Review Fragrance – Orchidee by Yves Rocher


Orchidee of Yves Rocher apart from being vintage fragrance from seemingly simple ingredients is also can effortlessly make himself into same VIP room as Houbigant QF Original and feel as an equal. That’s speaking about quality of old Yves Rocher ones.

I just cannot say what kind of effect this perfume AND bottle have on me!

Just like the vintage Venice, it is just like it is magical. I feel sooo dreamy looking at the golden orange bottle, so shiny, with the glittery cap. And then the perfume itself, sooo comforting, so complete, so delicate and special. Again super dreamy and magical. I could really say it is like my soul perfume. It makes me happy and really cheerful!

I wore this one today again, and I am so in love with it. This perfume makes me feel so happy, I really think it has something in it, a certain note, that can really lift your spirit. Almost like a medicine to me. I am really so much in love with this one..

The staying power on me is enormous! When I put this on, hours and hours later it comes up from my skin, blowing in my face!
But maybe some people are not able to smell it, like I am not able to smell Rive Gauche. But for those who DO smell it, it keeps on smelling all day!

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