Bathroom Mirrors



A room designed for flushing crap and washing away city’s grime must have a mirror to convince you that the person you look at after the scrubbing and brushing is all set for the slog and toil again. From using the dental floss and brushing the teeth to scrubbing, shaving and eyebrow pricking bathroom mirrors are a must have. Ranging from simple shower glass mirror to the clear fogless mirrors they are used for both vanity and decorative purpose in the private and emotional space such as bathroom. With variety of shapes, size, designs and frames they are a basic utility element of custom bathroom accessories for both residential and commercial use.

The mirrors come with special attachments for holding mugs, brushes soap-case etc. framed or unframed to suit your needs. The place where best of ideas take hold and the mime artist in you takes over the utilitarian space as the stage needs to be embellished with a mirror. The mirror certainly has given bathrooms a new visual status.

We go into the bathroom for specific reasons, usually to leave something behind. But we often leave with something unexpected. Bathroom mirror is an extra ordinary reflector for even a forgotten underdog who can treat himself like a king as there is nobody’s except him to judge and critically analyze. An antique mirror, iron framed, standalone or hung on a wall, bathroom mirrors have come a long distance from the Greeks and Romans who used a disk of metal with a highly polished face to admire themselves. Aluminum being resistant to oxidation and offering easy maintenance has become the only name in the industry. Checking your physical appearance and the dark circles to the blemishes and lines on the face, bathroom mirrors are indisputably the best to bring you face to face with yourself.

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One thought on “Bathroom Mirrors

  1. […] are easily obtained in most department stores under the guise of “full body” mirrors. While these mirrors are designed to be positioned vertically, there’s no rule saying that’s the only option. […]


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