousands of ways you can put your own very personal stamp on the occasion. From sticks of rock, to wine bottle labels, boxes of popcorn to balloons, lots of products exist that can be personalised with the host’s name, and the date and location of the party. They can offer a great memento of the occasion, and are a fantastic way to celebrate a landmark birthday or special anniversary.

3. Hire a troop of singing waiters

If you want to give your guests an experience that really is just like walking in to the movies, why not set up a surprise by hiring singing waiters to cater for your event. It might sound crazy, but these professional teams can cater for many types and scales of event – springing in to song when your guests least expect it! Whatever your theme and budget, with singing waiters, you can guarantee that this will make your party the most memorable your guests have attended for a very long time!

4. Select a fun method of transport

From old fashioned double decker buses, to horse and carriages, there are lots of fun and creative ways you can find to take your guests between locations, if your party has two venues – or if you want to offer transport home at the end of the night. Forget the black cabs and private taxis, why not hire a fleet of bicycle-powered rickshaws!

5. Pick an activity-based venue

If you’re looking for something above and beyond the standard food-drink-music format, why not pick a totally different venue for your party? A dry ski slope, a football ground or a racetrack may all offer a dining room that you can use to hold a formal dinner after a day or activity. Why not combine several of the ideas in to one, and host a spectacular dinner, complete with ice sculptures and singing waiters, after enjoying a day at the races?


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