4 inspiring garden lighting ideas



With the summer months just around the corner, it won’t be long before we can start to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend more time in our gardens. Whether you’re entertaining guests or having a candlelit dinner for two on the terrace, garden lighting can help you make the most of being outside when the sun goes down. Here are four inspiring lighting ideas to help you give a new lease of life to your outdoor space.

  1. Emphasise garden features with spot lights

Spot lights are the ideal outdoor lighting choice if you want to draw attention to certain garden features after dark. With adjustable heads, you can control the direction in which the light falls to create a dramatic display in your favourite areas. Perhaps you’re keen to show off an exotic plant, a water feature or an impressive piece of architecture on your home. Depending where you want to focus the light, you can choose between wall mounted versions or spike spotlights that can simply be pushed into the soil.

  1. Create a cosy dining area with lanterns

No outdoor seating area is complete without some ambient lighting. Casting a warm glow similar to a candle, lanterns can be used to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere on patios and decking areas – perfect for warm summer evenings spent entertaining guests outdoors. To create an elegant display of light, lanterns can either be hung up on the wall or placed on a table to brighten up your alfresco dinner parties. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference they can make when it comes to setting the right mood.

  1. Adorn your greenery with fairy lights

Not just for indoors, fairy lights can be used outside all year round to illuminate your flora. Why not give your greenery a magical glow by coiling them around tree branches and entwining them in trellises and shrubbery? These twinkling lights are ideal for outdoor parties and romantic seating areas and will give your garden a charming look and feel.

  1. Save energy with solar powered fixtures

Worried about using too much energy to illuminate your garden at night? That’s where solar lights come in. Offering a more cost effective way to brighten your outdoor space, these energy saving fixtures eliminate the need for complex wiring and are powered by the sun’s rays. As well as being an economical option, solar lamps come in a wide range of interesting designs and can make attractive garden features.

Of course, these are just a few examples of simple but effective lighting ideas for your garden, but they should inspire you to think of ways in which you can enjoy some extra time outdoors during the summer months.

How to take your kitchen design to the next level



Your kitchen might be the hub of your home. From rustling up a family meal to entertaining guests, you may use this room for a whole host of different activities. If your current setup is leaving you feeling uninspired, keep reading. Here are three ways you can take your kitchen design to the next level.

  1. Install stylish worktops

Installing stylish worktops is an effective way to elevate your kitchen design. As one of the most important features of any cooking space, it’s vital that choose your surfaces carefully. While you’ll no doubt want worktops that are aesthetically pleasing, it’s also important to make sure the material you go for is high-quality and hard-wearing. For example, you could go for solid timber wood worktops. Strong and sturdy, this material is perfect if you’re looking to enhance your kitchen style while keeping the space practical at the same time. From rich oak, to light beech, to caramel bamboo, you won’t be stuck for inspiration when you’re searching for suitable surfaces. To ensure you’re purchasing high-quality materials, make sure you do your research beforehand. You should be able to find what you’re looking for at your local kitchen showroom or online from specialists like worktop-express.co.uk.

  1. Fit fabulous light fixtures

Upgrading your lighting situation is a guaranteed way to heighten your kitchen style. Having a well-lit cooking space is not only practical, but it will enable you to create the perfect ambience for when you’re preparing meals, eating and entertaining guests. From under-cabinet spotlights, to overhanging pendant lamps, to inbuilt ceiling lights, there is a whole array of stunning designs for you to choose from. When you’re looking for illuminations, make sure you pick a style that will perfectly complement your cooking space.

  1. Refurbish with flattering flooring

To ensure your kitchen design is spot on from top to bottom, it’s important to give some thought to your flooring. Refurbishing this part of your cooking space is a great way to improve the look and feel of the room, and you should find that you don’t need to compromise looks for practicality either. Ideally, you should go for a flooring material that is durable and capable of withstanding spills and splashes. With so many different flooring options on offer, you shouldn’t struggle to find a material that is functional and suits your kitchen decor. For example, you could go for a wood-effect laminate flooring. This type of material can be cleaned easily and it is guaranteed to take your kitchen design to the next level.

By making these changes, you’ll be able to transform your kitchen into a beautiful and stylish room.

The Top Five Reasons People Move House


Did you know that the average person in the UK will move house eight times during their lives? Research by a major appliance manufacturer has shown that on average, the distance between each move is 32 miles. Maybe somewhat surprisingly, when it comes to finally settling down, only one in five live more than 200 miles away from where they started. On average, it’ll be around 63 miles away. Moving house is rated as one of the most stressful things you can do in life, so what are the main reasons people choose to up sticks?

  1. Relationships

Moving in with your other half or tying the knot? One of you, at least, is going to have to move. It might involve one of you having to put your house on the market, especially if it’s the case, thou both owned a home before you decided to cohabitate. On the flipside of the coin, couples splitting up may mean seeing your home. This usually happens because the home may hold bad memories, and both of you want a fresh start. The property often costs too much for one person to run on just one salary. See also when there’s the opportunity for one partner to buy the other out, but there’s no cash available.

       2.Employment opportunities

If you’re being relocated, then it could be the case that you have to pack up, sell up and move. Technology has made the world a smaller place, and home working has made all sorts of things possible, but it’s not the solution to everything. Do you live more than an hour or so away from your new place of work? You might want to consider situating yourself closer to avoid spending half your life on the road.

  1. Not Enough Room.

Lots of folks outgrow what they call their starter homes. Once you start having children or increase the size of your family unit, space is at a premium. If you can’t or don’t want to extend, you’ll have to size up. This is one of the most common reasons people look to move to a different place. New homes need to have more room for your growing brood.

     4 To Spend More Time With Family.

Lots of people move away from where they grew up, but often they find themselves gravitating back. Why? To devote more time to their family, of course! This is particularly common once people have kids – after all grandparents can come in handy for childcare! Having a family is tough when you don’t have much support, so many people relocate to make sure they’ve got extra hands on board!

  1. To Spend Less Time With The Family.

On the other side, many people choose to move away from their families quite deliberately. It’s not unknown for broken or dysfunctional families to flourish and get on a whole load better, once they live farther apart. Sometimes, distance makes the heart grow fonder! When you’re not in each other’s pockets all the time, you may find it easier to be amicable with your folks.

A fun way to earn money on the Internet


If you are looking to have a good time and make some extra cash on the side, you should know that with the help of the Internet, a computer or mobile device, you can do so. In case you love to play bingo, don’t hesitate to do it online as well. It follows the same rules and the prizes consist of real money, even if the game is virtual. You never played bingo before? Well, perhaps it is time to start because it can help you get money for that pair of shoes you want or that tool you need in your garage, with minimum investment. All it needs is one click for more of online bingo to get started today.

In Britain, bingo was always the best way to spend the time in the middle of the community, back in the days. In present days, you won’t see too many young people heading towards the bingo hall in their residence town, but technology and the Internet brought this game to the attention of the youngest generation. Now, people can play it from the comfort of their homes, or during a lunch break, using a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. As long as the device can access the Internet, online bingo will be highly available. Even if everything takes place in the virtual world, the game is real, so are the players and the money you will earn. Perhaps this is one of the best reasons that made people play bingo, apart from the fact that it offers some pleasant entertainment.

So next time you have a few pounds to invest and would like to enjoy a game of bingo, now you know that it can take place anywhere and at any time, in the online environment. Even if you are not accustomed to using the computer every day, you can still do it. You will need to create an account on a reliable bingo website and perhaps provide your account with some financial information, just in case you will win, for the site to send to the won money. It is a perfect way to enjoy this game when the weather outside is dreadful or when you have too little time to go to the bingo hall.

Your mobile device can be the best bingo partner


For any service, it is not enough these days just to be present on the Internet. The rapid expansion and demand for mobile devices made service providers to develop applications and make their sites be mobile friendly as well, so they can be accessed and used by mobile device users all over the world. When it comes to the online bingo game, it did not escape evolution either, being also modified to accommodate the newest demands. So there are various mobile bingo games anyone can enjoy, regardless what mobile device he or she uses. Since today, everything happens on the mobile phone or tablet, the services, including games, needed to be made to work on such supports.

Today, if you can’t offer service for your users on the mobile phone, it is almost like not existing. We ended up being so fond of our smartphones, that we do everything with their help. We search for recipes to cook a meal or look for a restaurant nearby. We do a shopping list or shop online with its help. We even monitor our fitness status and evolution during a diet. So, having these circumstances into consideration, it is only normal to be able to play bingo on your smartphone, just like you do on your computer. And the truth is that the bingo game became very popular due to this aspect. A person using a mobile phone to access an online service or site may refuse to do so if he notices that the site is not mobile friendly. So there goes one perfectly good customer, just because the site was not adapted to his needs. Thus, if he will access an online bingo site that offers a mobile friend service and applications that can be installed on a cell phone, in order to play the game like that, the site will win one more fan.

So yes, times are changing, and so is the way we play bingo. The rules did not change, being the same for centuries, only the way we unroll the game changed. We used to do it sitting down at tables, in bingo halls, using paper and pens. Then, it came the Internet and the computers, allowing us to play bingo like that. And last, came the smartphones, making us play bingo on the go, and everywhere we wanted.

Enjoy a game of bingo for free


Do you like to play bingo? That’s great because you will have bingo available at all times, with the help of the Internet. There are very many sites that offer the possibility to play bingo around the clock, but some may require a fee to play it. Since they offer a prize, they will also want to make sure that they will have some income as well. But, in case you don’t wish to spend money on bingo, you should know that you will still manage to enjoy it for free. You can either look for promotions of bingo sites that offer trials or free versions of the game, or you can look only for the sites that offer free bingo games at all times. Some play it to try and earn some cash, but if you want to enjoy it just for the fun, there is no need to spend money.

Having the Internet available all the time will also grant us access to a large variety of games, including bingo. So whenever you have to wait for the bus, travel somewhere, or just have some free time to spend, you can use your mobile device or computer to access a game of bingo if you’d like. Some people enjoy a game of bingo now and then, in their lunch breaks or whenever they need to do something fun to unwind. It can work in these cases, just be careful not to procrastinate and play bingo more than necessary, especially during your work hours. In your spare time, on the other hand, you can enjoy the game as much and often you may like. And when everything is for free, there is no reason you should refuse this opportunity. Bingo is fun and, like any other game, it will require a playing strategy, which will get perfected in time, to be successful.

It is great that you can play a great game of bingo without the need to spend any money. Well, there is the chance that you won’t win anything, except some fun time. There are cases in which you may find a free game of bingo, with real prizes, as a promotion to attract customers. But this way, or without any prize at all, bingo will remain a great game to play.

Playing bingo in present days


Bingo is a much-preferred game for spending the free time, bringing together the community, offering a great time and the chance to catch up on the news and gossips. Unfortunately, people today have less free time than back in the days, spending a lot of it at work and the remaining with family and friends. If you visit a bingo hall, you will notice that only the elders are present, being the only ones that still have enough free time to spend there. Luckily, the expansion of the Internet comes to our help, bringing online bingo to everyone that wishes to enjoy this game without having to head downtown or going to the bingo hall.

Since everything went online, including bingo, a lot of traditional and well-known games back in the days managed to capture the attention of the young generation, managing to have a spectacular comeback. The young ones prefer to go to a pub or club in the evening, not at the bingo hall, but the fact that they can enjoy it online is a great advantage, both for them and for the game as well. Bingo remained the same over time, changing only the way people enjoy it. Everything, not only bingo, modified to fit the new requirements and conditions of the modern age. Almost all services and products moved in the online environment, becoming available to Internet users of all ages and from all over the world. This helped bingo to acquire more and more fans, of all ages and from various countries.

So playing bingo is not that different regarding the rules of the game, as it didn’t change too much since it appeared, the only thing that changes is the way we do it. Now we use the help of computer and mobile devices, plus the Internet connection that mediates the relationship between us, the users, and the site that offers the services, such as a game of bingo. It all happens much easier and more comfortable since we can very well play bingo wearing just the pajamas and enjoying our favorite cup of tea. This makes the idea of playing this game very attractive since we can do it anytime we want, regardless if we like playing bingo in the morning or the evening.

Presents for the Stylish Man in your Life


When you’re in a relationship, it can be difficult to think of ways of how to tell someone that you love them, outside of those three little words. There are a number of ways of doing it, but presents are one of the best, especially when they are not prompted by an occasion.

Something They Can Wear

If your man is as stylish as he can be, he probably already has a whole wardrobe of clothes that he looks good in. so, you can either buy him something that you know he looks good in, like something similar to that burgundy shirt that you love, or something that’s one of a kind, like a vintage military shirt from Rokit..

Something They Can Drink

Whatever your boyfriend or husband drinks, there will always be a fancier version. From beautifully bottled whiskey to interesting craft beer, you can spend more than you might on a regular drink, but it will be a delight to them.

Equally, if they’re not into alcohol, you can do something similar with coffee or tea, and give them a premium version of something that they regularly drink.

You shouldn’t forget the receptacles that your boyfriend will drink out of when he gets your gift, so a set of glasses or coffee cups will always go down well.

Something They Can Use in the Kitchen

Every foodie loves a kitchen gadget. Whether it’s a pizza stone, a spiralizer, a recipe book or a new set of knives, there are a number of different things that you can buy for him. Take a look at what he moans about when he cooks (like a worn out chopping board), or note when he says that he wants to try a new kind of cuisine (a perfect opportunity for a new recipe book).

Something They Can Read

Whether they’re big on reading or not, a book is a great way to show that you listen and appreciate their taste and interests. For example, if they love a certain period of history, or a certain film – there’ll be a book on it. If it’s an artist that they are interested in, or they want to learn a new skill – there’ll be a book on it.

Novels may require more finesse, and you could either replace a book that they have that’s falling apart, or look for a story and style that’s the same as what they like.


Brands and events presented in the RPM style


Whether you have an event to organize or need your brand to be introduced to the world, if you are looking to promote your brand, through social events, you need someone to help you make it successful. How can such a thing become popular, if you can’t attract people or make them know about it? This is why a creative company like RPM is exactly what you need. Use their experience and team of professionals to get closer to your potential customers, as they will show you how.

But, how can such a company deliver what you need? Well, they already helped a great number of brand and social events show their best side. How they do it? A part could be talent, a part could be skills, and a part is definitely thinking outside the box. They will take the brand you created or message you want to transmit through your event, polish it and present it in a very creative manner.

But this is not all because participating at what these people organize is not only good looking but fun also. What’s the point of getting people together, if they can’t have any fun or witness something interesting? The audience these days, of any kind, is rather hard to please. Your brand or event idea can be awesome, but if it is not put in a good light and organized properly, it will not shine as it should.

So if you want to be one step closer to success, it would be recommended to ask for their help. Whether you are preparing to launch a new brand, a new product of an existing brand, wish to organize an event in your community, anything that involved promoting something and attracting people, RPM can make it happen.

Take a look at their portfolio and get convinced. Better yet, give them a call and let them know what you need. They will show you that events, whatever their subject or purpose might be, can be extremely fun and profitable for you. Profitable in the way that they will help you win over some more customers, which is vital for any business or brand.

London Hen-Party Night


Did one of your girl friends announced the coming of a hen-party? Better yet, did she asked you to help her out with its organization? Well, then you know that a party to remember should be held in London. Here, you will have everything you need, from clubs to restaurants, anything you may want to do is available in London. You and your friends are outside of London? You shouldn’t worry, because you can find accommodation, according to budget and preferences, by simply visiting Travelstay. So don’t miss the opportunity to have an unforgettable hen-party, because now you know what to do for all of your friends involved.

Now that you have the accommodation covered, you will need to find a suitable location for the party. All the best venues have online sites and contacts, so it will be very easy to look at their offer or even give them a call to make the arrangements and discuss details, like booking a date. Of course, when considering the location, menu, drinks, prices, do have a general meeting before anything is settled.

This is a group party, so everybody’s opinion should be listened, if you want the party to be successful. After all, you are all friends, and you wouldn’t like to break this beautiful friendship relationship.

It is up to you, and the rest of the girl friends involved if the “hen” will be a part of organizing the party or it is going to be a total surprise. Still, either way, try not to do something that will embarrass the future bride. Since you are her friends, most certainly you will know what she enjoys and what she disapproves. You can do something out of the ordinary, but without making her live unwanted moments. It is her party, so it should be done according to her style as much as possible.

You can make it a themed party, or anything you will all enjoy, because the point of this party is quality time spent together with your best friends, before getting married. So that doesn’t mean you will just grab dinner and have some wine. It should be something fun, just like in the days you were young and restless, but without something too compromising.



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