Beautiful Getaway To The Costa Blanca In Spain

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There is a terrific chance for sightseeing in Benidorm and the Costa Blanca when you visit Spain. Mostly due to the fact that the city is a major attraction in this area, plus the fact that the city of Benidorm is located only about 45 kilometer outside of Alicante, another likely prospect of attraction for you while on your trip.

If you’re looking to have an amazing time during your trip, I suggest you visit in the summer while the nightlife is at its foremost, hosting 30 different discos and over 1000 restaurants. You’ll likely run out of things to do. You’ll actually find and maybe even befriend many tourists from both Ireland and the UK when you visit the region.

There are many special things that you can do on your sightseeing trip through Benidorm. For instance, if you visit the Castle of Conde de Alfaz, you’ll enjoy an amazing dinner plus show that will feature live fighting and jousting by knights on horseback. You can choose which night that you’ll want to root for during the night by sitting in that knights area located by color. As you’re watching the show, you’ll be served a dinner from the Medieval Times which includes foods such as pork ribs, soup and bread, roasted chicken and last but not least beer and ice cream. Yum!

Another superb place of interest is Benidorm Palace. In this particular hotspot you can enjoy a 3-hour floor show during the evening on any Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The shows include dancing, singing, comedy acts, as well as mysterious magicians.

Of course everyone loves to go to the beach and there is immense opportunity for this on most of the Costa Blanca area, especially Benidorm. But even though Benidorm is good, even better is the beach at Playa de Poniente. The reason of this beaches popularity is because it lies off the main road and therefore gets a ton of traffic. If you’re looking to just relax in the sun, without all of the hustle bustle then you’ll surely want to visit the Playa de Levante. This a quiet beach where you can take a nice siesta and relax away your worries in this quiet tranquil area.

If you’re up for a little adventure then go ahead and visit the popular Aqualandia Park, Benidorms famous water park. You’ll be able to enjoy swimming pools, as well as large windy waterslides that will get your heart racing when riding such slides as the Zig Zag and the Kamikaze. Both the older and younger folks can enjoy this park with its many fountains, slides, and beautiful swimming pools that will keep you nice and cool.

All in all, in Benidorm you’ll certainly enjoy your time whether or not it’s with the whole family on a much-needed family getaway, or for just the adults, perhaps even a nice little romantic getaway with your significant other. You cannot go wrong visiting and sightseeing in Benidorm and throughout the Costa Blanca.

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