Review MAX FACTOR CC Sticks


Feck lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dark spots are my real bugbears with this whole aging lark. So my sallow, dark circled and dark patched visage perked up visibly with the news of Max Factor’s new Colour Corrector Sticks, which promise to neutralise your specific skin concerns.

The five-strong range includes a highlighter crayon along with a green stick for redness, yellow for undereye circles, pink for dark spots and purple for sallow or dull areas on your face.

Adorably chunky, they’re playful to look at and fun to use – but what we all want to know is, do they actually work to even your complexion?

I’ve read some mixed reviews, but on my combination skin and oily t-zone, these have worked a treat. For the past week, I’ve used the pink or purple on my cheeks, forehead and chin, the green around my nose, yellow below my eyes and the highlighter on my cheekbones – every day.

Max Factor say you can use them under or over your base but I prefer them beneath, on bare (but moisturised) skin. Like other colour correcting artistry products that I’ve tried – such as Bobbi Brown’s colour  Retouching powders – the effect is subtle but, when combined with the rest of your slap, there’s definitely a noticeable difference.

The pink and purple do bring light and brightness to my face – but my favourite of the bunch? The dark circle corrector – it really helps to neutralise the monster bags beneath my eyes. Worn underneath my CC cream, and with a touch of concealer on top, this lightens and brightens the area and makes me look more fresh-faced and wide awake – when I’m feeling anything but.

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