What To Do When You Are A Bridesmaid

Your best friend has text you saying she has an important announcement. She wants to meet with you at a fancy cafe in town. Now you’re starting to worry. What on earth could have happened that would justify an enormous coffee bill and breaking your diet on that fabulous cake they serve? She’s getting married, and you’re one of the bridesmaids!

When your friend shows you the wedding invites she is so excited she looks like she’ll explode. But when you hear that you get to be a bridesmaid, you’re the one bursting with excitement! Us girls only get to do this once or twice in life, but we love it when it happens. Getting our hair and make-up done and dressing up in fabulous dresses is a real treat.

Usually, the bride will have ‘employed’ more than one bridesmaid. Some have two; others have six or more.

Floor-Length Chiffon Charmeuse Bridesmaid Dresses
Thanks to Mathilda Samuelsson for the pic

The more you have, the more likely you will need a chief bridesmaid. This bridesmaid is sometimes called the maid of honour, but this title is usually reserved for a bridesmaid who is married. It is a huge responsibility and usually involves doing everything in your power to keep all the women at the wedding looking fabulous for photos.

You may want to start making a checklist of all the things you will need to have with you on the day. The most important thing to carry is the bride’s bag, as she will have her hands full. She will need full make-up set for touch-ups as it is going to be a long day. She will want her phone nearby for last minutes messages, and to take a few photos. She may also need a second outfit for the reception if she is dancing.

When you are considering your footwear, remember you are going to be on your feet and moving around even more than the bride. If you totter off your heels every time you stoop down to pick up the bride’s train, you could be injured. Think sensible but elegant. You will also need to keep an eye on the other bridesmaids. Nothing is less attractive at a wedding than a bridesmaid who has drunk too much and turned into a sobbing wreck. Diplomacy and tact are key skills in this job!

The mother of the bride is the second most important woman in the room. Do your best to make her feel as stunning and attractive as her daughter. If she has something in her teeth find a sensitive way to tell her before the photos are ruined. Help her with her hat when she takes it off for a dance. Make sure she gets some time with her daughter before the end of the evening.

In your wedding emergency kit, make sure you have dry tissues and wet/baby wipes. Pack emergency finger puppets suitable for all young children and a couple of snack bars. Also have bottles of water near the bride, groom and best man to help with dry-mouth during vows and speeches.

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