Your Guide for Buying Outdoor Lights


Upgrading and renovating your house may be a time and money consuming process, but there is no better way to increase the value of your home outside of waiting on market changes. There are numerous different routes you can take when updating your home, from full on structural renovations, to landscaping, to simply replacing old doorknobs and cabinet handles. If you’re planning on doing some landscaping, either large or small scale, an important thing to consider is whether you want to install outdoor lighting, and what kind of lights you’d like to install. There are a lot of options available for you to pick from, so you’ll probably want to shop around some and take some time to think on the outdoor lights you want.

Types of Outdoor Lights


When it comes to the variety of lighting options, you certainly don’t have a lack when it comes to outdoor lights. There are on an average twelve distinct types of outdoor lighting you can decide upon. Some of those lighting types, like backlights or underwater pool lights, are a little more specialized than others, like garden and wall lights. You can pretty much an outdoor light for any purpose you can imagine. There are lights that look like little mushrooms that you can line a walkway with to light your way during nighttime strolls, there are floodlights and spotlights that are extremely bright, illuminating your whole yard so you can keep working after dark, or as a way to warn against approaching people or animals, and there are lights designed just to show off your garden or landscaping job by providing illumination and shadow in planned areas.

Regardless of what you want outdoor lights for, you are pretty much guaranteed to find a type of lighting that fits your needs. You can even install lights directly into the deck of your patio to give light when you’re out enjoying a nice evening outside. You just need to ensure that you know what you want from outdoor lighting; otherwise you could become overwhelmed with the vast range of options.

Alternative Power Options

Of course, like everything else in today’s world, your outdoor lights will need a source of power. If you wished, you can simply bury some wire and connect the lights directly to your house’s power grid, but there are additional options that are likely to cost less, and be more beneficial to the environment.

Ehow lists solar lighting and low-voltage landscape lighting as two routes you can take if you want to save some money and power. Solar lights are a great way to give your yard some nighttime illumination without paying anything beyond their purchase price. They use collection panels to absorb sunlight during the day for storage in efficient battery packs. With a full charge, and under ideal conditions, some of those rechargeable battery packs can provide power and light for up to 15 hours. You can even get LED versions if you wish. However, solar lights might not be the best choice if you live somewhere with a lot of cloud cover.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting actually uses power from your house’s grid, but they are designed to be extremely efficient, providing variable intensity illumination with a fraction of the power requirements of other light sources.


It might be possible to consider outdoor lighting as an accessory itself to your house and yard, but that description doesn’t completely fit. However, there are other accessories available on Lumens you can get for your outdoor lights. Particular kinds of outdoor lighting accessories include: timers, motion detectors, and eco-friendly lights. While the last one might not technically be an accessory, you do have to go an extra step to use them in all your light fixtures. Timers are simple devices that allow you to set particular time periods for the lights to turn on or off automatically. And motion detectors are simple to understand as well (though how they work might not be so simple to understand); they automatically turn an outdoor light on, stereotypically a floodlight of some kind, when the sensor detects something moving within its radius.

The Tyranny of Light

While getting some beautiful outdoor light fixtures may brighten up your yard at night, there are actually some disadvantages to using a lot of outdoor lighting at night. The most prominent of these disadvantages is light pollution. If you’ve ever gone on a long road trip at night, you’ve probably seen the glow of a city or town well before you’re anywhere near it. This light pollution can actually be harmful to nocturnal creatures like bats, and it throws a wrench into the work of astronomers. However, developments in outdoor lighting have created light fixtures that do everything possible to avoid leaking any light towards the sky. These lights are called Dark Sky light fixtures. These lights not only reduce light pollution, but they also manage to shield the actual light source quite a bit so as to avoid potentially blinding people with a bright ball of light piercing the night.



Football training gets you fitter than anything


If you really want to get ultra-fit in ways that see your core strength and cardio-vascular fitness improve – without simultaneously getting bigger or obviously muscled in an way – then try football training.

You can hardly move these days without hearing, reading or watching something about football – and particularly the English Premier League and the Champions League games. Media coverage for Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and all the other English clubs just seems to be wall to wall. But even if you have no interest in the sport whatsoever – have you ever stopped to think about just how fit the top players are?

In short – they’re ultra-fit.  Top-level players can expect to run around 7-8 miles over the course of a game – much of that in short bursts. And as they run, they also have to be powerful to shrug off tackles, make tackles, jump for headers and all the rest of it – yet they’re almost all slight an slim these days (except for the goalkeepers).

There’s a strong case for saying the top-level footballers are the fittest athletes on the planet. This is a bit of a moot point as it’s a certain type of fitness. But they’re certainly up there and it’s that specific type of fitness many women would be interested in for their own shapes regardless of where they have any interest at all in the beautiful game.

That said, some interest helps. So the next time there’s a big game on and you’re other half is glued; join him and watch the players, and think how fit they must actually be to do what they do. To really get your interest going, try indulging in a little football betting before the game begins and using one of the may free bet offers you see around the web with major bookmakers like Bet365 and others.

This will help get you interested, but in particular, it will really help you appreciate the level of fitness involved.

Specifically, footballers need endurance, speed and strength. Yet at the same time, they’re light. So to get fit for football, do a lot of steady roadwork but intersperse this with bursts of full on sprinting for around 10-15 seconds at a time as long as you can manage it.

In the gym, concentrate mainly on exercises that use your own bodyweight such as pull-ups, press –up, squats and lunges. Do a lot of stretching work and when you do use the weights, go for high reps and low weights. Remember, you want to be leaner, fitter and stronger for football, but not bigger.

The best way to get going is to follow one of the many online football training programmes available on the web, and/or the apps, and then to adapt that programme to a regimen that suits you.

If you follow a good football-training programme – you will get supremely fit in ways other types of exercise don’t quite manage. You may even get to enjoy watching the game – or maybe even feel like having a go at playing yourself – and that will get you even fitter.

Five spectacular ways to make your party memorable


No matter whether it’s a wedding, engagement, birthday or anniversary party – every host wants to create something really special, and really memorable. From ice luges, to singing waiters, we’ve picked our top five favourite ideas to make your party one-of-a-kind!

1. Giant ice sculptures

If you’re looking for a spectacular centrepiece, what could be more captivating than an intricately carved ice sculpture? Pieces can be commissioned to match the theme of your party, and most have a ‘show life’ of 6-8 hours; the perfect timescale for a reception or all-evening party. You’ll need to liaise with your venue to check the best position for your sculpture, and pick somewhere where it won’t need to be moved throughout the night.

If you plan to serve alcohol at your party, a number of companies can supply amazing ice luges with delicately carved tunnels through which you can serve a spirit such as vodka. You can also find many personalised ice buckets carved for a classy dinner reception, to serve white wine or champagne in whilst keeping it beautifully chilled!

2. Personalise, personalise, personalise

Whether you want wedding favours to give your guests to take away, or you want to serve snacks and drinks throughout your party, there are quite literally thousands of ways you can put your own very personal stamp on the occasion. From sticks of rock, to wine bottle labels, boxes of popcorn to balloons, lots of products exist that can be personalised with the host’s name, and the date and location of the party. They can offer a great memento of the occasion, and are a fantastic way to celebrate a landmark birthday or special anniversary.

3. Hire a troop of singing waiters

If you want to give your guests an experience that really is just like walking in to the movies, why not set up a surprise by hiring singing waiters to cater for your event. It might sound crazy, but these professional teams can cater for many types and scales of event – springing in to song when your guests least expect it! Whatever your theme and budget, with singing waiters, you can guarantee that this will make your party the most memorable your guests have attended for a very long time!

4. Select a fun method of transport

From old fashioned double decker buses, to horse and carriages, there are lots of fun and creative ways you can find to take your guests between locations, if your party has two venues – or if you want to offer transport home at the end of the night. Forget the black cabs and private taxis, why not hire a fleet of bicycle-powered rickshaws!

5. Pick an activity-based venue

If you’re looking for something above and beyond the standard food-drink-music format, why not pick a totally different venue for your party? A dry ski slope, a football ground or a racetrack may all offer a dining room that you can use to hold a formal dinner after a day or activity. Why not combine several of the ideas in to one, and host a spectacular dinner, complete with ice sculptures and singing waiters, after enjoying a day at the races?


How To Pick The Right Shoe/Footwear


Every so often it happens that you land up buying the wrong pair of shoes that not only hurts your wallet but your feet as well. Wearing the wrong shoe especially on an everyday basis may not just aggravate foot problems; but may also become the cause of foot ailments. However, with the right shoe; the wearer can always prevent foot ailments and depending on the type of activity that he/she indulges in; should pick a shoe that best suits his nature of activity, foot type and body type.

Determine the Profile of your Arch

First and foremost; it is important to determine and understand profile of your arch. There are 3 basic arch profiles: Normal Arch, Flat Arch and High Arch. Examine your footprint carefully and observe your arch type. If the footprint shows half arch; then you have a normal arch. A normal arched foot is generally well balanced and therefore versatile enough to function well in most shoe types. If the wearer’s activity involves a fair amount of running or walking; then stability shoes would be an ideal option. A moderate cushioned shoe or shoes with moderate features are also well suited for light weight runners.

If the footprint shows your entire foot, then you are said to have a flat arch or a low arch. With this arch type; the inner side of the foot is not well supported. Therefore, a motion controlled shoe is well suited for this type of arch as it can aid in the prevention of inward pronation.

If the footprint shows just the ball and heel of the foot; it is referred to as a high arch shoe. A cushion shoe would be an ideal choice for this type of arch as a high arch does not adequately absorb shock and a cushion shoe would aid in the restoration of natural inward pronation.

Assess the Shape of your Ankles

For skinny ankles; bulky or chunky shoes are a strict no-no. Not only will these look oversized; they will prove to a complete mismatch with your body type. Delicate shoes with elegant heels (optional) and pointed toes would be an ideal choice. For ankles that are thicker; a bolder shoe will be able to match and balance the ankle width. Ankle straps or heels with curves should be avoided. When buying boots; ensure that the top part of the boot snugly fits around the calf. Select boots that suit and complement the shape of your legs. A thick heeled boot will help balance a fuller body. For shorter legs; ankle straps should be avoided as they make them appear even shorter. Mules and thongs are an ideal option for those with medium to short legs. Most importantly; shoes that pinch can be devastating for your feet.

Picking the Right “Running Shoe”

Running shoes need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to keep your feet in good health at all times. Running shoes are manufactured keeping different variants in mind. When buying a running shoe; it is important to determine the length, shape, type and width of your foot. This way; you will be able to buy a running shoe that is comfortable, with adequate cushioning and is able to reduce tension on the foot and body, and enhances the balancing factor while running. Determine the shape of the shoe by look at the bottom of the shoe and carefully observe and determine if it is curved, semi curved or straight. Select the shape that precisely corresponds with the shape or footprint of your foot. Most importantly; check the inner sole of the shoe. Running shoes that are stitched down the middle are most likely more lightweight as well as flexible. In order to ensure a perfect fit; it is advisable to try out shoes towards the late afternoon or evening; as your feet tend to be a tad larger in size towards the end of the day.

The Checklist

When shopping for walking shoes; ensure that the front part of the shoe flexes or bends easily. After putting on the shoes; wiggle your toes to ensure that the toe box has enough room for toe movement. Also ensure that the heel is snugly cupped within the shoe and offers adequate cushioning and stability. Lean back on your heels after putting on the shoes; and ensure that your heels are well supported. Walk around the showroom taking gradual steps from heel to toe. Ensure that there is no pinching or any kind of resistance. Furthermore, a thick tongue is preferred in order to prevent the friction or pressure on the foot caused by the laces. Padding on the ankle collar is a must for running shoes as they secure the Achilles tendon.

What Would You Do With A Massive Lottery Win? Here Are Some Mouthwatering Suggestions

We all dream of the day when our numbers come up in the lottery. It has changed the lives of many people who got lucky and won millions using the birthdays of their family members on their ticket. Imagine that there has been a rollover and the jackpot stands at a mind-blowing sum. If you survive the heart attack that you experience when you discover you are the lucky recipient, you must make plans. You only live once, and now you can experience everything the world has to offer. Here are some mouthwatering suggestions.

Buy a Racehorse

Lots of rich people buy racehorses. I must admit; I see no attraction. There must be something in it; perhaps it is a status symbol. I understand that the best horses command astronomical prices because of the prize money they will win. Even when they stop racing, they earn a healthy income as a stud.

Buy A New Home

Investigate the manor houses for sale in Ravenshead to see if they are suitable for your needs. Now that you are rich, your needs are greater than they once were. You need a home where you can build a helicopter pad and sprawling grounds so that you can take one of your classic cars out for a spin.

Photo Credit

Buy A Boat

Buying a boat is easy, but sailing one on the open sea takes knowledge and experience. Now that you don’t need to spend part of your fifteen-hour day writing blogs and the rest running a retail business, why not study to become a ship’s captain? Anybody can qualify, and it will enable you to travel from country to country with confidence and in safety.

Buy A Dream Holiday

Get away from it all with a dream holiday to the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and astronauts can see it from space. There are an unbelievable amount and variety of life in the ocean that you must see to appreciate. Don’t go putting your hand where you shouldn’t; many of the creatures there can give you a nasty nip.

Buy Some New Cars

You will, of course, have a variety of new cars in your extensive garage. You can now possess the vehicle over which you once drooled in magazines. There could be one for every occasion. A Rolls Royce for family trips and a Lamborghini Diablo for when you feel like letting off steam.

Buy A Motorhome

You can now afford the latest word in luxury; a five-hundred thousand pound motorhome. Because you no longer need to work, you can travel the great continents of the world in style. A few weeks in Yellowstone park or a coast to coast trip of Canada will educate your children about the vastness and wonder of our planet. Don’t forget to take their private tutor along with you.

Buy A Plane

You could join the ranks of the rich and famous by investing in a jet. No longer will you have to sit at airports and wait until your flight is ready. Your chauffeur will drop you off by the plane where you can sit in comfort and await permission to take off.

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I beg to differ. Who could fail to live the rest of their lives with a big smile on their face if they had the means to buy and do anything they desire. I have to fetch my lottery ticket now; good luck!

What To Do When You Are A Bridesmaid

Your best friend has text you saying she has an important announcement. She wants to meet with you at a fancy cafe in town. Now you’re starting to worry. What on earth could have happened that would justify an enormous coffee bill and breaking your diet on that fabulous cake they serve? She’s getting married, and you’re one of the bridesmaids!

When your friend shows you the wedding invites she is so excited she looks like she’ll explode. But when you hear that you get to be a bridesmaid, you’re the one bursting with excitement! Us girls only get to do this once or twice in life, but we love it when it happens. Getting our hair and make-up done and dressing up in fabulous dresses is a real treat.

Usually, the bride will have ‘employed’ more than one bridesmaid. Some have two; others have six or more.

Floor-Length Chiffon Charmeuse Bridesmaid Dresses
Thanks to Mathilda Samuelsson for the pic

The more you have, the more likely you will need a chief bridesmaid. This bridesmaid is sometimes called the maid of honour, but this title is usually reserved for a bridesmaid who is married. It is a huge responsibility and usually involves doing everything in your power to keep all the women at the wedding looking fabulous for photos.

You may want to start making a checklist of all the things you will need to have with you on the day. The most important thing to carry is the bride’s bag, as she will have her hands full. She will need full make-up set for touch-ups as it is going to be a long day. She will want her phone nearby for last minutes messages, and to take a few photos. She may also need a second outfit for the reception if she is dancing.

When you are considering your footwear, remember you are going to be on your feet and moving around even more than the bride. If you totter off your heels every time you stoop down to pick up the bride’s train, you could be injured. Think sensible but elegant. You will also need to keep an eye on the other bridesmaids. Nothing is less attractive at a wedding than a bridesmaid who has drunk too much and turned into a sobbing wreck. Diplomacy and tact are key skills in this job!

The mother of the bride is the second most important woman in the room. Do your best to make her feel as stunning and attractive as her daughter. If she has something in her teeth find a sensitive way to tell her before the photos are ruined. Help her with her hat when she takes it off for a dance. Make sure she gets some time with her daughter before the end of the evening.

In your wedding emergency kit, make sure you have dry tissues and wet/baby wipes. Pack emergency finger puppets suitable for all young children and a couple of snack bars. Also have bottles of water near the bride, groom and best man to help with dry-mouth during vows and speeches.

The Hottest London Venues For Marriage Proposals


If you are living in London and looking to propose you will be pleased to hear there is no shortage of hot venues to choose from. Below we have a look at some of the most popular.

If desert beaches and mountain tops are beyond your reach, there are plenty of unusual places that will provide the perfect backdrop for the big question. The following suggestions are all based in London, but you can adapt the ideas to somewhere near you.

The London Eye

A capsule on the London Eye is fast becoming one of the most popular places to propose. With stunning views over the city and thirty minutes to complete the journey, it’s the perfect place to start your celebrations. The London Eye has special offers for Valentine’s Day itself, which include champagne, roses, chocolates and a private capsule, but if you want to propose at a different time, call the company to see if you can make special arrangements.

The Serpentine – Hyde Park

In a recent survey, hotel concierges said that a rowing boat on the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park is currently a fashionable place to propose. Check out the weather, hire a rowing boat or pedalo, bring the ring, the champagne and prepare for a truly romantic proposal.

Hampton Court Maze

Possibly the most famous maze in the world, Hampton Court Maze is a great place for a romantic proposal. Set in the beautiful gardens of Hampton Court Palace alongside the River Thames, the yew hedges are a perfect backdrop for the occasion. Get deliberately lost and then drink champagne when you get to the middle!

A Boutique Hotel

London has many famous hotels, but a new type of hotel is coming of age in the city – the Boutique Hotel. These are small, individually decorated and quirky hotels that pride themselves on personal service. They are also, compared with many London hotels, good value for money. Take a room or visit the restaurant for a proposal to remember.

Some prospective grooms might want to propose to their girlfriends in a private, intimate setting. But as a women, I would love to be asked before thousands in the middle of a Culture Club concert. They are my favorite group. I’ve loved these guys since I was 13.

I bought myself 2 Culture Club Tickets and I’m looking forward to seeing them at The O2 on Tuesday 9 December 2014.  This will be their first live performance together for over 15 years and an evening not to be missed.



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