Holidays Aren’t Just For The Summer…


The summer may now be well and truly over (just look outside if you need any further proof of this, boo!), but that isn’t to say you can’t still escape for a little winter break or two. There are loads of different ideas out there which won’t have to cost an arm and a leg and, no matter whether you love and want to embrace the cooler weather, or you want to escape to some winter sunshine, I’ve got it covered.

Ski Trips

This might be a bit of a given in winter, but luckily, this is no longer the kind of trip that only the rich can afford to go on! Just like the summery counterparts, winter trips have had some very competitive deals on offer in recent years, and 2014 and early 2015 is no exception, just pop it into Google for some awesome ideas. Whether you’re looking at airport transfers, or even want to charter a big group trip abroad, International Coaches can really make the entire experience a whole lot easier. Skiing can be fun for all abilities – experts can enjoy the highest of mountains, whilst beginners can have a bit of a laugh falling all over the place, using the ski lifts and unwinding with a hot chocolate (or something stronger!) round the fire at the end of the day.

Sightseeing Tours

Cities don’t stop being interesting just because the sun no longer has his hat on! There are loads of amazing places that you can visit, regardless of the weather. New York is a brilliant one – it’s gorgeous throughout winter (New Year, Christmas and Valentine’s are popular times to visit), but then you’ve got European places to marvel at like Rome and Madrid, too. Of course, you don’t even need to visit a city at all – some of the countryside in Northern Ireland is absolutely breath-taking, and providing you bring a coat, it won’t matter what the weather’s doing. You can even try some exciting tours like those offered by Legends of the North there – whether you’re a Titanic enthusiast or a Game Of Thrones obsessive, there’s a tour for you to explore not only your passion, but this incredible country, too.

Christmas Market Breaks

Christmas Markets are surely some of the best things about winter, no? Whether you want to go closer to home and enjoy a lovely walk around London, Leeds, Manchester or Birmingham with a glass of warm mulled wine, or venture off to Germany or Prague or anywhere else, you’re sure to have a brilliant time in a mini winter wonderland. They’re the perfect place to pick up unique little gifts, start early on the holiday indulgence and enjoy the aroma of Christmas, in all of its cheery cinnamon glory!

Winter Sun

Luckily, it’s the way of the world that thanks to different hemispheres and atmospheres, it’s always sunny somewhere! It can be hard to believe when we’re plunged into the realms of darkness, but there really are some places that enjoy summery weather all year round – or at least when we don’t! Places like California are almost always pleasant, and then you have beautiful Arabian gems like Dubai to get in your heat AND shopping fix, too. Don’t forget Australia, either – if a Christmas BBQ on the beach sounds like your idea of heaven, I’d get booking now!



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