Candles – How To Make Them From Home


A candle, consisting of an internal wick and a column of solid fuel, illuminates the surrounding area. Due to the invention of modern equipments used for illuminating the surrounding, candle is not an essential product for this purpose. But the demand for candles has gone up as a work of art. Different varieties of candles have flooded the market. The candles are of different colors, aroma, and shapes.

The making of a candle involves various equipments. Paraffin wax, melting system, candy thermometer, and scales to measure the amount of water and wax are required. Ladle and spoons are used for stirring and pouring wax. Chemically treated wick that burns for a longer period of time are used. Since wax is soft, stearic acid is used to make it solid. Color dyes are used to make the appearance brighter.

It involves a very simple process to make the candle. Suspend a wick in the center of a mold. Dissolve stearic acid and color dye in a container and heat the wax to 190 degrees. Combine the stearic mixture with paraffin and stir it continuously to blend it. Pour the mixture in a mold, allow time for it to cool and then remove it from the mold.

Acquiring a gel candle has now become a fashion. You can prepare it easily at home. All you need to get are a container, gels, pans, wicks and the basic necessary items. While selecting containers, it is best to use a heat resistant glass. Gel wax, paraffin, candle scent, dye, wick, wick clip, and wick base are the other requirements. Different colors can be mixed together to form a new color according to your taste. The oil based liquids; pellets and wax solids are the sources of scent. The scent has to be added before pouring the candle to avoid evaporation.

Items like buttons, marbles, toys and jewels can be added in the candle. Avoid inflammatory items. Candles are used for various reasons. They are used in almost all the religions. The candles represent the light of God in Christianity. Candles are lit at the start and end of the weekly Sabbath celebration. For Kwanzaa and for other reasons of humanism, candles are lit. Thus, the candle not only serves illuminating and decoration purposes, but also serves religious causes.

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