Review Fragrance – To Be Woman Police


You know what? I am going to be completely honest.

I adore this perfume. It is such a safe spring-appropriate scent. On my skin it is a blast of bergamot and candy. The bergamot leaves the scent kind of bitter(kind of like lime peel) to contrast the sweetness of the candy.

There is very little crispness from the apple. Maybe there is a tiny hint of it, but on my skin it is more creamy than anything.

Right off the bat, I confess that I thought only teenage girls as the main target audience of this perfume. But after 1 hour, I could imagine a vastness of women wearing it without problems.

And the bottle is part of the visual identity of the entire line, in which the brand decided to combine their fragrances to the skull, a symbol of rebellion and transgression, which has been reinterpreted by young designers and also gaining space in the fashion world nowadays.

And just between us, who said women’s perfume has to come in a bottle shaped like a flower, heart or something typical of the feminine universe?
Finally, just a simple spray on my skin demonstrated great sillage and lasting.

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