Whens the Right time to Start Planning for Your Retirement?

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Have you started planning for your retirement yet? And, if not, when are you planning to start? The answer to the question of this post is, of course, as early as you can. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to save – and the more comfortable you will be in your senior years. Here are a few examples and reasons why it’s important.

The early starter

There aren’t many 20-25-year-olds that contemplate their pension – other than a few souls older and wiser than their years. It’s hard for young adults to see that far in advance, and 65 seems like a hell of an age. But, it’s not only easier to start saving what you need; it’s also sensible. Getting those good habits in at an early stage will put you on the right path, and the 10-15% you put aside every month will pay off in the end.

The middle beginner

Let’s say you start saving for your pension in the 30s. There’s still plenty of time, of course. But, you have to understand there will be some difficult periods coming up. A lot of people start families when they are in their thirties, and the cost of raising kids can put pressure on your finances. If you haven’t got that hard as nails attitude of putting aside your 10-15%, it might be tempting not to.

The financial difference between the two

Let’s assume you save £3000 a year when you are 25, and let’s say you have an 8% return. That’s over £472,000 when you are 65. However, leave it for just ten years until you are 35, and the sums are very different. That 8% return will give you £367,000 – almost a whole quarter less. That’s an enormous sum of money which would see you living in a less comfortable way for many more years.

The late starter

But it’s even worse when you start saving in your 40s. Start saving at 45 and it will only give you almost half again at 8% – just shy of £190,000. Of course, there is an easy way to get through this – just increase your savings. But, again, at this point in your life, will you be able to afford it? Kids have to get through university, and you may only be half way through your home loan.

The costs of retirement

There are many costs associated with senior living. Your medical costs will rise, for example, and you may want to look into maintained retirement homes. Plus, you just won’t be earning money. Or, if you are, it is likely to be far less than you are used to. You could always sell up the house, of course, and move into somewhere smaller and less expensive. But, if you spend all that money, you’re going to say goodbye to your kids’ inheritance.


So, to put it bluntly, if you start saving early, you will be able to live in a way much closer to the lifestyle you have always been accustomed to. But, it’s important to understand that it’s never too late.

Explore Fantastic New Trends In Women’s Swimwear

It’s winter time, but that doesn’t mean that you are done with swimsuits for the year. If you or your partner has planned a winter get away or a tropical beach retreat, you still need to find a swimsuit that fits — even though the snow if falling in your home town. That means that even though it’s ten below, it could be dreaded bikini season again. You go to the mall, and you only see swimsuits that look like they were made to fit someone with absolutely no curves or worse — they are matronly, black one-pieces. The ones that do fit are not flattering whatsoever, and so no wonder you’re suffering from fitting room dread. The world is made up of different sizes of women, and every woman deserves to feel hot and sexy — with a swimsuit selection that suits her body. Unfortunately, the mall and other physical retailers just haven’t seemed to get that memo that every woman is not a size two.

Luckily, the online revolution has hearkened in a new era in plus size swimsuit shopping: every online vendor nowhas a wide variety of plus-sized swimwear that will flatter every shape. The internet is a big place, however, and you may not know what kind of swimsuit will flatter your body the most. This is why the best online swimsuit retailers will have a body type calculator available, so that you can learn not only your size, but also your body type. This will allow you to find the right swimsuit right away. Using the internet to shop for a swimsuit will also give you a chance to see different kind of plus-sized swimwear that a physical location normally does not carry.


When you are in need of a swimsuit to take on that tropical get away, don’t worry that most styles are already out of seasons at the brick-and-mortar stores. A body type calculator like the one at swimsuitsforall will help you find the plus-sized swimwear of your dreams so that you can go out and rock your sexy curves.

The tankiniis a style with comfort and flare in mind, and is designed with overband bottoms to give you full coverage while also looking sexy. The overband bottoms will give you enough coverage that it will stitch the lower part of your stomach. A sweetheart tankini with high waisted bottoms will help sculpt your body shape and show all the flattering parts of your curves. A trendy razorback set where the top is much lighter than the bottom will flatter your body in all the right places.

You’ve heard of the wrap dress — well now there is the faux wrap one piece. Not only is this shape super trendy, but it will also give you the illusion of the desired coke bottle shape.A trendy ruched up top and brief skirted bottom will have all heads turning and have your body looking amazing. If you’re still unsure, check out the incredible selection of sexy new swimwear from swimsuitsforall and lay all doubts to rest.

The internet has so many breezy and bodacious swimsuits to choose from, so you do not have to feel discouraged any longer. If you are looking for more information on the different types of plus size swimwear, there are plenty of articles online to help you get started. Or you can head right over to swimsuitsforall to try out their body type calculator because no woman deserves not to be able to feel sexy in their swimsuit. By shopping online, you’re sure to find a swimsuit that will show your curves how they were meant to be shown.

3 Simple Steps To Help You Sell Your Home Fast!


Selling your house can be stressful! But, with these simple steps you can have a quick sale in no time!

Sell At A Good Time

The best way to get a quick sale is to sell at the best time. But, when is the best time to sell your house? In general, you should look at the property market. See if business is booming and houses are being sold. If the property market has slowed right down, don’t expect to see a quick sale. Wait for things to pick up again! Similarly, the time of year can play a big impact on sell success. It’s never a good idea to sell your home in the summer because that’s when people are often away on holiday. Winter is also a bad time to sell because not many people tend to think about moving home at the end of the year. Think about selling in that Autumn period between summer and winter, you’re far more likely to get a quick sale.

Advertise Far & Wide

If you want to sell your home fast, you’ll need to let people know it’s up for sale. This means advertising it in as many places as possible. I’m talking about various property websites online, as well as in local papers. You aren’t going to get a quick sale if you only advertise your home in one place! You need to get the word out there, let homebuyers know there’s a house for sale. I also recommend using Facebook to advertise your property. You can post a status with the details and asking price of your house, for people to see. Also, you may find local groups or pages on Facebook that are ideal for advertising your home. This lets you directly advertise your property to people in the surrounding area, for free!

Find An Estate Agent

An estate agent is someone that can help you sell your house. It’s in their job description to seek out prospective buyers and advertise your home. If you go to Entwistle Green, you’ll be able to search for an estate agent near you. It makes sense to hire an estate agent because they can help you get a little bit more out of your house. If you’ve been trying to sell your home by yourself, and having no luck, this is a step you should take. Of course, you can hire one at the start to save you a lot of hard work. Remember, you’ll have to pay them a fee and sometimes this is a percentage of the sale. So, they may make it easier to sell your house, but it will cost you more than doing it yourself. Naturally, the choice is up to you!

One thing’s for certain, selling your house will be way less stressful if you do things this way. That’s the worst thing about selling a home, the stress of not finding a quick buyer. If you follow the steps above, I can almost guarantee you’ll have a successful sale.

3 Coloured Tissue Paper Ideas


Smitten with coloured tissue paper? Can’t seem to get enough of the many wonderful things you could create out of scrap of brightly coloured tissue paper? Here are some tissue craft ideas to get your creative juices moving:


Coloured tissue paper adds that nice bit of elegance to your gifts when you use a paper bag. Instead of letting the item inside just roll around inside, the tissues don’t just add a beautiful, festive touch, they also add some much needed padding, keeping your gift secure.


Ever found yourself hesitating over those slivers of coloured paper or tissues you’ve got left after you just finished a project? You’re thinking you probably won’t get to use them anymore but you just can’t seem to throw them away for good either. So you collect it all, stuff it into one of your drawers, convenience that one day, you’ll find a use for them. Well, from Best Design Options, one way to use scraps of coloured tissue paper is to fix them together as wrapping paper. Now, you won’t have to toss aside the leftover pieces you’ve hoarded for years. Give them a new lease on life by turning them into wonderful wrapping papers. Another plus? With the creative and ingenious wrapping, your gift is sure to stand out against all the other boringly-wrapped presents lying around.

Another idea, this one from BuzzFeed and One Little Project, is to create tissue paper pom-pons out of it. It’s quick and easy to do, once you get the hang of it. Plus, the colours and textures really work to add that pop to a room. From aqua and forest green to lilac, hot pink and scarlet red—along with all the greens and blues in between—these colourful pom-pons bring the fun vibe to anywhere. If you’re planning a party, these will be a hit.

Want to know how to make your own? Here are detailed instructions on how you to create your own tissue paper pom-pons:

  1. First, buy your coloured tissues. You’ll want to go with as many colours as you can get. Carrier Bags for Sale offers an extensive queue of coloured tissue paper in different shades. It’s got a lot of the shades you want—plus the ones you don’t normally see in stores—lime green, sunflower yellow, aqua blue and violet, among others.
  1. Make it a balanced palette. Pick your colours carefully. You’d want to go with shades that stand out along with ones that do really well when they’re put alongside other colours. But you also want to mix a few neutrals in there. You never know what kind of project you’ll come up next. You might even be able to surprise yourself. So keep those greys and ivory shades in reserve.
  1. Now that you’ve got your tissues, get 10 sheets and lay these on any flat surface.
  1. Fold the end to about 2 or 2.5cm. Then flip it over. Then fold it again. And flip…do that until the entire roll has been folded, accordion style. Worried that the folds aren’t strictly the same size? Don’t be. The material is flexible so you’ll have some room to adjust these in a while.
  1. Next, fold that in half. Find a wire. A thin jewellery wire works great in this case. Wrap that around the middle. And secure it with a knot. It’s important to remember that you should do all this without letting go of the bent tissue in half.
  1. Once you’ve got that wire in place, you can let the folded paper go. But only to reach for a pair of scissors. Then start rounding up the edges of the roll. Go for shallow cuts since that will make the petals come out more.
  1. After that, you’ve got something that looks like a paper ribbon. Now, pick an edge and pull one piece of tissue paper from the rest. Don’t break it. Pull it gently until you can see the layers being pulled apart. Once you’re done on one side, do the same on the other. Fluff it all up until you get a good, round shape. Ta-daa! You’ve got a tissue paper pom-pon in your hand!
  1. If you plan on hanging these from the ceiling, all you need is a little fishing line and some good adhesive or tape and you’re good to go. For more contrast, try to make dark and light coloured balls. So if you’ve got pink, mix it up with a little violet or hot pink, if you’ve got those shades available.

Aside from these, you could also make tissue paper flower toppers for paper bags, garlands and tissue paper tassels to add fun and cheer to any room. Or go big with giant tissue flowers, flower wreaths and cute, tiny pom-pons perfect for treat boxes. So start folding those papers up and discover the many ways coloured tissue papers can be useful and fun.

How To Save Money and Maintain Your Lifestyle


Planning your personal finances can be difficult. You want to cut down on spending without changing to your current lifestyle. If you take a careful look at your monthly expenses, you may be able to reduce unnecessary spending. The dollars you save can make a huge impact on your monthly budget.

Consider these tips to reduce your costs:

Weekly food, coffee expenses

The first spending area you should consider is your weekly expenditures on food and coffee. Think about those times that you get fast food, or stop at Starbucks for coffee. Rather than spend money on the spur of the moment, create a budget for this type of spending.

Fast Food Menu Prices gives you prices for many restaurants and coffee shops, including Starbucks. You see that a Grande-size Cafe Latte is $3.45, while the same size Freshly Brewed Coffee is $2.10. To cut expenses, you could buy coffee instead of the latte. If you make coffee at home several days a week, you could cut expenses even more.

Keep an eye out for coupons and other offers where you shop for groceries. Many non-traditional grocery stores, such as Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and Target now have grocery departments. This additional competition has forced all grocery stores to lower prices and offer more coupons. Take advantage of this change in the marketplace.

Home Entertainment

Technology is rapidly changing how we purchase and use content for entertainment. Because you have more choices, you may find yourself spending more money than you really need to.

A great example is music. Take a look at you subscription costs for music. Apps like Pandora and Spotify offer premium music stations, as well as free versions. You may also use I-Tunes.

If you’re paying for the premium stations, could you switch to the free version and still have a good experience? What if you’re paying for more than one premium station? Consider dropping your subscription music services.

Many consumers also pay for HBO Go, Hulu and Netflix to watch programming on the web. These companies offer subscription-based sites with shows and movies. Do you need all 3 services?  If your already paying for cable or a satellite TV service, it may not make financial sense to also use web-based programming.

Info at http://satellitetv-deals.com/ explains how DIRECTV can offer hundreds of channels, including content that you may be paying for separately, such as HBO. Satellite TV can offer more than 200 channels in HD, along with the NFL Sunday ticket, which allows you to watch or record every NFL game during the season.

You may be able to save by getting DIRECTV and dropping the your other programming subscriptions.

Medical costs

If you review your monthly budget, you probably find expenses for doctor visits, medication and health insurance premiums. This might be another area where you can save money.

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created confusion in the health insurance marketplace. For many families, decisions about health care are now more complicated.

Under the ACA requirements, you are required to have health insurance, unless you qualify for an exception. Many people have health insurance through their employer. However, your company may give you a variety of choices regarding the premiums, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses you may incur.

Take the time to review your health care choices at work. That process can help you avoid paying for more out-of-pocket costs than you planned.

If you don’t have health coverage through work, get help from a health insurance agent. Consumers have a wide variety of choices for health insurance. Make sure you get proper coverage without paying for services you don’t need.

Use all of these tips to make smart choices about your personal finances. You may be able to cut some expenses and maintain your current lifestyle.

Review: Dolce Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce-Fragrance Dolce-gabbana-fragrance

Dolce has a very resilient charm, shy to some extent but definitely beautiful. She’s that ultra-feminine friend who favors round skirts and mid-heels with pointy toes, pearls and cashmere cardigans. She’s a classic, sophisticated middle-aged beauty who gets what she wants not by showing a lot of décolletage but by her old world charm. Don’t get me wrong, she can be flirt when she needs to be. Her appeal is subdued.
Seriously there’s nothing not to love about this scent. It is a clean floral that’s doesn’t get heady or too strong. I usually favor the more grown up appeal of Narciso Rodriguez and the lovely french charm of Chloe by Chloe but Dolce could stand on it’s own in my perfume wardrobe. Having to favor scents with roses, the Dolce is a breath of fresh air, yes it’s partly aquatic and I also love aquatic scents but the true beauty of a Dolce is it’s muted charm. The Silllage is quite average, of which I’m fine with . You won’t easily recognize the scent unlike Light Blue, but again I don’t want people to know right away what perfume I’m wearing. As I just past my early 20s, I need something like Dolce in my closet. Just the right amount of sweetness, and I believe subtlety is it’s true essence.

Trend Alert: LACE UP FRONT

It’s been a while since I last made one of my inspirational Sunday cravings posts so I’m renewing this section with one of the hottest trends happening now. You’ve probably noticed that 2015 is about all things lace up. First we had these shoes that I’m personally crazy about, and now we have bodysuits and tops and dresses, which are so 70’s and yet flattering and sexy (let’s face it, not all of the the 70s-inspired garments can boast that!).

Surfing the web I was actually surprised the online stores already have so much diversity in the lace up department. How do you guys feel about this trend, YAY or NAY?

19603218514_6b47fc9d02_o 19603234114_a6fcea6121_o 19603245304_5b1ee9311e_o 20037871450_6ab0dbb34c_o 20037871838_cdc29393c8_o 20037890508_77b282cf1e_o 20039260449_e7455798c6_o 20199608256_e57ca1b298_o 20217624932_c4b25856b9_o 20217651912_4fdcf1abce_o 20217663372_be668c92a3_o 20225867885_c39e8e65ee_o 20232102891_954f284802_o

60 funny facts about Romania. Dracula’s country through the eyes of a brazilian

Fernando Castilho Cintra is one of the many tourists who found Romania interesting enough to visit it and to have a great time here. However, this tourist was really special. Beside the fact that he took interest in Romanian culture and people, he wrote a really interesting review, of his time in Romania, on Facebook. His 60 funny facts about Romania have quickly become viral. So, for the sake of sharing his experience in Romania with you guys, here is what he wrote:

”Exactly 1 month ago I was arriving in Brazil. So here it goes: 60 things I learned by living in Romania!

PS: Pay attention to what down here is a joke and what is not.

Check it out!

1 – Dracula is a vampire outside Romania.

2 – The same dude, Vlad Tepes, is a national hero.


3 – While vampires drink blood, the real red thing I loved to drink was Visinata.


4 – Another devilish drink is Tuica, Hungarians call it palinka, but it is the same thing.

5 – Most moldavians, muntenians and others have no idea what happens with Hungarians in Ardeal

6 – Romanians smoke an absurd amount of cigarettes. They smoke inside their houses, restaurants, and even shopping malls.

7 – Romanians always take of their shoes when entering home
8 – I believe Romanians prefer to keep their floor clean rather than their lungs.

9 – Travelling in Romania is one of the best memories I have. Rivers, canyons, hills, mountains… They have it all



10 – While travelling in Romania you will go through Romanian roads. They are in good condition, but they have an absurd amount of curves.


11 – Also when travelling in Romania, you might want to pee. But worry not; there are so many houses by the side of the roads that it’s easier to end up in a bathroom than behind some bushes.

12 – Maramures is a happy place. Happy people, happy costumes, happy colours, even happy cemetery


13 – The only thing that isn’t happy in Maramures are shepherd dogs. They are not happy. They don’t like you. Run.

14 – In fact, unless you are inside a city, whenever you see a dog in Romania, run.

15 – Another tactic is to always carry mici with you. As I’m vegetarian, I wouldn’t mind giving mici to dogs.


16 – As a matter of fact, as a vegetarian in Romanian I can definitely say: Romanians love meat

17 – Sarmale, tocanita, slanina, carnati… you have it all, meat eaters.


18 – Romanians have soup every single day of their lives.

19 – Taxis in Romania are ridiculously cheap. In Bucharest they can cost as low as 1,29 per km.

20 – Another extremely easy way to go around is Hitch-hiking. Romanians do it, and give it in return.

21 – Romanians also expect you to pay for giving you a ride. You can, of course say “nu am bani” before hopping in, but you can get a frustrated driver to shout “INCHIDE USA” at your sorry moneyless face. (true story)

22 – My favourite mean of transportation though was by inter-regio train. They are cheap, comfortable, on time and often not crowded.

23 – However, you can end up inside a 12 hours train trip from Suceava to Mures back from New Year’s holiday. Then you will know what “crowded” really means. (true story)

24 – Romanians love skiing.

25 – Skiing in Romania is absurdly cheap.


26 – It took me 3 full days to be taught how to ski. Skiing is not for Brazilians or tropical countries inhabitants.

27 – Once you learn, though, you will love it and open another door to my favourite part of Romania: Mountains


28 – Romania has the most beautiful scenarios I’ve seen so far in my life. All of them from mountain tops.

29 – Romanian mountains have incredibly well signed paths for hikers, cabanas for travellers to stay overnight and places for the more audacious to camp.

30 – By now you should have guessed that doing such a trip will be absurdly cheap.

31 – Interesting though is that many Romanians have never been to such mountains.

32 – Even more interesting is that Romanians will often overestimate some rather average places (e.g. Mamaia or Bucovina Monasteries) and underestimate awesome places (e.g. Bucharest).

33 – Bucharest is a great city. Sure it has no such architecture as Budapest, Krakow or other eastern European cities, but it has the museums, parks and nightlife that few others have


34 – People say there are many stray dogs in Bucharest.

35 – I had more dogs chasing me in any given day by bike that I had during a week in Bucharest.

36 – Truly, I didn’t see stray dogs in Bucharest.

37 – Romanian language is beautiful. It sounds beautiful and is achievable for Brazilians to learn

38 – “Cu carne de vaca nu se moare de foame”…. And my Google chrome translator thought I was writing in Portuguese.

39 – However, the most obscure part or Romanian language is Dativ.


41 – You can say “mi-e foame” “mi-e sete” “mi-e somn”….. but you can’t say “mi-e oboseala”.


43 – Romanians talk with their shoulders. Observe it! When someone says “pai, nu stiu…”.

44 – Follow the same exercise mentioned above and observe their mouths and the chin.

45 – Hungarians won’t admit, but they have THE Romanian accent. The way of saying “nu stiu” is the same of saying “nem tudom”

46 – My preferred way of practising Romanian is with drivers that have me a ride by the road.

47 – They would often say what the hell am I doing in such a country if am Brazilian.

48 – These drivers didn’t know that Romanian healthcare system is great, it has a lower murder rate than Norway and is the fastest growing economy from eastern European countries.

49 – Generally Romanians complain about Romania. They will find a way to complain about it. Politics, economy, society…

50 – They are wrong.

51 – I learned what 4 seasons mean: Hot summers, cool autumns, cold winters and fresh springs.

52 – Romania has all the 4 seasons with two huge advantages from northern countries: In winters they have sun. In summer it’s not cloudy.

53 – Romania has a nice wildlife: Dears can be seen frequently, black goats can be seen on occasion (been there done that), bears and wolves are invisible
54 – The closest we’ve been to a bear was its footprints

55 – Romanians are Latin in language, but not as Latin in blood.

56 – When you enter an office, you have to shake hands with the men but you just wave to the women.

57 – Romanians expected that me as a Brazilian would play football really well… Terrible mistake

58 – For months after the world cup I would hear “so, do you like Germany” from people. Go to hell…

59 – Most Romanians at their 18’s have two dreams in mind: 1 – Moving to the UK. 2- Moving to any other country that isn’t Romania.

60 – While Romanians dream to leave, I dream once I will come back.”










5 Organisational Hacks for Small Bedrooms


Clutter makes us feel more stressed and edgy, and that’s the last thing you need if your small bedroom is your main sleeping space.

 It’s a good thing to ‘tidy your room’ as your parents might have endlessly asked you back in the days of living at home. Here’s how to get the most from your small room…

 1. Make the bed properly

 It sounds a bit too easy, but this has the effect of getting you started on a major tidy up. Once you’ve embarked on a task – even with a small step like this – it can create momentum that leads to the next step, and the next and so on. Procrastination is a constant enemy for so many of us; making an easy start and securing a ‘quick win’ can help defeat it.

 Making the bed properly means just that; don’t just throw the duvet over the sheets. Fluff the pillows up and remove anything that shouldn’t be on the bed such as those few bits and pieces of clothing, your Kindle and the magazine you’ve had kicking around for months.

 2. Mount the television set on a wall

 If you have a television in the bedroom, consider mounting it on the wall to get it up and away from the surfaces. Straight away you’ll have more room and likely be making use of a blank wall space.

 3. Paint it lighter colours

 Lighter colours create an impression of spaciousness. Another great thing about re-painting is it will likely encourage you to have a good clear out while you’re at it.

 Perhaps you’re thinking of changing that old bedstead that you’ve chucked things underneath over the years for a fresh new divan bed base? If so, you’ll need to get rid of the clutter you’ll unearth.

 4. Shut doors and drawers

 If you’ve a tendency to leave wardrobe doors, drawers and cupboards open then try and get into the habit of shutting them. Open drawers and a wide open wardrobe door can make a bedroom look cramped and untidy and draw attention to piles of ‘stuff’.

 If you’re in a position where you struggle to shut doors and drawers properly, investigate potential organisers such as under bed drawers and storage containers.

 5. Store out of season clothing away

 Heavy winter jumpers and clumpy shoes can be stored away during the warmer months. Conversely, lighter summer wear can be removed and stored when the evenings draw in and temperatures fall. If you don’t need it to hand then don’t keep it to hand.

 This might encourage you to dispose of clothes that have seen better days or that you know you simply never wear any more. Make sure you store clothes carefully, though.

 Taking it further

 It may be that no matter how tidy you become, there is simply not enough room and it’s too difficult to keep the room tidy. If so, a major clear out is required. Get rid of furniture that attracts clutter and be prepared to take drastic action. This can be difficult as we’re all a bit loath to throw things away. The draw of a clutter free room should inspire you to finally bite the bullet.


How To Find The Perfect Family Home: My Super Tips

If you have a large family, you need to ensure that you get the right home for them. Sometimes, though, doing so is harder than you imagine. Of course, your kids come first no matter what. That means that you need to find a place where your children will be as happy as you are. So, how can you find the perfect family home? Well, since I thought I would share some top tips with you.

Choose the ideal location

Okay, location is everything when it comes to a family home. You should take a look at some of the safest places in the UK before you start your search. After all, you want to raise your little ones in the right region. Ensure that the house you choose is close to your place of work and a great school. That way, you don’t have to deal with a massive commute and your kids will get the best level of education ever.


Consider renting a house

If you’re not ready to get on the property ladder, you might want to think about renting. In reality, there is no rush when it comes to getting a house. The UK property market is booming, which means that house prices have rocketed. Take a look at sites like www.abbotts.co.uk/toletoffice/Chelmsford/878/ where you can rent family houses. When you make the decision to rent a property, rather than buying it, you can move around. Check out rented properties and see what you think.

Check out the garden space

Everyone wants a beautiful garden space. When you first start viewing properties, you need to see their gardens. Of course, kids love running around outside, and so this aspect of the home is crucial. You should ensure that the yard is large enough for your little ones to play. You may want to include something like a swings set or even a climbing frame. Check whether the garden is spacious before you settle on a home.

Ignore the interior design

This tip is super important so pay attention. You may hate the interior design of a particular house, but you need to ignore it. You can redecorate the house in whatever way you want. That means that the wallpaper and carpets don’t mean a thing. If you base your decision on someone else’s design tastes, it will take you ages to find your dream home.

Get enough space for everybody

Finally, you need to make sure that you get enough rooms for everyone in your family. You may wonder how many rooms you need, and so you should discuss this with your partner before you start to look. When you have a massive family, everyone needs a place they can relax. Choose a home that suits the size of your family and you will not go far wrong.

I hope my tips help you when the time comes for you to move home. Remember, this period might feel stressful, but it will be well worth it in the end! Good luck.


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