Planning an Intervention When Someone You Know Has a Drug or Alcohol Problem


There are a lot of ways that an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be approached. One of the most common in recent times is that friends, partners, and family members who have begun to notice a problem developing in a loved one will stage what is known as an ‘intervention’. This is an occasion where people who care about the abuser or potential abuser come together and confront them about their issues, and why they want them to seek help.

It can result in the person being asked to go into professional rehab or drug or alcohol addiction treatment such as the kind offered by specialist rehabilitation clinics like Beachway Therapy, but can also involve simply asking someone to try and give up a habit like drinking alcohol or using an illegal substance of their own volition, without the help of therapists or other professionals. But how do interventions work and how do you arrange one?

Brave, But Caring

The point of having an intervention is not to berate the person you are addressing or make them feel guilty or ashamed of their behavior. This will not do well for an addict, who is most likely already a bit ashamed of their own actions, and who has probably been trying to conceal them from you. It can take a big degree of bravery, also, to go up against someone that you love but who is in the grip of an addiction – you may worry that you will alienate them or make their problems worse by seeming uncaring. An intervention, then, has to be handled in a sensitive way, but with the bravery to say what needs to be said.

Let Everybody Speak

One of the main reasons why using interventions as a way to get people to seek help or stop negative habits is that it allows all of the close people in that person’s life to have a say. This can include all kinds of family members, even children, and also friends, coworkers and anybody else. It is important that everybody gets to speak and say why they want the person whose intervention it is to change their behavior, however this should not be done in a way that makes them feel they are being ‘ganged up’ on. Let everyone talk, but do let the person you are delivering the intervention to have a chance to respond.

Choose the Right Group

When you are planning your intervention, only invite people who are really involved, and perhaps a professional to manage the discussion. Don’t let random people who are vaguely involved with the subject of the intervention get in on it just for something to do or to be nosey – only people who really care or are affected should be there.

Interventions can be a good way to help someone see that they are having problems they may be in denial about, but they do have to be well planned and managed to create the desired effect.

How To Get An Expensive Look For Less

Lauren Conrad Looks Pretty In Blue! 1/1

Picture from Ashley Cooper

We would all love a wardrobe bursting with chic and expensive items. In reality, most of us can’t afford this. However, that doesn’t mean we should be deprived of looking and feeling glamorous. There are many style tricks and techniques you can use to spruce up your wardrobe without having to bankrupt yourself. Follow these tips, and you can get achieve an expensive look for less.

  1. Invest in a small number luxury items

You may not be able to afford an entire designer wardrobe, but you can perhaps manage a few quality items that you can wear with many different ensembles. You’ll get great use out of a good quality and versatile overcoat or handbag, and these wardrobe essentials will instantly lift all of your outfits. Even a pair of fab sunnies can make a huge difference. The Karen Walker eyewear collection includes many on-trend sunglasses, so take a look. Even if you can’t afford these items right now, set aside a little bit each week, and you’ll be hitting the shops in no time. Just remember to think quality rather than quantity. One good handbag is more practical and better looking than several cheap ones.

  1. Keep your clothes and shoes in good condition

Make sure you look after all your items of clothing and footwear, whether they are expensive or not. Items that aren’t cared for will just look tired and shabby on. Whereas even your inexpensive vest tops or t-shirts will look very smart if they are maintained in good condition. Looking after you clothes means washing, drying and ironing them properly. Well pressed clothes make a huge difference. You should also deal with stains or other flaws immediately and not let them become worse or permanent. Shoes should be regularly buffed and shined.

  1. Make sure your clothes fit you well

Your overall look will improve significantly if your clothes fit your body properly. Clothing that is too big or too small looks odd and can cause damage to these articles. Whereas when clothes fit you properly you’ll achieve a seamless and chic silhouette. If you are not good with a sewing machine, get your clothing professionally tailored. This will cost you far less than buying a new item of clothing that does fit your properly.

  1. Customise

Clothes can take on a whole new expensive look with a little customisation. For example, add some embellishment to the collar of a dress or shirt for an affordable way to achieve a very trendy look. Not only will these alterations make you look like a million dollars, but they’ll also be one of a kind!

  1. Keep your outfits simple

Simple is elegant so don’t overdo the colours, patterns and layering of clothing. A pair of good fitting jeans, a loose shirt and chelsea boots is a chic look that suits everyone.

  1. Hold yourself with confidence

It’s true. If you feel confident, you look confident. So throw those shoulders back and feel fabulous in your new expensive look (for less!)

Ingenious bedroom wardrobes


 Space is something we all want to gain in our residences. Or we have enough space, and we think about doing something smart and useful with it. The wardrobe is a crucial piece of furniture or practical space. We need it to keep our belonging organized, but the need to use space in a modern, creational and useful way makes us think that old wardrobes, under the shape of cabinets, cannot meet our demands. We need new ideas and solutions to integrate the wardrobe into our living space without being too obvious. So if you are looking for some inspirational ideas for your bedroom wardrobe check Urban Wardrobes main website or their account on Houzz.

We want our living space to appear more balanced, so heavy furniture will not help that. Cabinets are out of fashion, and we need to find a more practical solution that gives our home a more modern air. How about if you can have a frameless wardrobe place on your wall, from floor to ceiling? Assorted with the rest of the colors in the room, no one will even tell you have clothes in it. It looks just like a wall, made out of modern material. Massive furnishing does not burden the space, and you will have all the functional space, shelves, and drawers, behind invisible doors.

Is your bedroom up in the attic? You are afraid you won’t find a proper solution for sloping ceilings? Not anymore, because you can find the best solutions for these cases also. The wardrobe is designed to fit the slope and shape of your walls correctly, without leaving empty and unusable corners in the room. Again, it will look like a beautifully designed wall, with trapeze shapes. The bedroom will not be clogged by your belongings, as they will have a beautifully designed hideout behind the wardrobe’s doors. Or perhaps you have a vast bedroom, and you want a luxurious wardrobe, with plenty of space for your shoe collections and clothes. You can create the most incredible walk-in wardrobe with mirrors integrated with the walls, spotlight and with a space distribution that will ensure you all the space you need.

So it does not matter in what type of house or space you are living in. Get a professional team to design a bedroom wardrobe that fits best in your case. They should be able to use the designated area correctly, to create the illusion of a larger room. If you want to see some good examples or if you are looking for some inspirational ideas for your bedroom wardrobe check Urban Wardrobes. Still didn’t find what is best for you? Give them a call. They will most certainly come up with the best solution for you.

3 Ways to Make a Small Room Feel Larger


 Do you have that one room that always feels cramped? Smaller rooms aren’t just hard to navigate, they’re difficult to decorate and seem to clutter up in a matter of minutes without the right arrangement in place; whether you live in an apartment or a house on the smaller end of the square foot spectrum; making a small space look larger is an art that you would do well to master. Here are some simple tips and tricks to make those tiny rooms look bigger without knocking down any walls.

Open Things Up with the Right Paint

 The color of a room makes a huge difference in how its size is perceived. Designers across the globe laud the benefits of dark and highly saturated color schemes to make a room look more daring and unique, but these are the enemies of small spaces. There’s nothing wrong with having some dark blue throw pillows or a black ottoman, but The Nest reports that paler hues and shades on the walls help keep a room feeling open and airy.

White is the standby for this particular palette, but don’t let that hold your creativity back. Colors like blue and green work well in soft pastels, and light neutrals like gray and tan are excellent choices to work with the colors of your furniture. Accent walls also help with spatial perception when they’re done right: painting three walls white and one a pale sandy color not only keeps the colors within your airy palette, but the contrast actually makes the room itself look larger all around.

Use Mirrors to Double Your Space

 You probably already know that putting a mirror on the wall makes a room look larger, but there are better ways to utilize this optical illusion that just mounting a mirror and calling it done. The mirrors used should be fairly large, a minimum of 12 by 36 inches; these are easily obtained in most department stores under the guise of “full body” mirrors. While these mirrors are designed to be positioned vertically, there’s no rule saying that’s the only option. Mounting a rectangular mirror horizontally can make it appear to take up more space, or match up better with other objects on the wall, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit and figure out which orientation works best for your room.

Mirrors should be placed strategically in any of the following positions to really capitalize on the manipulation of spatial perception:

  • The back of the door, vertically, makes a small room feel open even when the door is closed.
  • Behind furniture, horizontally, allows peripheral vision to perceive space beyond the wall—even when it isn’t there!
  • Opposite a door or window, in either orientation, creates the illusion of a second window in an interior room, adding to that open, spacious feeling.
  • According to This Old House, while one mirror in any of these positions is enough to add space to a cramped room, using two is even better. In rooms without windows, such as interior sitting rooms and studios, these mirrors can be placed facing one another to create the illusion of twice the space, better lighting, or even open windows.

Use a Trick of the Light

 BuzzFeed Life recommends ditching overhead lights altogether, since most top-down fixtures are harsh and cause “hot spots” where light congregates in a single spot on the wall or floor; standard top-down lighting also makes the ceiling appear lower, which makes a small room even more claustrophobia-inducing. One way to do away with these problems is to opt strictly for lamps designed at eye level and below, layering light with multiple fixtures, but this can clutter up a small room to the point that it looks smaller than the overhead light made it appear before you went to work.

The real trick, however, isn’t to give up on illumination from above entirely. Instead, you should use lower overhead solutions; high quality hanging lamps from sellers such as Lumens offer focused top-down lighting that is easily adjustable, ambient, and eliminates the low ceiling perception almost instantly.

Another option when it comes to lighting tricks is to utilize the mirrors from the previous tip; by placing a mirror behind desk lamp (or, alternately, putting a standing lamp in front of a mirror), light is reflected back into the room instead of shining harshly against the wall. This makes sure every particle of light works to its fullest potential, and helps your mirrors do their job in keeping the room look open.

There are countless other ways to make your tiniest room look more spacious than ever, but these three are easily achieved even on a tight budget. One bucket of paint, two mirrors and two lamps later that cramped room may feel more open than your living room!

The advantages of online casinos


We are in an era of time in which every single person is up to the minute of what is happening around them.  This evolution has taken place in various fields; fashion, lifestyle, music wise, food etc…The big boom of the internet has brought along many social media websites, some of which have managed to keep on with the changes, while others have simply closed the doors. Throughout the websites there are, many have been able to communicate and also share pictures to people of all around the world.

Some of the most famous social medias in today’s times are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr and Instagram.

While the social Medias are in vogue, online casinos have as well taken upon the internet world. Have you ever wondered why online casinos is becoming increasingly popular in the present time? Many have most probably asked this question, without really finding out the answer.

The main reason behind the popularity of online casinos is that a great number of people appreciate the fact that they can play their preferred games from the comfort of their houses. Not to mention the high degree of personal intimacy. If you want to play at a casino, but let no one know about it, you can just do it online. Online gaming sites that have built a reputable name offer a great range of services and games, even more varied than the ones you may find in regular casinos. You can play at an online casino whenever you want, as much as you want, and all the data regarding your account are kept safe, away from fraudsters. Perhaps this freedom and the fact that you can do it without anyone knowing about it, is making so many people choose to shift from land based casinos to online ones.

With the large number of online gaming sites that have emerged in the last few years, it has become quite difficult for someone to make a choice when it comes to the selection of a trustworthy and reputable online casino. The competition in the gaming industry, especially in the past years, made online casinos come up with great offers for so as to retain existing customers and attract new players The great number of online casinos means that each of them has to come up with a good strategy to draw a player in and keep it as a loyal customer, and this comes as an advantage to the player who has more freedom of choice and competitive offers and promotions that are exceptional.

Before choosing an online casino, it normally requires going through the offers and see which one is best. Some might have a bonus for newcomers while others might have a jackpot that increases periodically if no one wins it, or they can even offer several cash prizes if you play a certain number of games. Plus, top gaming sites have the best online security systems, to make sure that all your financial data and credit card information are securely stored, without any risks. Thus, in time, a large number of people are redirecting their attention towards online casinos.

One such top online casino is known as Magical Vegas. This trustworthy online gaming site has a large number of loyal players who have been attracted to their exceptional welcome offers and promotions. Magical Vegas has great promotions that undeniably attract a lot of players, so you might probably find some of them rather irresistible.

To start with, Magical Vegas has a great bonus offer for new players that choose to create an account in their online casino. Free Spins and attractive bonus come as a welcome gift to anyone new to this online gaming site that offers games such as Slots, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and ScratchCards. Besides all this, you will be able to track down other amazing promotions as well, as they have daily, weekly or monthly promotions and tournaments where you can win prizes such as trips to Las Vegas. They even have an excellent loyalty program designed according to the playing habit of each player where these loyalty points can afterwards be exchanged for free spins, competitions entries, and even prizes consisting of real cash. Not to mention that they have a great support team, ready to assist you and to answer all your questions. The support team is available 24/7, so you can play whenever you want and, if you come across any difficulty, they will be there for you.

Why search the ocean to fall upon a shark when you have at hand the magic of Las Vegas?

Review: Chanel Malice Nail Polish

Chanel-Malice-Nail-Polish-Review-1 Chanel-Malice-Nail-Polish-Review-2 Chanel-Malice-Nail-Polish-Review-4 Chanel-Malice-Nail-Polish-Review-5

Malice is the most beautiful vampy, deep burgundy with a ruby red twist and plenty of gorgeous shimmer! It comes with a brush just wide enough so you can cover your nail in just a few strokes. I would prefer a slightly larger handle though as the small lid makes it difficult to hold on to at times. Aside from this, Malice applies like a dream and 1 coat is enough to provide perfect opacity which I what I look out for when I’m buying new polishes.

The only bad side about this lovely nail polish is… You’ve guessed it, the price tag. At £18 this is definitely my most expensive polish to date. I don’t normally splurge this much on nail polish since there are more than plenty of decent high street offerings out there, BUT Malice is a shade not to be missed!

So what do you think of Malice? Have you tried any other Chanel nail polishes before?

Prada Candy L’eau Eau de Toilette



I met Candy L`eau around a half a year ago, at the airport, coming back from a trip. I sprayed it on me without expecting to like or even love it, as I had tried the original Candy before and it did not attract me really. I found her sister to be quite different.

Caramel, yes, sweet (just as I like my perfumes to be), yes, but there was something more, something light, bubbly and happy, citrusy, something ladylike and pretty. However, I had already bought some other perfumes, so I just considered it being a good investment in the future, and forgot about it.

So I met my Candy L`eau again just recently. And now I truly fell in love. Maybe its the craving for something gourmand and comforting during this cold winter time (even though it is considered as a spring-summer perfume), I do not know, but this time it was contagious.

So now I am sitting here, smelling my coat which still has Candy L`eau on it (so the longevity is not that bad, it also stayed for quite a while on my skin, closer to the skin at the end, but so tempting that I sniffed my wrist every 20 minutes), checking every now and then, whether my package has been dispatched, as I cannot live without it.

I instantly ordered the 80ml bottle with the body lotion as a gift for myself on my birthday. It could easily become my new signature scent.


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