This season’s floral burst into 3D life


Asides from garden-variety prints alone, this season’s floral fashions have taken on a 3D twist, comprising both embroidery and embellishment at 2014’s runway shows.

Pretty prints in statement fabrics

Flowers blossomed from every model throughout the collections, becoming the definitive badge of femininity. From meadow poppies to Sixties style daisies and sweet roses, there’s a floral design to suit all. Choose from head to toe floral ensembles or one-off statement pieces showcasing abstract botanical prints. For inspiration on colour, style and species – check out the latest at

How to wear floral-enthused pieces

Whether you’re attending an elegant soiree or quite simply wish to brighten up your day, a vivid floral print is a must-have wardrobe staple. Of course, it’s a good idea to follow a few fashion tips when embracing the floral trend. When accessorising, keep it to a minimum – a simple court shoe and a minimalistic clutch will suffice. Alternatively go all out with a full Sixties flower-power style, complete with a beehive hairstyle, retro shades and a brightly coloured lipstick.

A perennial style favourite

Regardless of the season, floral fashion buys have become a recurrent style staple. Throughout the spring and summer months, floral fashion ensembles tend to embrace pastel palettes and hot hues. When winter arrives, clothes take on a slightly different guise. From digital floral prints to classic ditsy print motifs in deeper hues such as: ruby reds and emerald greens.

How to wear floral in the winter

Worn alone or with opaque tights, a floral embroidered dress will add an instant injection of colour to your winter wardrobe. For a daytime style, tone down the look by pairing a form-flattering floral skirt with a modest blouse.

What to do if you tend to shy away from the floral trend

If your current wardrobe consists of muted tones and timeless shapes – why not add a floral heel to the mix. This simple style statement, especially when worn in a zingy bright shade, is an easy way to embrace the floral style without steering too far from your comfort zone.


Spotting the signs of asthma


Asthma is a common condition. In the UK, over five million people are currently receiving treatment for this medical problem. This equates to one in every 12 adults and one in every 11 children. The severity of asthma varies from person to person. In most cases, it can be effectively controlled. However, some people suffer from persistent problems. Occasionally, it can cause asthma attacks and severe episodes can require hospital treatment. They can even be life threatening. Indeed, these attacks kill around three people each day and Britain has one of the highest asthma death rates in Europe.

This is why it’s so important to make sure you can spot the signs of asthma in yourself or your loved ones. Once the problem has been identified, you can seek suitable treatments. For example, you can get asthma inhalers to both prevent and relieve attacks.

If you’re not sure how to identify the symptoms of this medical condition, take a look at the following guide.

The telltale signs  

The most common asthma symptoms include wheezing, which means you make a whistling sound when you breathe, and a shortness of breath. The condition can also cause you to experience a tightening of your chest. This may feel like a band is surrounding your chest and is contracting around it. Frequent coughing is another telltale sign.

These symptoms are often worse last thing at night and early in the morning. They can also develop or get worse in response to specific triggers, including exercise or allergens like dust or pet fur.

What to do

If you or someone close to you shows these signs, it’s important to speak to a trained healthcare professional. These experts will be able to diagnose the symptoms and establish whether or not asthma is the cause or another health problem is to blame. Bear in mind that young children may not be able to express some of their symptoms, so you have to be especially vigilant when dealing with infants.

Finding out that you or one of your family members have asthma can be distressing, but it is important that you get a diagnosis so that you can seek suitable treatment. Many of the severe asthma attacks and fatalities that occur as a result of this condition could be prevented if sufferers took suitable treatments.

As long as you follow the medical guidance provided, you should be able to manage the condition effectively.


The benefits of organic clothing


The kind of clothes you wear can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health. The reason why organic clothing is here to stay is the fact that research shows there is a huge difference in the way our bodies function when we wear synthetic clothing compared to when we wear chemical-free clothes. While the most obvious benefit is the level of comfort and ease that you feel, here are some of the other advantages of organic clothing:

Non allergen

Organic clothing is suitable for people with allergies and sensitivities. People who are allergic to chemicals, fabrics and reagents can benefit from organic garments, such as those available from Fire Label. Not only are they made from fabrics that do not contain any kind of chemical, these clothes are also made from crops that are grown naturally and are known to retain their medicinal properties. A good example is clothes made from bamboo, which is antimicrobial and can kill bacteria.

Enhanced level of exudation  

When you wear organic clothing, such as cotton and silk, you have an enhanced level of exudation – in other words, the fabric is more breathable. Organic clothing allows your skin to perspire, whereas synthetic clothing is restrictive, making it less comfortable to wear.


Although clothes made from organic materials might be slightly higher in price, when it comes to longevity, they last longer than normal clothes. This is because the fabric is more durable, meaning they maintain their shape, size and color even after many years of washing, saving you money in the long run.


Organic clothing is often viewed as a re-embodiment of the hippie fashion, which has seen a growing interest in recent years. Today, environmentally friendly clothing is available in a variety of fashion shops. These kinds of clothes are also ideal for warm weather due to their porous fabric which allows for a better circulation of air.

Environmental reasons

Wearing organic clothing is one way of supporting the state of our environment. Manufacturing synthetic clothes requires the use of chemicals that can damage the environment, whereas organic clothing eliminates this process. With eco-friendly practices now becoming more of a priority, changing the way you dress is a simple and effective way to improve your green credentials.

Health for your family

Changing the way you dress can help you to avoid coming in to contact with chemicals that may be harmful to your health. While buying new organic clothes might seem like an expensive task at first, if you think of the health benefits and the durability, it’s a worthwhile investment.


6 Most Desirable Home Locations In The UK


From the economic powerhouse of London, to the rolling mountains of Scotland, the UK has it all. Great Britain offers stunning coastlines, majestic countryside and vibrant cities. Whatever you want from your environment, there is a place for you somewhere on this island. Before you decide where to live next, you’ll want to consider your lifestyle. Make a list of what you want most from your desired location.

The following locations were chosen as a result of studies into the most desirable locations. There were many factors taken into account. These included crime level, health and education and employment opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean they are always right for you. Discover what you want from life before pursuing a location. The following ideas will help you decide.


Hampshire features on just about every desirability list. Thanks to its quaint rural villages and proximity to London, it the ideal county. When you think of typical English living, you are generally thinking of Hampshire. The country is close to the beautiful south coast and a quick train ride to a number of major cities. It’s a great place for outdoor living. Perfect for those who love the peace and quiet, but aren’t quite ready to leave the city.


London isn’t winning any awards for affordability. However, it is the city of choice for professionals. It is one of the biggest cities in the world with one of the strongest economies. If you want to get ahead in business, this is where you come. London is home to more billionaires than any other city in the world. It is the number one place for opportunity and ambition.


Living in Birmingham offers you the chance to live in an exciting, diverse city with world-class restaurants, entertainment and shops.
Birmingham’s Balti Triangle is famous for its array of restaurants and takeaways offering spectacular curry dishes.
Birmingham is home to more than one million people from a range of different cultures and ethnic groups, including the UK’s largest student population outside London.

Its friendly population is what makes Birmingham the dynamic, multicultural city that is – and also one of the largest cities in Europe offering a heady mix of galleries, music, restaurants and bars.

The website is the best place for you to find out about job vacancies available in Birmingham. On this site, you will find close to 10,000 jobs spreading across different work sectors and several companies operating in the city.


Cornwall is irresistible and charming. Its southern location plays host to the finest beaches in the UK. You’ll find homes with a good view in St Mawes and cottages with peaceful walks in Bodmin. You are never far from the city of Plymouth with its naval history and stunning coastal views. It is the tranquil heart of Britain for those who love the sea air.


If you love the city life, but London is just too intense, Edinburgh is great alternative. The Scottish capital has plenty of employment opportunity, with beautiful city features to boot. It has the feel of a bustling village and the economic power of a capital. The city is steeped in history and you’re only five minutes from the rolling Scottish hills.


Berkshire is home to some the richest homes in Britain. Its close proximity to London and Heathrow make it the perfect commuter county. You’ll find beautiful thatched cottages and winding English roads. Many choose Berkshire as a place to raise a family. The children can experience the English countryside and the parents can easily commute to the city.

There are plenty of other options out there. Newcastle for vibrant city life, the Lake District for serene living or Brighton for days by the sea. Discover what you truly want from your location and you’ll find it in the UK. Wherever you choose on this small island, you are never too away from the city or the countryside.

Fighting Fraud

The nights are now drawing in fast, mince pies have made their way onto the shelves and all the big Christmas ads have started appearing on the television. The festive season is fast approaching and with it comes the annual task of getting all the Christmas shopping done in time.
With big crowds and hoards of shoppers, whether on the high street or online, sadly it’s a time when we could all be at risk of falling victim to fraud, more so than at any other time of year.

Fraudsters continue to think of new ways to get hold of our money but the best way to prevent it from happening is to learn more about what the different types of fraud are and how we can avoid them from happening to us. Bearing that in mind, NatWest have recently launched a tool all about fraud that could be useful.


It takes a look at the top 11 most common types of fraud that cost the UK millions and provides some great tips on how to stay safe from fraudsters.

Some top tips:

• When shopping online, make sure you only ever enter your details onto a secure site. You can identify a secure page when you see the letters ‘https’ at the beginning of the URL as opposed to simply ‘http’.
• Be alert whenever you use an ATM machine. If anything looks suspicious, find somewhere else to get cash and though it sounds obvious, always remember to shield your PIN. If your card is ever swallowed by the machine, let your card issuer know immediately as it may be a fraudster that’s behind this.
• Make sure you check your bank statement regularly. If any suspicious activity is going on, you can ensure that you notice it quickly and put a stop to it immediately.

Review: Skinnyskinny Fragrances For the Home

skinnyskinny-candle-room-spray-1 (1)

Set the mood this season with ever delightful fragrances for the home from skinnyskinny, created by aromatherapist extraordinaire, Clara Williams. With a selection of all-natural clean burning soy candles, and aromatherapeutic room sprays created from pure organic essential oils, skinnyskinny will help keep you calm, cool, and collected at home.

Created from all-natural soy wax and organic essential oils, the skinnyskinny candles burn clean for 45+ plus hours. Cypress is a woodsy scent that is fresh, uplifting and more subtle than say, pine. The Cypress Soy Candle releases a light fragrance that won’t overpower the home. It’s the perfect fall companion. Add in a book, a fleece blanket, a cup of hot tea, and we’ve got bliss!


The Aromatherapeutic Organic Room Spray in 268 is the signature fragrance of the skinnyskinny Brooklyn store front *notes to plan a visit*. It contains the all-natural and organic essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender, geranium and lemongrass. This ingenious combination of oils are said to be calming, grounding and strengthening, while I might add in uplifting as well. I simply adore this room spray and deem it a necessary home companion. It sits beside me as I work and read. I also find it beneficial in aiding in the practice of meditation.

What Have You Been Neglecting?


For so long I was focused on making sure my mug was makeup optional. I became more conscious of ingredients and listened to what my skin was telling me it needed. As I learned more I couldn’t help but notice that there are other parts of the body that age as well and will reveal my true age if not properly cared for. Because I don’t have crow’s feet, deep dark circles, or bags the size of oranges, I felt I didn’t need an eye cream. The deeper I divulged into skincare I noticed my neck was being treated like a step child. I thought I could just carry my face moisturizer down to my neck and it was fine. Lastly, when I heard a more mature woman say, “You can always tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands,” a light bulb went off.

Of course I decided to see what the hype about an eye cream was all about. I’ve found that the more I used an eye cream my concealer didn’t crease, and the amount of concealer needed decreased; the puffiness in the morning is little to none, and my under eye area has brightened over time. I also decided to give my neck a little more moisture and attention. I’m not one for piling on the products, so I researched and found a great moisturizer that works wonders for the face and neck area. So often we don’t think to address an issue until we see signs of darkness, wrinkles, or aging. For me, moisture and prevention is key. As for those who are a little more “anti aging” conscious there are great products out there. The same woman who told me about my hands also encouraged me to pay more attention to the amount of  hand sanitizer usage, encouraging me to use one with vitamin e to help moisturize.

As women it’s in our nature to pick, poke, and pry until we find something wrong. Then we’ll focus on that “problem,” while all the while neglecting something else. What are you neglecting?


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